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Badho Bahu 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

Raghubir ji brings milk for Malti ji. She asks him what this is. He shrugs. This is turmeric milk. You bring it for me daily. I thought to do it today. She offers it to him but he has already drunk his. She says I don’t know what happened to me today. My brain isn’t working. He asks her how many years passed since they got married. She says this year we will complete 25 years. He says you would know I have come to understand you in these years. I know something is bothering you. You can share it with me. She declines but he suggests her to tell him as it will make things easy for you. I know you would start crying in no time. She gets up to go but he holds her hand. You are my obedient wife. You started crying in a second. Cry your heart out. You will feel light. She rests her head on his chest. I don’t know what good deeds I did that I got a husband like you. I pray I find you in every birth. He tells her to focus on this birth first. Tell me if you want to. She still cries. He does not push her.

Kamla ji asks her husband why he is staring at newspaper like that. Raghubir ji joins them. Ahlawat ji notices him tensed. He asks him if there is some tension. Raghubir ji shares that Komal will be wrestling for the first time. Who will be her opponent in her first fight? I cannot make her stand against a man. Ahlawat ji reminds him of a girl in Panipat. Raghubir ji nods recalling about her. Ahlawat ji suggests him to call her to train Komal. She takes 2k for every match. Raghubir ji says how it matters to us. We will call her right away. Kamla ji agrees. We should invite entire village. It will give people a good lesson. Raghubir ji says this is part of Komal’s training. I don’t want anyone to come. They notice Komal and tell her about the girl they are calling from Panipat. You will have a first fight soon. Komal is taken aback. Raghubir ji adds that this is just to train her. Pinki quietly leaves from there. Kamla ji tells them not to waste time. Call Supreet.

Pinki comes in kitchen. Kamla ji again pronounces Satellite wrong. Pinki corrects her but Kamla ji tells her not to be her Teacher. You have to do 2 things for me. Pinki nods. Kamla ji tells her to talk to everyone about Badho’s wrestling match. Every nearby village should know of this. Pinki readily agrees. Kamla ji next tells her to become a hindrance in Supreet’s path. She shouldn’t come to fight! I don’t know how you do it but I don’t want to see that woman here!

Komal paces in her room worriedly. What do you get me into God? I haven’t seen women fighting in my life and now I have to fight with Supreet? Save my grace. I haven’t learnt much except running and skipping.

Pinki asks her MIL why invite people when the fight wont happen. Kamla ji calls her mad. Badho’s insult should happen before the world. Pinki understands her plan and gets happy. Kamla ji tells her to get into action.

Komal thinks of what Babu ji and Lucky ji had taught her. I should stare in the eyes of my opponent. What next? Lucky enters and sees her talking to herself. She is planning how to attack and mistakenly hugs him. They both fall on bed.

Pinki calls Payal’s mother intentionally but lies to her that she was dialling Payal Bhabhi’s number. I will call you later. Payal’s mother asks her to tell her as well. Pinki tells her about Badho’s fight tomorrow. Payal’s mother is shocked. What are you saying! Who is her opponent? Pinki tells her about Supreet Kaur. I was calling Bhabhi so she could encourage Badho. She would also feel good. I wish to tell everyone but I have no time. Payal’s mother tells her not to worry. I have enough time. I will first tell Payal and then the village. Your work will be done. Pinki thanks her. She smiles content as she ends the call. The work is done. Bhabhi’s mother will spread this news like wildfire. I have to only handle Supreet.

Komal and Lucky get conscious of their proximity. She apologizes to him. I went with the flow of practise. He asks her if she has lost it. You are practising on me? Go out and practise in Akhada. No one is stopping you. It was good that bed is here or you would have! She shares that she is worried about her match tomorrow. Give me some tips so I neither lose the match nor my respect. I have to win. He says hard work and dedication also helps you win. She says I have enough of that. Give me tips. See what happens tomorrow. Lucky says your victory depends on how you play tomorrow. Stare at the opponent in such a way that you will kill her. Don’t lose the eye contact. Attack her while staring. Your opponent will lose already with these stares. She thanks him for the tips. He tells her not to laugh. You anyways wont win tomorrow. I told you just like that. He leaves. She prays to Lord to help her.

Teji finds Pinki sitting lost in thoughts. He asks her why she is so worried. She tells him something in mute. What will happen now? He says let Supreet Kaur come. We will manage her too. She is relieved to hear it. See how Badho’s wrestling will go down the drain tomorrow!

At the dining table, elders ask Komal if she is ready for tomorrow. She says I did whatever I could. I also took tips from Lucky ji. Raghubir ji says Supreet would reach by morning. He decides to send Teji to pick her. Kamla ji tells Badho tomorrow will be a historical day. It is your test and give you best. Show Supreet the power of Sirsa! Malti ji tells Komal to do anything but not lose. Win! Rana tells Komal to fight well. Don’t be afraid of anyone. Pinki says my Badho is very strong. It wont look good if only Teji will go to bring Supreet. She is a girl. Another girl should also go to welcome her. Can I go with Teji if you will allow? Kamla ji seconds her. Show her how Ahlawat family welcomes their guests. Raghubir ji also agrees with them.

In her sleep, Komal keeps practising and muttering in her sleep. She shouts in her sleep and wakes up. Lucky asks her what happened. She tells him she saw a bad dream. I cannot sleep. He thinks to handle her sweetly or she wont let him sleep too. He makes her lie down a little closer to him. Don’t be afraid thinking about tomorrow. I am here. Close your eyes and sleep. She holds his hand and breathes heavily to calm herself down. Lucky feels uneasy but then rests his head.


Badho Bahu 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone is gathered in Akhada to see Komal’s practise. Lucky reminds Komal of what he had taught her. Pinki tells Supreet Komal looks very simple but she never spares her opponent when it comes to wrestling. Supreet looks scared.

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