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Badho Bahu 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 6th April 2017 watch online HD on 

Pragya sits down to work with the mangoes. Payal steps back when Kamla ji tells her to look on. You have to make pickles too. Kareena asks Malti ji about her health. Malti ji tells her she is fine. Payal asks Kamla ji if she is making this much pickle for entire village. Kamla ji shares that it is made for entire year. Payal suggests making the servants work. One Bhabhi ji says we all are here. We will do it. Kamla ji teases Payal again. Give her tea. She has to work. Payal refuses to have tea or make pickles. Komal also teases Payal. No one can make better papad than her. She can even train someone on this. Jamuna ji nods in agreement (holding back a smile). Kamla ji asks Pragya to give Payal some work.

Teji comes there limping. He asks for tea. Pinki asks him what happened to him. Teji too lies about the cat. I fell when she attacked. Komal corrects him. It was a male cat. I picked up cricket bat and hit him under the bed. Teji recalls everything. Kamla ji remarks that everyone except her can see this cat. Teji again asks for tea. Komal requests Malti ji to have kaadha. You will feel better. Malti ji drinks it reluctantly. Kareena is irked as they are having a hard time uncovering Komal’s truth. She is acting so well. Teji praises her for showing the right things to Lucky. You don’t record anything when Komal is genuinely taking care of Ma ji. You are my kind of girl. Kareena shrugs him away. Vardaan excuses himself.

One of the bhabhi’s praises Komal. She very smartly escaped the work just so she can make pickles and papad’s. Komal denies. I was thinking to do it once I finish other chores. I will get down to work right away if you say so. Kamla ji’s Bhabhi asks Badho about Lucky. She shares that he is in Delhi. Ladies point out that they have been married for only a year and Lucky is already travelling. It never happened with our sons. Other Bhabhi says how their married life will continue this way. Kamla ji praises Rana and talks bad about Badho. Badho covers it up saying every marriage has ups and downs. Kamla ji does not buy it. We cannot see things getting on the right track. She guides Pinki as to how to make pickles. Kamla ji adds that Badho wants to wrestle. Lucky is already a wrestler. He will obviously feel bad. I told her to learn something from Pinki if she does not know anything. Rana and PInki are like Ram and Sita. She notices Jamuna ji’s upset face and lies that she was joking. Such talks happen. Don’t feel bad. Rana joins them. He asks for a glass of milk from Pinki who goes to get it immediately. Kamla ji praises him in front of his Bhabhi’s for giving respect to his wife. She tells Payal to work faster. Laundry guy comes there. She is working so she asks Rana to bring the clothes from their room. He brings them and confirms with her. Payal compliments the couple in a sarcastic manner. Rana is a wrestler yet he is carrying Pinki’s clothes around. He always says yes to his wife. I have never seen a man doing womanly tasks. What to do though? Pinki is about to say something when Payal asks her how much more she will make Rana ji work. He is a wrestler! Rana angrily throws the clothes away. Payal Bhabhi is right! Don’t ask me to do such stupid chores ever again! do your work on your own. I also have a lot to do. Don’t make me do all this. Kamla ji and Pinki get upset. Jamuna ji tells Payal to stay in her limits. Payal replies that everyone was joking here and so did I. Komal says there is a limit to everything. Rana Bhaiya got upset and scolded Pinki. Jamuna ji sends Payal to apologize to Rana. He must be feeling bad. Payal says I don’t understand what I did but they insist. Payal agrees to go. I will also apologize on behalf of Pinki. Pinki looks upset.

Kamla ji’s Bhabhi’s advises Kamla ji to be on their toes. Komal and her family are too smart. Be careful of them. Dint you think before choosing a DIL? Komal decides to do something as the Bhabhi’s are only speaking poisonous things against her and her family.

Rana is standing alone outside. Payal walks up to him very cautiously. I came to apologize to you. I said a little too much while joking. He tells her not to apologize to him. I am not upset with you. She says you are a calm person just like Ram ji. You also deserve the respect and fame He got. Look at Komal. You know how upset Lucky stays with Komal all the time yet she always respects him. He can say anything to her but she wont ever think to go against his words even in her dreams. Pinki might be much smarter than her but Komal will never dare to talk to Lucky ji the way Pinki spoke to you today. If she was in her situation, she would wash hands and do the task herself. You give so much respect to Pinki but she does not seem to care. She too should think about your respect. Rana gets thinking. Payal thinks to set Pinki next.

Komal kind of forcefully feeds Gujiya’s to the Kamla ji’s Bhabhi’s. Eat them. Ma has made them with love. I have heard tongue becomes sweeter with sweets. Kamla ji starts giving quick angry instructions to Pragya and Pinki. Komal asks Malti ji to rest inside. Malti ji agrees. Komal goes to make milk for her. Malti ji heads inside.

Malti ji drinks milk. Komal asks her how she is feeling now. Malti ji replies that she is feeling better. Komal gets happy. Lucky ji must be really worried in Lucky thinking about Ma ji’s health. It is important to tell her she is fine now. Kareena comes just then. Komal requests her to click her photo with Ma ji and send to Lucky. It will make him happy.


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