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Badho Bahu 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal says it isn’t about being clever. She turns to Raghubir ji. This Ravan depicts the malpractices which exist in our society today. It was only Ravan back then but so many malpractices exist today. 10 heads wouldn’t have sufficed for all of them. Kamla ji makes faces. Komal says this is why I added only 4 heads highlighting 4 malpractices. People destroy their families when they fall for superstitions. Domestic violence is another such practise. People hit / beat their own family members within 4 walls of their homes so it doesn’t come out in open. But it is a very bad thing. Third, it is a crime to kill a female girl child (female foeticide). The girl’s life ends before she can even take birth. This thought of our society is also one Ravan in itself. Lastly, it is wrong to discriminate between a guy and a girl. We have progressed so much yet women are not given any rights. They are an important part of our society but the society cannot progress if we won’t give a chance to them. I find all these to be very big problems of our society which is why I put them here.

Jamuna ji calls out to everyone. Vardaan comes out dressed as Ram followed by Pragya as Sita. Payal says Pragya doesn’t wish to be Sita. She has problem with things related to God too. Jamuna ji asks her why she was saying no. You look really beautiful. The couple does look like Ram Sita together. Where is Hanuman? Lattu comes there running holding the donation box in his hands. Jamuna ji smiles. You look so nice. Why are you carrying this donation box? Lattu replies that Ma gave it. Pragya asks Payal if she isn’t ashamed to give such a small kid a donation box. Payal says Vardaan and Pragya got such important roles. I will be the servant. I should act like one. I have decided to do just that. Vardaan remarks that she can never change. Jamuna ji tells everyone to hurry up.

Raghubir ji applauds Komal for sharing such a strong message with everyone. You did fab. Great job! Everyone claps for her. Pinki tells Rana all this looks good when they are words. People will mock you though if you will burn such an effigy of Ravan. These people are not going to lose anything but you will! Rana nods. Kailash ji tells Rana to burn the effigy. Finish these bad traits of our society. Rana lifts the bow and arrow shocking Pinki but cannot get Pinki’s words out of his head. He refuses to burn the Ravan. I wont be able to burn this useless Ravan. See what’s written on his head. It also lacks 5 heads! He walks back to where he was standing earlier. Kailash ji asks him who will burn it then. Even Lucky isn’t here! Rana stays put. I don’t know but I am not going to do it. Malti ji suggests Komal’s name calling her her DIL affectionately. Everyone present there is surprised whereas Raghubir ji is pleased. Kamla ji glares at them.

Ramleela starts in Bakriawal. Vardaan, Pragya and Lattu come on stage. The announcer / host asks for Payal. Lattu shares that she is collecting donation. Pragya tells the host to start the program. She must be coming. Host welcomes Jatta / Teji on stage. Teji’s producer cannot take his eyes off Pragya. Teji stands between Vardaan and Pragya and keeps his hands on their shoulders. Pragya looks uncomfortable. Vardaan notices this but keeps mum. Producer clicks their photos. Teji comes off stage.

Producer (Kapoor) is staring at Pragya’s photo. She will be my next calendar girl. I want her at any cost. Teji tells her she is married. She wont do anything like that. Kapoor tells him to forget their film if he cannot get Pragya. Teji says you threaten me again and again. Kapoor agrees to do anything once he gets Pragya.

Kamla ji questions Malti ji on her decision. Shree Ram ji burnt Ravan and you want Badho to burn Ravan? Why are you messing with the traditions! Don’t you know how big a crime it will be! Malti ji says forgive me but my DIL is no less than my son for me. I don’t know about traditions. I only know that what my DIL did for me today is beyond these traditions or rituals. It wasn’t an ordinary thing. I want my DIL to burn Ravan’s effigy. Komal is overwhelmed. You really want me to burn it? Malti ji nods. You only will burn Ravan today. Komal smiles broadly and so does Raghubir ji.

Payal counts the money she has collected. It is too less. Don’t know which vacation is God on! Teji enters with Kapoor. Lattu jumps with joy. Teji meets everyone. Vardaan points out that it is late night. What are you doing here? Pragya adds that decent people sleep at this time. Teji apologizes to them for disturbing them at this hour. My Producer wants to talk to you (Pragya) about something important. Kapoor proposes to make a spiritual calendar with her photos. You look like a Devi. What’s your name? Lattu tells them. Teji asks Pragya if she would like to be their calendar girl. You can ask your husband about it. Pragya looks at Vardaan who shakes his head at her. Pragya thanks Jatta for his proposal. I am not interested in you or your calendar. Don’t come here again with such proposals. Teji says you just gave me a shock. He offers to put a donation of Rs. 10000 in the donation box but Vardaan holds his hand. We don’t want your donation. I request you to leave. Payal says it is donation. Vardaan tells her not to get too excited. I will give donation. Let them go. Jatta and Kapoor take their leave. Kapoor again tells Jatta he wants Pragya at any cost. Take it as my no if she says no! Rest is up to you. He walks away.

Komal seeks Raghubir ji and Malti ji’s blessings. She next picks up the bow and arrow. Malti ji lifts the aarti thaal to help Komal light the arrow shocking Pinki and Kamla ji. Everyone shouts Jai Shree Ram seeing Komal aim at the Ravan. Reporters click her photo when the Ravan is burnt. Kailash ji’s family looks at Komal with their mouths wide open. Komal wishes Lucky was here with her.


Badho Bahu 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Bharpayi reads the article for Kamla ji. It speaks of the bond between a MIL and DIL (Komal and Malti ji) which will set an example for everyone. Kamla ji looks angry / upset. Ladies click selfie with Komal. People compliment Ahlawat Family on letting their DIL’s name be put outside their home. A girl’s family even gives that example before a prospective groom’s family. The groom’s family leaves hearing their views. Kamla ji who is also present there gets irked and decides to teach Badho a lesson.

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