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Badho Bahu 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Raghubir Ji And Lucky Pin Their Hopes On Komal


Badho Bahu 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 4th December 2017 Episode start With People talk badly about Badho. They have lost heavily in the betting thing as well. Komal thikns of how her Babu ji’s dream broke today. His head has been bowed down because of me only. She recalls how he prayed last night and begins to walk absentmindedly. Malti ji and Lucky look on. Lucky feels bad seeing his father standing sadly in a corner.

Jamuna ji is taking care of Komal’s wounds. Komal is sad that they have lost everything. Jamuna ji tells her not to think of all that. She goes to bring turmeric milk for her. Komal looks at Malti ji whose eyes well up. Will you also make an excuse and go out of the room? Malti ji denies and sits down beside her. Is this what you understood about me? I am a mother. She always stays with her kids when they are in problem. We saw you giving your best.

You sometimes lose and sometimes win. It happens. Komal says this was more than that for them. Malti ji says we all know you weren’t ready for a match with someone like Babita Phogat. Stop worrying. Komal hugs her and cries. Malti ji is also in tears.

Raghubir ji is holding the dirt of his Akhada. He walks up to Bajrang Bali’s idol. What was lacking in my worship that you tied my hands like this? I always thought of you as my Guru and worshipped you but you! Maybe this is what you wanted. I accept it willingly. After today, I and my son will no longer be seen in this Akhada. I also free you from that boundation. The match has happened and we lost. He throws the dirt off the temple and heads inside sadly. Lucky has overheard everything.

Raghubir ji looks at Komal for a moment and then takes his seat. Malti ji asks Komal to go her room to freshen up. Komal reaches till the door but then turns to look at her Babu ji. Her eyes well up as she thinks of Balwinder’s condition and the fight today. She walks up to Raghubir ji. I know I don’t deserve to apologize but forgive me if possible. Don’t be upset over anything. Raghubir ji says you call me Babu ji. How can I be upset with you then? I saw you fighting bravely in the Akhada. You dint give up even once. Babita was an international wrestler. You played so well. I felt so proud. The condition associated with your match has come in between. It is just that he cannot go to his own Akhada with Lucky after today. It is fine. You are my daughter. I cannot lose you for any match or any condition. You are with us. I don’t want anything else. Malti ji wipes her tears as they share a hug. Raghubir ji comforts Komal. Don’t cry. Lucky seconds him. He folds his hands before his father to apologize. I dint think once before accepting that condition. I dint realise what all she would have to go through. Raghubir ji points out that once a wrestler always stays a wrestler. You will have to prove yourself as a real wrestler in life like you have proved it in Akhada till date. Now Komal will wrestle on our behalf after today! Komal cries. How can I wrestle when your dream broke because of me? Raghubir ji says you will wrestler. Our hopes are pinned on you. Don’t say it again. Say that you will wrestle. Lucky also nods. Only you can fulfil mine and Babu ji’s dream. She says whenever I will go for practise I will see that broken dream only! Pardon me but I wont be able to wrestle!

Vardaan is disturbed thinking about the fight. Everyone is really disturbed. What would Ma be thinking? I should be with her instead. He heads to his mother’s room when he hears Pragya’s voice. She is asking Jatta to let go or someone will see them. He opens the window and is shocked to see Pragya and Jatta all close. Jatta / Teji kisses her on the forehead. Vardaan seems heartbroken. He resumes walking.

Pinki appreciates her MIL. You killed 2 birds with one stone. Lucky ji wont wrestle ever again and neither will Raghubir ji enter in his Akhada. You have proved yourself as the number 1 DIL of Ahlawat family. Now no one will be able to stop my Rana ji from fighting. He will play and he will definitely win.

Loveena tells Komal she played very well. Babita played better which is why she won. Komal is sure she dint play well. Your techniques cost me instead. Loveena apologizes for the same. I also know that there were many hopes pinned with this match. During the match, I saw that Babita has changed her strategy completely. They seemed to be old as per her DVD’s. Forgive me if possible. Komal tells her not to say so. Don’t embarrass me like this. She is thinking about Babita’s words though.

Pinki tells her MIL she is overjoyed. I cannot express it in words. Kamla ji tells her to go ahead. We have earned it. Komal hasn’t given up wrestling yet. Pinki is sure she wont continue it as she has lost so badly. Kamla ji still wants to confirm it somehow. Badho is anyways heartbroken. I will just touch that nerve. Tomorrow will be a great day for that. It is her anniversary tomorrow. We will celebrate it grandly. Pinki gets excited realising it is her first wedding anniversary too. Kamla ji wants to recall Komal her mistake once again before the celebrations begin so she will openly accept she will never wrestle again. She will then end up as an ideal DIL and will spend her life like that only.


Badho Bahu 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji advises Raghubir ji to manage their fields. Lucky will manage other things. Lucky tells Komal to practise. She nods. Later, Kamla ji questions Komal as to how she can practise when she is responsible for Lucky and Raghubir ji giving up wrestling.

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