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Badho Bahu 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lucky shouts Zalim Singh and steps inside the Akhada. Pradhan warns him not to take any step further. It was the condition. You risked Rana’s life for the challenge. You are forgetting it now as he is losing? Lucky looks at him helplessly.

Komal is passing from the dark ghostly area and keeps shouting in fear. Vardaan is waiting for his sister and Pragya. Is everything alright? Hope Didi comes out safely with Pragya ji. Don’t know how Rana Bhai would be there. Please fix everything Lord. Hope there is no delay.

Pragya prays for her brother’s well being. Komal comes in the dark area. She hears Pragya calling out for help. Thugs begin to scare Komal right then dressed as skeletons. Pragya calls out to her. Komal tells the ghosts not to do anything to her. I dint harm you. They tell her to leave. She wonders what to do to the ghosts. I can fight with humans but these!

Lucky withdraws from the Akhada upon his father’s insistence. Pradhan looks pleased.

Komal beats the thugs. She frees Pragya next. Pragya tells her Bhai’s life is in danger. Komal asks her if she is fine. Pragya nods. They rush outside.

Zalim Singh tells Ahlawat Family to look at their son for the last time carefully. I am going to kill Rana Ahlawat now! I wont kill him in one go. Beating him slowly to death is another kind of fun. Lucky asks his brother to get up. Kailash ji also tells his son to get up. It is about our respect. Rana tries getting up but in vain. Pinki is all scared. Malti ji requests her husband to stop this fight somehow. It isn’t good for the kids. Raghubir ji tells her he cannot do anything. Zalim Singh picks up a heavyweight to hit Rana. Look at your brother for the last time Iron Man. He is about to hit him when Komal shouts at him to stop. Pradhan, his son and Zalim Singh are shocked to see Pragya with her. Komal tells Rana she has saved Pragya. Zalim Singh hits Rana but Rana slides away at the last moment. Lucky too comes running there.

Komal tells everyone how Pradhan’s men had kidnapped Pragya. They threatened to kill Pragya if anything happens to Zalim Singh. Vijay calls it a false accusation but Kailash warns him to be quiet. Pradhan calls entire Ahlawat Family cheap. You stoop so low to win. Lucky says we will now decide who is speaking truth or who is lying. It will be decided with Zalim Singh’s death. Pradhan announces an end to the fight. Zalim Singh was fighting with Rana. New fighter cannot fight now. Kamla ji counters him. The match will end with someone’s life. If you (Raghubir ji) don’t allow it then I will think you don’t consider Pragya your daughter. Zalim Singh will have to die. Pradhan calls it unjust. Kailash ji asks him if was just to kidnap Pragya; threaten Rana using his sister’s name and beat him to death! Vijay acts innocent. We are not involved in this at all. Zalim Singh is already tired. This is unjust. Lucky offers to fight with Zalim Singh avoiding using his hands. Do you agree? Pradhan accepts the challenge. Lucky makes Deepak and Jitesh take Rana inside. Lucky tells Zalim Singh to look in his eyes. You will see death.

Pinki, Bharpayi and Malti ji nurse Rana’s wounds.

Kamla ji asks Pragya how this happened. Pragya shares that she went to Shiv Mandir through short cut. Kamla ji scolds her for the same. I will talk to you later.

Lucky seeks everyone’s blessings. Kailash ji tells him to take revenge on his brother and sister’s behalf. Fill the Akhada with his blood. Lucky announces that he will step out of the Akhada only after putting an end to the game started by Pradhan by killing Zalim Singh! He gets ready for the fight and puts his hands behind his back. Zalim Singh hits Lucky with the heavyweight but Lucky sticks rooted to his place. Zalim Singh tries the same trick again and again. Finally Lucky hits him on the chest using his head. Everyone claps for Lucky as he hits Zalim Singh hard on the chest and shoulders. Vijay shouts at Zalim Singh to retaliate. Zalim Singh gets up once again but is very weak. He fails in attacking Lucky and gets hurt instead. Vijay tells his father they will miss this chance too. I will shoot right away if you will say so. Zalim Singh loses out to Lucky.


Badho Bahu 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Lucky tells Zalim Singh he is lucky to live. Our father has raised us thus. Ahlawat family announces a celebration. Lucky is happy that everything and everyone is fine. It is because of you too Komal. Thank you! Kamla ji decides to teach Raghubir ji a lesson. We were going to be number 1 but! Pradhan gets another idea to defeat Ahlawat family.

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