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Badho Bahu 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lucky checks his report. He is stunned to see his report. It states that my result is positive meaning that he has failed the test. Lucky and Malti ji refuse to believe it but Sangram Singh says Lucky crossed his limits while trying to become Iron Man. Reporters report the news right then. Decision of Sports Committee is awaited. Committee Chairperson checks the report again. As per the report, Lucky took drugs. Kailash ji calls it a lie. He cannot do so! Raghubir ji seconds him. This report is wrong. Something is wrong. Lucky too says the same. I haven’t taken drugs till date. Reporter asks Lucky if the championship forced him to fall so low. Raghubir ji tells him to think before speaking. Reporter asks him how many of his other disciples are on drugs.

Som tells his brother to be careful. Tie Rana tightly. They discuss amongst themselves that Rana should never find out that they are behind this kidnapping.

Sangram Singh continues adding fuel to the fire even when Lucky speaks against it. I cannot go against my father’s ideals. I cannot cheat him ever as he is my father and Guru. Wrestling is everything for me. I can never fall this low. He kneels down before his father. do you trust me? I cannot do this ever. I haven’t taken any drugs.

Som tells Chotto that everything is going as per the plan. We have kept Rana in a hut which is 5 kilometers away from Sirsa. Tell Lucky to come and free him right away. Chotto Bua is excited about her entire plan. Komal will realise my worth now. Take care of Rana. Som agrees.

Raghubir ji says I am the Guru of the Akhada outside my house. All the wrestlers who come here for training are my disciples. Whatever happens here happens under my tight scrutiny. I take responsibility for whatever happens here. I am proud / certain of my training and ideals. I can bet that no drugs have ever come here and nor would they ever come here. Reporter asks Raghubir ji if his answer would have been same
Kailash ji says my brother is an unbiased teacher. He doesn’t differentiate between both the sons. I can also bet that both my kids cannot cheat their profession. Reporters still don’t buy it. Why has been the championship pre-poned then? Did Rana find out that Lucky took drugs during the last test too? Lucky firmly tells him he has never taken a drug till date. I won the previous championship on my merit. Reporter asks Sports Committee Chairperson if he doesn’t think all the previous victories of Lucky’s are at stake now.

Jamuna ji gives sherbet to Pinki. Komal gets Bua’s call. She tells her she did what she promised. Komal says I wont accept it till it is certain that they have made up. Bua agrees. Wait for the time when both the brothers will get back together. Come back, do sit ups and apologise to me then. Komal agrees.

Charan Singh Tokas (Chairperson) cancels the championship for the time being. From now on, Lucky wont be considered the Iron Man of 2016. This decision will be on hold till committee releases the report. I will request Lucky to return the medal. Chotto Bua comes out to see what’s happening. Malti ji calls it unjust. Raghubir ji says no drug tests happened during the last championship. Mr. Tokas says we know it which is why he have kept the decision on hold. We also have to decide if we should put a lifetime ban on Lucky or not. We will announce the decision in the evening itself. I would request Lucky to return his medals to me. Lucky gets teary eyed. His father nods at him so Lucky gives his medal to Mr. Tokas. Raghubir ji requests reporters not to speak or print anything on this matter for now. Kamla ji too asks the reporters to leave. Chotto Bua hurries back inside.

Chotto calls Som and advises them to flee from the spot. Lucky cannot come to save Rana. Som asks her if everything is fine. Chotto tells him against it. Som shares that Rana wont be able to come right away as we gave him a little extra chloroform. Chotto tells them to come as soon as Rana wakes up. Som agrees.

Kamla ji questions Lucky why he did. You could have told any of us if you dint want to fight. We would have managed things somehow. Do you know how much insulted we are now? Malti ji speaks in her son’s favour. World can say anything but I don’t care. He can do no wrong. I trust my son. My husband and Badho also trust him that he can do no such thing. Raghubir ji agrees with him. Something is surely wrong in whatever happened. Do you think Lucky can do anything like that? Kailash ji declines. Kamla ji tells Malti ji she can make her quiet but what about the villagers. Everyone knows about the report now. Malti ji does not care what people think of anyone. I trust my son completely. Lucky says I never took any drugs till date. But I am pained to see that you dint trust me today. You differentiated between me and Rana Bhai. I cannot do anything that will make my family look down. I would prefer to die instead. Malti ji panics seeing him say such thing. He leaves. Chotto reprimands Kamla ji for mistrusting Lucky. I can never believe that Lucky would have taken drugs. It is the time to stay calm and not aggravate the matter. Kailash ji supports his sister.

Komal calls Lucky. He disconnects it and throws it on bed. She calls again. he picks it up knowing that she wont stop calling if he wont. He tells her to end the call as he is really upset. She asks him to share it but he knows she will come running home if he tells her. He takes promise from her that she wont do anything after knowing it. She agrees. Speak up please. He tells her everything. You promised me. She asks him how it happened. You dint eat anything wrong. He declines. my medicines are also very simple. I don’t care about myself. I am concerned for Babu ji and his training. I have to do something before the Committee takes a decision. She is sure something went wrong somewhere. You have to do it yourself. You have time to find out what it is. Bua will help you. You have time till sunset. She tells him something in mute. Lucky thinks this is what I like the most about her. You have a solution for every problem.


Badho Bahu 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji is happy watching the news. Chotto Bua and Lucky come somewhere to look for a clue. Sports Committee puts a lifetime ban on Lucky’s wrestling.

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