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Badho Bahu 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 31st March 2017 video watch online HD on

Komal comes home which makes her mother really happy. Komal gets excited thinking about the Shanti-puja. Now we will do everything together. her mother nods. did you speak to Lucky? She denies. Jamuna ji tells her to keep in touch on and off.

Teji decides to work his magic on Kareena too. He leans closer but she tells him to sit on his knees instead. He does so and continues flirting. She tells him not to be extra smart. You should have closed the door if you loved touching the waists of such weirdo’s. He says I wanted you to be jealous which happened. She asks him if he forgot who she is. He continues flirting whereas she scares him by taking Rana’s name. He will beat you badly when he will find out about this. He smiles. You would have told everyone if you wanted to. I know you like me which is why you called me here alone. We can be friends. Accept it. It will be an advantage to you. She suggests him to be her servant. He readily agrees to be whatever she will tell him to. She asks him to leave as he is flirting too much. He snatches the grapes from her plate as he goes. She decides to teach him a lesson. Kamla ji asks her if she has some spirit inside her. You are talking to yourself. I just heard what game you played with Badho. Kareena says you must be proud of me. Kamla ji scolds Kareena for being a weak player. You dint realise when and how Badho spoke of that alliance. She went to her home even when the matter wasn’t resolved. We couldn’t do anything when she planned so much while still being in this house. What all can she plan now when she is at her home with her family? You wont understand anything. We have to see what she does next. Kareena assures her things will happen their way soon. I will have to go to her home now to understand her next move.

Komal talks to Madhuri. Lucky ji isn’t picking my phone again. Jamuna ji sits down with Komal. Is everything ok? Komal honestly shares that she stopped wrestling. Payal bombards her with too many questions. Did they throw you out? Let’s talk to them. Jamuna ji stops her. Let her complete. Komal tells them that everyone was worried because of wrestling. Lucky ji too dint want me to fight. After the Dangal, he requested me to stop. Jamuna ji asks about Lucky and Raghubir ji’s reactions. Komal shares that everyone left the final decision on her. I thought to pacify Lucky ji first. Maybe I can fight again with his permission. Jamuna ji appreciates her. payal says we did that so you could spend some more time with Lucky. Komal nods. Why should I insist if Lucky ji does not want it? Jamuna ji leaves the decision on her as well. Do remember that your family and husband should not be upset with anything you do. Kareena leans in to hear. Payal advises Komal to keep Lucky happy. Don’t listen to anyone. If he is on your side then nothing will go wrong. Jamuna ji tells Komal only to do what she likes. You should only think of making a place for yourself in Lucky’s heart. Kareena thinks everyone is planning too many things here. I will see how they succeed!

Kareena greets everyone. Komal is surprised to see her. Kareena lies that she was missing her. I am sorry as I dint seek permission and came directly. Komal welcomes her inside. Jamuna ji welcomes her open heartedly. We have a Shanti puja tomorrow. Kareena vows to ruin the Shanti puja. There will be no Shanti (peace) when I am here! She suggests inviting Teji, Bharpayi and Pragya over. It will be a great help to you too. Komal likes the idea. It will be good if we spend some time together after what happened. Kareena asks Jamuna ji if she said anything wrong. Jamuna ji denies. My home is small. I was thinking how I will look after everyone. Kareena says we will adjust even on a carpet. Don’t take tension. Komal assures her mother she will put cots. I will sleep with them outside. Jamuna ji agrees.

Kareena covers her nose because of the smell coming from cow dung. She calls Teji. You have to bring whatever I am telling you to to Badho Bhabhi’s house.

Kamla ji taunts Malti ji. Your DIL is enjoying at her home while you are working here. My DIL is great. She is helping you. Malti ji prays Badho never comes back. You don’t know how happy I am. Ahlawat ji complains that they dint get tea at time just because Komal left. Kamla ji says you are saying as if Komal was here since childhood. She offers to make tea but Malti ji offers to do it. Teji tells Kamla ji about the Shanti-puja at Komal’s home. Kamla ji complains that Komal messed up everything here and is having a Shanti-puja at her home! Malti ji asks him how he knows this.

Teji says Kareena ji called today. Malti ji is surprised. How did she reach there? Kamla ji shares that she asked her before going. Leave that. Say what you (Teji) have to say. Teji asks her if he can take Pragya and BHarpayi to their home if they are ok with it. Raghubir ji agrees but Kamla ji is against it. They insulted us yesterday yet you want us to send our daughters to their home? Raghubir ji calls it a good act as it is for puja. Kamla ji reminds him she will take decision for her daughter. Teji and Bharpayi are free to go. My daughter wont go there and it is final! She walks away. Ahlawat ji tells Teji to go with Bharpayi. Tell Jamuna ji we will reach on time. Raghubir ji looks at Malti ji who avoids his gaze.


Badho Bahu 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pinki tells Rana no one remembers the person who is on Number 2. You dint go even when you were called by Delhi camp! Rana shouts at her to stop. At night, everyone is asleep except Teji and Kareena. Kareena loosens the nuts of something that will fall tomorrow when they will try to reach it. Shanti-puja wont happen tomorrow. They panic as Vardaan gets up right then.

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