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Badho Bahu 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Chotto Bua, Lucky and a reporter go to Hospital in disguise to find a clue. Chotto thanks the reporter for helping them. Reporter says it is my duty as a reporter. I am sure Lucky cannot do this which is why I am with you guys. Chotto tells Lucky to go to CCTV room to get footage while they head to Lab.

Lucky stealthily comes to CCTV room. He wakes up the guard there. Do you get paid for sleeping? What if a thief came and stole everything? The guard asks him who he is. Lucky shares that he is his superior. He again scolds the guard. A big theft happened as you sleep throughout the day. Tell me where you saved the entire footage or I will fire you! The guard points at the computer. Lucky sends him outside so he can watch every footage in private. No one must come inside if you want to retain your job. Guard agrees and leaves.

Chotto notices the hospital staff unconscious. Liquor bottles are kept in open. Reporter records everything. Chotto Bua checks the files. She feels that the names on the reports are strange.

Lucky notices that the Lab Assistant was swaying (under alcohol’s effect) when doing the blood tests.

Malti ji is tensed as their family and Lucky is getting insulted. I am concerned. Raghubir ji assures her everything will fall in place. Kamla ji is happy thinking she wont be left for any place once the decision is out. I would love to see you on your knees.

Mr. Tokas announces that Lucky should return his medal of 2016 Championship. They also put a lifetime ban on Lucky’s wrestling. Chotto tells them to wait for a moment. We too want to say something in our defence. Mr. Tokas allows her. Lucky plays the video in front of everyone. Kamla ji asks Chotto what this drama is. Chotto suggests her to wait. Mr. Tokas asks them what this means. Chotto says he is the one who checking Lucky’s blood sample. You can see his condition. She shows the other reports which contain lots of mistakes. Mr. Tokas checks them too. Kailash ji deduces that this is why Rana’s name was written as Rani in the report. It means the Lab Assistant is behind this. Chotto agrees. When a lab assistant can make such mistakes then he can make any other mistake. The reporter accompanying Chotto and Lucky also chips in in Lucky’s favour. Lucky asks everyone if they will decide about his career on the basis of the report made by that drunk assistant. Kamla ji looks at Sangram Singh who shakes his head.

Rana comes home. Kamla ji goes to him. Rana demands to know what’s happening but she warns him to just stand back and watch everything. Mr. Tokas cancels his previously made decision. Lucky gets his winning title back and also returns him his medal. Everyone claps. Rana hugs his parents followed by Kailash ji and Kamla ji. Malti ji turns to Kamla ji. I told you that my son cannot do this ever. You can see the result yourself. Mr. Tokas again schedules the championship for Lucky and Rana. Kamla ji thinks Lucky escapes from every problem time and again. Reporters report the news live from there. Sangram Singh and Kamla ji look dejected.

Next morning, Komal worriedly paces thinking how she will stop the championship. Pinki takes leave from Jamuna ji. Komal gestures her to touch Jamuna ji’s feet. Pinki complies. Jamuna ji blesses Pinki (for kids). Pinki asks for another blessing of victory from her. You should also bless Rana ji. Pinki does not tell Jamuna ji about the competition. He is a wrestler after all. Don’t know how many fights he will take part in. Jamuna ji ends up blessing both Lucky and Rana upsetting Pinki. Komal hugs her mother and then leaves with Pinki.

Raghubir ji is in his Akhada. He picks up the dirt from his Akhada remembering the times when the brothers had fought together yet won in different ways. He thinks of Rana’s challenge and is disturbed. Kailash ji joins him. What are you doing here? We have to go for the championship. You seem worried. Raghubir ji points at his hand. This is the pious dirt of my Akhada. It has given Haryana and our country 2 amazing wrestlers in Rana and Lucky. They are going to fight with each other today. It isn’t that they have never faced each other before but I don’t know why I am very restless about this championship. I am worried what if something goes wrong. Kailash ji tells him to look at the dirt clearly. Not just us, but our ancestors, Mahender and our sons have given our blood and sweat to the Akhada. Everyone will remember this championship for forever. You will be proud to be their Guru after today’s fight. We are not going for any ordinary fight. We are going to attend Iron Man Championship. It is very important. Come now. Raghubir ji drops the dirt and wipes his hands.


Badho Bahu 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal tells Lucky that she saw Pinki reading his reports. She would have told Rana Bhaiya for sure. I hope he wont attack you there during the fight. Malti ji does tilak of both the boys.

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