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Badho Bahu 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 30th March 2017 video watch online on

Kamla ji skips lunch as she is feeling unwell. Malti ji mentally curses Badho for becoming the eclipse of their lives. Lucky too has to go to camp to escape from her. Komal apologizes to her family for what happened. Raghubir ji says we understood everything that happened. Let bygones be bygones. Kareena tells him not to say anything today. We will take a decision today. Kareena pulls Komal towards the main door. Raghubir ji angrily calls out her name. Ahlawat ji also asks her if she has gone mad. What are you doing? Kareena laughs. I was just joking. She brings Komal back inside. Did you think we will behave like this after whatever happened? Everyone makes mistakes. We are not some villain who will torture you and throw you out of the house. Please don’t act to apologize all time. She covers it up (acting part). Raghubir ji warns her not to repeat this joke ever again. I don’t like such jokes. Kareena apologizes to him. Everyone sits down to eat.

Kareena apologizes to Komal. You seem so scared even now. I am sorry for doing that. Why don’t you visit your mother for some days if you feel like? Lucky BHai is also not here. You can spend some days with them. Don’t know when you will get the chance to do so. Raghubir ji likes the idea. Lucky is also not here. You will be bored without him. Go to your home. Komal smiles happily. Kareena too tells her to go to her mother’s home and enjoy. Don’t look back. Relax there. Komal goes to make preps.

Kareena and Malti ji exchange a secret glance and smile. Raghubir ji goes to check on his Bhabhi. She seems upset. Kareena congratulates Malti ji. You will be free from Badho for a few days. Malti ji happily thanks her. My home will be a peaceful place again.

Jamuna ji is feeling restless. I feel something is about to go wrong. Something or other is happening since last year. I feel some bad eye has fallen on us. Payal jokes that she might be ill. I will give you medicine. Vardaan asks his mother why she is so upset. She talks all that happened in last one year. I am thinking to keep a Shanti puja at home. payal likes the idea as people will offer money in puja. I will have benefit. Vardaan tells his mother to focus on all that happened right. Payal ji agrees with her MIL on the puja. They decide to do it tomorrow morning itself. Payal agrees to manage everything. Vardaan leaves for his class. Jamuna ji talks to her husband’s photo. Be with Komal always. Keep supporting her like you always have!

Kamla ji is pacing in her room. Raghubir ji enters and she sits down upset. He takes her permission to sit. She does not look at him in the eye. He accepts that she has a right to be upset. I apologize to you for whatever happened. Their intention wasn’t wrong. Kamla ji says how it matters to us. What’s our relation with them? Now I am worried about my daughter’s marriage. No one else cares about it. Everyone is busy in their own stuff. Raghubir ji tells her not to worry. She isn’t that old anyways. Kamla ji reasons that this is the right time to start looking for a groom. He tells her not to say so. Pragya is my daughter too. She asks him if he would have married her in that house. Raghubir ji shakes his head. Vardaan is a good son though. Kamla ji says he might be a diamond but he isn’t fit for us. We have Kareena’s responsibility too. She had made me swear that I will get both the girls married in a nice family. Kareena will marry off in a house which will be 10 times better than hers. Raghubir ji remembers it well. No one doubts it that you will do it. we are with you. You have to do everything. Everything will turn out nicely. They are the daughters of our house. Everything will be fine. She extends her hand towards him to seek his promise. Their wedding will happen as per my wish and choice. No one will intervene in my decision; no outsider or insider! Raghubir ji promises his Bhabhi that no one will intervene in her decision regarding the marriage of both the girls. No one will go or speak against your wish. Their wedding will happen as per your wish. This is my promise to you! Kamla ji smiles.

Teji is playing darts. God saved me yesterday or Pragya would have trapped me. Thank you Lord. I got saved somehow or I would have been dead. Pragya and BHarpayi come there. They are excited to see darts. From where did you get it? Teji replies that he shopped it online. Bharpayi shares that she has seen it in many movies. I know how to play it. I can even play with my eyes closed. Pragya boasts that even she can do it. Teji suggests keeping a competition between both of them. you both will have your eyes closed. Tie your dupatta on your eyes. They blindfold themselves. Teji leans closer to both of them turn by turn asking them if they can see anything. They shake their heads feeling shy because of the proximity.

Malti ji and Ahlawat ji bring food for Kamla ji. She pretends to be upset. I wont eat anything. Malti ji teases her showing Jalebi. Kamla ji asks her if she made Jalebi’s in breakfast. Malti ji denies. I made it especially for you though. Ahlawat ji too asks his wife to eat them as Malti has made them with love. Kamla ji takes the plate from Malti. You know how to bribe me. They ask her to return it if this is wrong. Kamla ji refuses to leave the plate. I never return Jalebi’s! They all laugh seeing her reaction.

Teji holds Pragya’s and Bharpayi’s waist as he starts the counting. Kareena stops by the door to see what’s happening. He holds both of them again but sees Kareena standing by the door this time. She praises his style in gesture.


Badho Bahu 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji scolds Kareena for being a weak player. You dint realise when and how Badho spoke of that alliance. She went back to her home even when the matter wasn’t resolved. Kareena assures her things will happen their way soon. Kareena visits Komal’s home. Jamuna ji welcomes her open heartedly. We have a Shanti puja today. Kareena vows to ruin the Shanti puja. There will be no Shanti (peace) when I am here!

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