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Badho Bahu 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Komal and Lucky stand up. He tells her she will keep falling here and there in this. Wear something else. She points out that bua wants her to wear it. Plus, I have to wear it in the competition too. He leaves it on her to decide. Don’t ask me anything again. She tells him to slow down. First, calm down and accept my thank you. He gets confused. Why? She says this card was my childhood dream but I never thought I will get such a beautiful one that too from you. It’s very beautiful. He smiles. She adds that if her Babu ji was alive then he would have been really happy. I am sure he must be happy / content seeing it wherever he is today. thank you is a small word for what you did but still, thank you. you supported me in the preps and you even put me to sleep forcibly. Thank you Lucky ji. He tells her to stop thanking him. A lot is still left to be done. We have to do everything together. She says we can do anything together. I was thinking to support Tau ji during elections. He is family after all. We will do our best for that.

Pinki comes to Badho’s room and is surprised to see her wearing saree. Komal says Bua ji made me wear it. Pinki advises her to be careful. Don’t run around in saree. Lucky tells Badho that even Bhabhi is concerned for her. Komal replies that even she is tensed but she has to wear it for Bua ji’s sake. She asks Pinki if she had any work. Pinki asks her if she is upset with her over this dance competition. Komal denies. It was all in fun. Why should I be upset? Pinki praises her. I know you don’t take small things to heart. I want you and Lucky ji to support my Babu ji in elections with all your heart. Lucky assures her they will do that and will also support Babu ji too. Pinki says who else I can turn to. Komal assures her about it. Pinki leaves. Komal praises Lucky on his decision of helping Tau ji.

Pragya shows Vardaan the gifts that Rinki brought. I want you to return her the gifts. Pragya says she got it with love. Vardaan does not want anything. She gets upset. She thinks of you as her own which is why she got all this for all of you. You can go yourself to return it. I wont go. Don’t know your problem. You people anyways don’t think anyone else can be nicer than you. Vardaan tries to explain that she is mistaken. Try to understand what I am telling you. She is not a nice girl. She wont be a good company for you. She tells her to not speak about company. I stay with Payal Bhabhi in this house. There cannot be a worst company than her. You don’t stay in the house all day. Don’t act like my husband or lecture me. I know what’s good or bad for me. You don’t have to intervene in my matters from now onwards. He tells her to keep whatever she wants to.

Malti ji is looking at some pictures. Raghubir ji peeks at her. How come you are looking at old pictures again? She tells him she was actually thinking about him. He sits down next to her. What were you thinking? She asks him if he remembers when they went to Germany. You made me wear modern clothes there. I was embarrassed so I said no. You told me to dress as per the circumstances. Your thinking was already modern 5 years ago. Think how advanced our village will be if you win the elections. Kamla ji joins them. I don’t feel happy without Malti. You know how important family is in such a situation when my husband is standing in elections. I am sure you wont say no. I want you to support my husband.

Pragya cries looking at Teji’s photo in her phone. Don’t know till when I will have to stay with Vardaan. When will I spend the rest of my life with you? Jamuna ji calls out to her. What happened? Why are you crying? Pragya lies that she was thinking of someone. Jamuna ji says I know who that person is. Pragya panics. How do you know? Jamuna ji makes her sit next to her. You keep your phone close to your heart all day. I would know then. I anyways can read faces. You are yearning to go there right? Go if you wish to. I brought Rakhi’s for you. I got them especially for your brothers. Pragya nods. Jamuna ji says this is your first Rakshabandhan after wedding. Follow your rituals nicely.

Malti agrees with what Kamla ji just said. You need support of your loved ones in any matter related to your home. this election is different as 2 nominations are from our house. My husband is also standing in the elections. As his wife, it is my duty to support him. This time I will support my husband in elections. Forgive me this time. I wont be able to support you. Rahgubir ji asks her what she is saying. I too want you to support Bhaisahab. She apologizes to him too. I wont be able to do what you are saying this time. Leave it on me as to who I should support. I am your wife. I will support you only. Forgive me this time Bhabhi. I cannot support Bhaisahab.

Pragya reminds her MIL that her family does not want to see her face. Jamuna ji denies. Loved ones get upset but they don’t stop loving you. Raghubir ji and Chotto came to meet you and so did Lucky. Pragya gets tearful that her own brother or her parents dint care to meet her or ask about her. I got punished so badly for choosing my own groom. They don’t worry about me. Forget about Rakshabandhan, my brother broke all his ties with me just because I wanted to fulfil my dream and live it. Jamuna ji very sweetly wipes her tears. Don’t lose heart. When you will tie Rakhi on your brother’s hands, their anger will melt away. there is a solution for that. She calls out to Vardaan and asks him if he bought something for his sister. He nods. It is different when you give a gift on a special day or on a special occasion. Pragya stares at him. Jamuna ji suggests him to call Komal here. Ask her to bring Lucky and Rana too. This way you both can celebrate Rakhi nicely.

Vardaan calls Komal. He invites her over to their home with Lucky and Rana. This way Pragya ji can tie Rakhi too. Komal says they will be busy in election preps. Bring Rakhi from Pragya with you. I will give it to them. Vardaan agrees. They end the call. He tells Pragya and Jamuna ji everything. Jamuna ji goes inside. Vardaan takes Rakhi from Pragya.

Pinki comes to give update to Kamla ji. I have Lucky and Komal on my side. What about you? Kamla ji tells her that Malti dint agree. Pinki acts smart. you could have told me. I would have said something to make her understand. Kamla ji tells her not to act smart. Badho and Lucky aren’t smart. they will easily fall in your trap. Malti is clever. Pinki is about to say something but her MIL does not let her. Don’t use your small brain everywhere. Think of how to make my husband win the election. Remember that Lucky and Komal might have agreed to help but they are their enemies after all. We will make use of their ideas. If anything goes wrong then I will not spare you. Pinki says whatever will happen, will happen for good. Don’t worry.

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