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Badho Bahu 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Komal Goes On Air!


Badho Bahu 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 5th December 2017 Episode start With Everyone sits down for dinner. Kamla ji shares that she met the village ladies. They spoke of throwing Raghubir ji and Lucky out of the Akhada. I tried to make them understand but they said if our family wont follow what Sarpanch ji says then who else will do it. I have decided to give him the responsibility of the fields. He will manage everything well. I have told Vardaan to take Lucky’s help for other work. He does it all by himself. Kailash ji asks her if she has gone mad. You are saying whatever is coming to your mind. She says it is the villagers who are saying so. He refuses to let his brother’s and nephew’s hard work of all these years go in vain! It wont happen.

If you are embarrassed to talk to people then I will talk to them myself. They will listen to me as I am the Sarpanch of this village. You wont say another word on this matter. Raghubir ji points out that not just the villagers but Lucky and I also remember the condition behind the fight. We are proud of both our wrestling and our promise. We always live up to our word. If we have agreed not to step foot in Akhada then neither Lucky nor I will break that vow! Komal will surely continue her practise like before. Lucky agrees to support Badho in this. Komal thinks why they are still thinking about her when their dream broke because of her only. I cannot understand anything! What should I do!

Kamla ji tells her husband to let bygones be bygones. Think about tomorrow. Do you remember what day is it? It is the wedding anniversary of Komal-Lucky and Pinki-Rana. We should celebrate it. Pinki agrees but Komal tells her it isn’t needed. Kamla ji tells her to do what they will tell her to. She gets an idea to tackle Komal.

Komal comes to her room and notices Lucky sleeping. He is only pretending to be asleep. She looks at him teary eyed. Forgive me Lucky ji. It is our first wedding anniversary tomorrow but I dint get you anything special. I even broke all your hopes! She lies down. Lucky opens his eyes but does not turn. I know you are blaming yourself for whatever happened but it isn’t so. You have to come out of this situation. I will hold your hand and help you come out of this! He turns to look at her but she has slept.

Raghubir ji is unable to sleep. He switches on the light and gets up to go to Akhada like regularly. He asks Malti ji to bring milk for Lucky in Akhada. He stops in his tracks recalling everything. Pardon me. I woke you up for no reason. I forgot!

Komal wakes up by the alarm. She notices Lucky sitting already. He tells her to get ready for practise. I have taken out track suit for you. Loveena ji is waiting for you. She tries to say something but he tells her to go and practise. I am free now. I can sleep as much as you want. He sits down beside her to wish her on their anniversary. She wishes him too. He says I really want you to get all the happiness. You should become a great wrestler and make us proud. He goes to drink water. She thinks that it was supposed to be such a happy day but he and Babu ji cannot come in Akhada after today. How can I do my training when you cannot even step foot in Akhada?

Payal asks Komal to focus on her training. Vardaan also tells Komal the same. Komal replies that she dint feel like doing it. Kamla ji tells her to drop it. Manage the household chores. There is so much to do. Pinki seconds her. All this suits you more than anything else. Payal calls her plastic doll. You would also look good in a plastic box but we let you roam around and talk. She next tells Komal to practise. This is what Babu ji and Lucky want. Kamla ji asks them how Badho can wrestle when she is responsible for Lucky and Raghubir ji being thrown out of the Akhada. She advises Komal to openly tell everyone she does not want to be trained. No one will push you then. Komal leaves from there. Kamla ji next taunts Payal for leaving her family behind for Badho’s wrestling. See the twist in things now? I suggest you to go back to your house the moment Badho announces her decision.

Kamla ji asks the guys what they want to do in Sirsa. One of the guy shares that they want to start a regional radio channel of Sirsa. Raghubir ji appreciates the idea. It will help in passing info to every big or small house of Sirsa. They nod. Badho Bahu has taken such a bold step by wrestling with Babita Phogat. We want her story to be the first one to be aired. We will discuss the same with her live. Kailash ji says yes on Komal’s behalf. Komal panics hearing it. I can wrestle but cannot give interview. Lucky tells her not be afraid of anything. They will just ask you some questions. She nods. The guys invite Raghubir ji and Lucky as well. You both have supported her at every step. People can take inspiration from you. Komal readily likes the idea. It will make me feel less scared. Raghubir ji and Lucky agree to accompany her. Kamla ji seems miffed.

Kamla ji tells Pinki to charge her phone and put the right channel on radio in her room. Komal will be live. Entire world will pose many questions at her. Pinki thinks she will get more limelight this way. Kamla ji tells her to think otherwise. People will blame her for breaking Raghubir ji and Lucky’s dreams. She wont be able to continue her practise then. Set the channel in my room. I will gather some ladies. Pinki agrees. payal has heard their plan as well. Everyone can change but not them. I will also think of something. Don’t make the mistake of thinking me to be weak. I wont leave the house till the time I send Badho back in the Akhada.


Badho Bahu 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A caller asks Komal if she isn’t ashamed to lose out to Babita Phogat. Because of you, now your FIL and husband wont be able to step foot in Akhada! Komal is hurt by his words. Kamla ji praises Sangram Singh for faking his voice to be some stranger’s. They all laugh.

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