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Badho Bahu 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal shows handcuffs to Payal. Payal’s eyes widen in shock / fear. If you accept all this stuff as dowry then I will call police right away and you will be arrested. Som Singh shows photo to them. Jamuna ji appreciates Komal. Call police and get this greedy woman arrested! Payal begins to sweat. Shankar tells his mother against it. Komal asks Bhabhi what her decision is. Either accept them quietly or you can go to jail. Shankar asks her if she has lost it. She is your own Bhabhi. Komal points out that not just Bhabhi but she will send every single person who accepts dowry in jail if it was in her hands. Payal says I dint ask for dowry. Don’t blame me like this. don’t you know my nature. I was kidding. I dint give dowry in my wedding. How will I take dowry from my SIL? I wont commit such sin! She returns the jewellery to Lucky. I don’t want it. Vardaan and Pragya are like my siblings. Pragya is Lakshmi’s avatar. I want to accept them happily and whole heartedly. Komal confirms with her if she doesn’t want all this stuff. Payal declines. Komal nods. It’s done now. She tells Som and Mangal to keep the stuff back in the truck. Lucky looks at Komal in surprise.

Kamla ji comes to Rana’s room. Where are you off to? Rana shares that he is taking Bua to market. Kamla ji smiles. You look like Hero today. He smiles shyly. Pinki ji got this shirt for me. She says I look like a Hero whenever I wear it. Kamla ji’s smile fades away. She rebukes him for not looking at anyone else but Pinki. He asks her about it. She talks about what Teji did right under their nose. We did not realise. Your brother Lucky and his wife ruined your sister’s life and you are asking me this? I would not be standing here feeling helpless if you were daring enough. I too would have had the right to decide for my daughter!

Payal does Pragya’s grahpravesh. Jamuna ji invites Lucky inside but he denies. I only wanted to see that my sister is accepted happily in her new home. Vardaan seeks his blessings and Pragya hugs him. Lucky tells her to be nice. Let me know if you need anything. He requests Vardaan to take care of his wife. Vardaan nods. Lucky leaves from there teary eyed. Pragya folds hands so as to silently thank Komal. Komal blesses her to be happy always. Payal takes her inside to show her her room. Komal hugs her mother and heads outside.

Kamla ji tells Rana to think. If you were Iron Man then I too would be respected in my house but I feel! Pinki comes running to tell Kamla ji something but falls on Rana. They share an eye lock. Kamla ji thinks all her hard work went in waste. I was teaching him something with so much difficulty but now everything is ruined. She pulls Pinki away from Rana. What happened? Pinki shares that she went in the storeroom but it is empty. I asked Bharpayi who told me that Badho took all that stuff to Bakriawal along with Pragya and Vardaan. Rana asks her how Komal will go there alone. Pinki points out that Lucky has also gone with her. Kamla ji realises that Badho took all that as dowry to please Payal. What will happen now? They left there without telling you! Amazing! You can stay busy in your own world and people will move ahead of you but you wont realise anything ever! Rana walks out of the room in a huff.

Malti ji gives tea to Raghubir ji. She notices him happy after so many days. He nods. With Chotto’s return, the happiness of our house is back. Lucky and Komal went to her home to get Pragya her place in her new home. I am sure they will succeed in whatever they have gone to do. I want you to take responsibility of Chotto’s wedding. I want you to take charge of every big or small thing. I wont be able to forgive myself if anything is amiss in her wedding. She nods. Kailash ji seconds his brother. Ma Babu ji had promised Chotto. I will be unhappy if their world isn’t fulfilled. I wont be able to even die peacefully then. Raghubir ji assures him they will do their best to fulfil it. I am only concerned for Pragya. I request you to forgive whatever has happened and accept her. Kamla ji says we will do it one day or the other as she is our daughter. You should be unhappy though as you will see her happy from jail. Everyone is taken aback. Kamla ji tells her family members that Komal took everything to Payal’s home as dowry. If police comes here then you and Malti will get arrested. Raghubir ji says Komal dint do anything. I agree I am younger to you but you don’t speak nicely these days. Don’t forget that we are one family but such words create bitterness in the heart. Let Komal come. We will figure get to know it better then. Kamla ji tells Malti that Raghubir ji willn ever think Komal is wrong. He will surely take you down with him. Get ready to go to jail.

Chotto Bua asks her where she is sending Malti Bhabhi to. Malti ji recalls what her husband had said a while ago. How to keep Chotto away from all this now?

Lucky and Komal come home. Sarpanch ji meets them outside. Komal goes inside to share good news with everyone. Lucky talks to Sarpanch ji.

Malti ji and Kamla ji lie to Chotto Bua that they were discussing about her wedding. Chotto gets happy. I will shop my heart out today. She leaves with Rana.

Komal enters. Kamla ji taunts her. Come Maharani ji. You made plans to send your MIL-FIL to jail? Is this why you got Pragya married to your brother just so you could give all the money, jewellery and grains to them? Did you think we wouldn’t know? First you got my daughter married to your brother forcefully and now you are sending everything from this home to your home! You are too smart. That day you acted so well while throwing your corrupt Bhabhi out of the house! You too are no less. Komal shakes her head. I came to inform you that my family has accepted Pragya and they haven’t taken a single penny. Ahlawat family is taken aback.


Badho Bahu 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghubir ji tells Komal not to take all blames on herself. Komal requests them not to blame her MIL for her mistakes. Lucky feels bad seeing Komal upset. Chotto Bua reminds her how she used to pacify him whenever he was upset. Lucky comes in Charlie Chaplin’s disguise and tries to bring smile on Komal’s face.