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Badho Bahu 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 2nd November 2017 Episode start With Lucky and Jitesh come for practise. Raghubir ji says I will miss Komal today in Akhada. She wont join you in practise. Lucky and Jitesh go for a run. He keeps thinking of Komal running around with her head covered in veil and falling down eventually. He had to break the pot to free her head. She had hugged him afterwards. He stops and looks back. Jitesh asks him why he stopped. Why are you looking back? Lucky says I was worried over Komal wrestling last time. I was against it. Today, when she has left everything, I am waiting for her. I am missing her. I am sure she will resume her practise once again. It might take time but she will surely come. It is my faith! Jitesh nods. They resume running.

A lot many people have gathered in the Akhada. Pinki asks her MIL why so many people are here. Kamla ji advises her not to put too much pressure on her brain. Some drama happens here daily. Just sit back and watch. Pinki smiles. Payal is tensed. Lab Assistant hasn’t told me anything about the report. He said it will come by morning. How will I tell everyone the truth then? I will be insulted.

Raghubir ji is surprised to see so many people. He asks Sangram Singh why he is here. You have already asked enough questions. Is anything left to say or ask? He reminds his Bhabhi that the case is over now. Why did you have to call all these people? Malti ji interrupts Kamla ji from replying. I am the one who has called everyone here! Everyone looks at her in shock. Malti ji looks at Komal. Everyone pointed too many fingers at Badho yesterday. They said that our village got insulted because of her and her practise! Sangram Singh ji crossed all his limits. You spoke so loudly that it was good that Badho’s clothes were torn from behind and not from the front side. I want to ask you if this is the way you speak to the girls of your house. I dint say anything yesterday. Such a big thing happened with my DIL yesterday. Call it an incident or accident. Her clothes got torn before entire village yesterday! Everyone was embarrassed and said whatever they wanted to (staring in Kamla ji’s direction). She had to face Panchayat. She was made a culprit and so many bad things were said to her but her MIL dint say a word. I wanted everyone to say whatever they have inside them. This is the reason why I have called everyone here. Today I will be the one who will speak. MIL is equivalent to a mother. As Komal’s mother, I announce it before everyone that my DIL will return to Akhada once again just like other wrestlers. Komal drops the basket in shock. There is mixed reaction on everyone’s faces. Komal is too stunned to react. The ladies begin to gossip amongst each other.

Malti ji add that her training will start once again. Raghubir ji nods. Kamla ji says it is the tradition of our village that women don’t wear suit after marriage. It was a big thing for Badho to wrestle wearing suits. I was the one who stitched them for her. I chose them very carefully so she does not feel warm. It was not just her clothes that got torn. My heart also broke apart. My DIL’s clothes got torn right before everyone’s eyes yet no one tried to understand the matter behind it. You made a mountain out of a mole. You (Raghubir ji) said I dint support Badho in her problem? See what I will do now. She signals Bharpayi who goes inside and brings a thaal covered with a cloth. Malti ji removes the top cloth to reveal a track suit. Lucky smiles broadly at his brother who smiles back too. Malti ji says my DIL will resume her practise just like other wrestlers. This is what she will wear. It is called track suit. After today, Komal will practise / fight wearing track suit. Lucky claps excitedly while Kamla ji is seething with anger. Malti ji removes Komal’s duappta from her head and puts the jacket on her in front of everyone. Lucky smiles. Raghubir ji appreciates Malti ji in gestures. Komal seeks her MIL’s blessings. Malti ji hugs her. Kailash ji and Payal look on proudly. Malti ji says what difference it makes if she will wear this track suit and remove her veil. Is she looking cheap or is she showing her flesh? She tells Kamla ji this is all about perspectives. I would advise all the ladies to change their outlook. Don’t stop your girls, DIL’s from becoming something. Encourage them to become something. Women are achieving new milestones nowadays. I request you all to stop differentiating between a boy and a girl. I remove this difference from my house today and promise my daughter I wont differentiate between my girl and son anymore. I allow my DIL to wrestle in the same Akhada with my son before all of you today! Lucky and Komal smile at each other. Malti ji turns to her Bhabhi. I don’t care if someone is happy with my decision or not. She holds Komal’s hands. My DIL is different from other girls. Payal is teary eyed by now. Malti ji says I trust my DIL completely. She will take our Akhada, our village and us to a new height. We will be proud of her one day! I sent her in the Akhada. It was my responsibility to give her suitable clothes to practise but I gave her an ordinary suit which got torn in between. She isn’t at fault here. I am her culprit. She apologizes to Komal. Komal holds her hands. My confidence broke but it back now only because of you. I assure you I wont let your trust break. Malti ji hugs her happily.

Kailash ji and Raghubir ji praise Malti ji for what she did today. Raghubir ji adds that even after being the Guru of this Akhada, she said what he should have said. I am proud of you. Payal says evil can be big but it cannot withstand the truth. She smiles at Kamla ji.

Payal goes aside to attend call from an unknown number.

Kamla ji takes Malti ji aside. She asks Malti ji what she just said. Did you not see how the pot breaking in front of your own eyes? Your son is in problems because of her today. Did you forget everything? Malti ji frees her hand from her grip in a swift motion. Everyone looks on in confusion as Malti ji walks away.


Badho Bahu 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji is speaking to Sangram Singh. I have to add poison in someone’s life. I am sending your men a photo of someone. She shouldn’t be seen in this village! Fix her in a way that she is not able to set her foot in my home ever again! Komal wears her track suit and smiles.

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