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Badho Bahu 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

Teji and Pinki pick up Supreet Kaur. They begin to scare her already.

Ahlawat family steps out of the house. They are surprised to see so many people gathered outside. Komal tells Lucky she is scared.

Pinki tells Supreet that Komal beat Zalim Singh badly. You should decide yourself. You will win 2k by getting your limbs broken. You wont be able to do anything for the next 6 months!

Sarpanch greets Ahlawat ji. Raghubir ji asks them how they are here. Sarpanch ji says we wanted to be with KOmal in her first Dangal. Raghubir ji points out that this is just a part of Komal’s training. Ladies are really excited to see the Dangal of women. We have never seen such thing before. This is like the eighth wonder of Sirsa. Raghubir ji asks Komal if she is ready. She nods hesitantly. He asks her to seek the blessing of their Guru ji. Komal prays to Bajrang Bali. Everyone has gathered to see the fight. Give me strength to fight well. Keep my and my family’s respect intact. Thank you Lord! Raghubir ji does her tilak. She seeks his blessing.

Teji reaches just then. Ahlawat ji remarks that they are also here. Supreet steps out of the car. Pinki asks Supreet what happened. See for yourself now. Badho looks to be 100 kgs. Supreet nods. Komal leans closer to Lucky. She seems to be powerful. He says I can see it too. Don’t be scared. Remember what I told you. Keep staring at her angrily and eat her with your eyes. teji tells Supreet if she saw how Komal is staring at her. What if she sits on you during the fight? You wont be able to get up. Komal holds Lucky’s hand. I need your support to win. He reminds her of his lesson as he shrugs her hand away. Beat your other hand with the first one. Do as I told you. Komal does so. Pinki tells Supreet that Badho looks simple and innocent but she does not spare her opponent during fight. She sheds blood. Lucky tells Komal she will win half of the battle from here only. Komal moves her hand across her throat to scare Supreet.

Raghubir ji welcomes Supreet. Thanks for coming in such short notice. Was the journey ok? She nods. He asks her to come then. We will start the Dangal. She nods. teji tells his sister don’t know what will happen to Supreet now. Badho wont spare her. She is in God’s hands now!

Raghubir ji introduces Supreet to Komal. Komal shakes hands tightly. People are geared up to see the fight. Raghubir ji asks them if they should start. Komal agrees. Lucky reminds her to keep staring. Komal nods.

Komal steps forward in the akhada (after taking mother earth’s blessings like in India). I am ready. Raghubir ji asks Supreet to come but she refuses to fight. Pinki, Kamla ji and Teji look happy whereas everyone else is shocked. Raghubir ji asks Supreet what happened. Supreet says pardon me but I cannot do it. Ahlawat ji asks her what the matter is. She replies that this does not seem justified. Badho is 100 kgs while I am 55 kgs. This isn’t a matched Dangal! Raghubir ji says you might be right but remember that this isn’t real. This is just part of Komal’s traiing. No one will win or lose. She stays put. You are risking my life for her! He says we spoke already about this. she nods. You dint mention the weight though. How will the weights match? She repeats Pinki’s dialogue. I belong to a poor family. I know nothing but wrestling. What if something happens to me? I cannot take this risk. Ahlawat ji tells her she is mistaken. Supreet says forgive me but I cannot fight. Supreet requests Raghubir ji to think from her point of view. Please allow me to go. Raghubir ji tells Teji to drop Supreet back. Supreet leaves. Pinki and Kamla ji smile at each other.

Payal’s mother calls Payal. I told you yesterday you should have been here but you dint listen to me. That opponent got scared of Badho and left! Payal says no one would speak nicely of her. What will Babu ji do now? Payal’s mother says even I am waiting to know. I will call you later. Something is going on. Sarpanch ji says this went wrong. What will happen now? One of the villagers says this is what happens when you push the DIL’s or daughters of the house into wrestling. I feel pity for Komal. She stayed in the Akhada alone! A guy says poor Supreet Kaur was not at fault. What will anyone do if Komal is of 100 kgs? She will have an upper hand definitely. This isn’t surprising. Someone else suggests leaving. We have seen enough! Raghubir ji keeps his hand on Komal’s shoulder. He tells everyone to stop.


Badho Bahu 3rd March 2017 Written Episode UpdaBadho Bahute Precap :Raghubir ji announces that the Dangal will happen today as promised! One of my disciples will fight with her. He asks Rana, Jitesh and Ajay who all look down (saying no). Raghubir ji says I am left with no option but to apologize now. He is about to fold his hands before everyone when Lucky steps forward. I will fight with Komal! Babu ji wont have to fold his hands before everyone. Everyone looks surprised.

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