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Badho Bahu 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Vardaan Confronts Pragya!


Badho Bahu 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 6th December 2017 Episode start with Komal, Lucky and Raghubir ji are in the radio station. The show goes on air.Payal suggests Vardaan and Bharpayi to call the station so Badho does not have to listen to anything bad. It wont even discourage her.The RJ gives the show’s introduction. He next tells everyone that they will receive their first call soon.

Jitesh feels his call got through but it isn’t so. It is some random guy by the name Pushpender. He asks Komal if she isn’t ashamed to lose out to Babita Phogat. Because of you, now your FIL and husband wont be able to step foot in Akhada! Komal is hurt by his words. The RJ tells him not to take out his wife’s frustration out on Komal. Think of something good and then call us back. Kamla ji praises Sangram Singh for faking his voice to be some stranger’s.They all laugh.

The second call comes. It is Sita / Gita. She fumbles while sharing her name. I want to ask Badho Bahu why she thought to compete with Babita Phogat when she is a novice. You don’t fight because you are heavy weight. You really need to know the tactics. You need to really know it to wrestle. Did she step in the Akhada to insult her family and villager? Komal is teary eyed.

Kamla ji tells Sita she fumbled but she spoke nicely. I promise to give you one sack of grain. Let’s wait to hear the reply.

Lucky replies on Komal’s behalf. There are 2 players in a game out of which one loses in the game. Look at game like a game only and encourage the other player instead of demotivating them. You should be happy that the girl of your villager, who is a new wrestler, challenged a player like Babita Phogat. I request you not to spoke badly about someone if you cannot be nice atleast. The RJ seconds them. Raghubir ji adds that the girls of nearby villages must be inspired to wrestle.

Pinki also wants to talk but Kamla ji is sure Komal will recognize her voice. It will ruin our plan. Pinki makes faces.

Bharpayi tells Payal they cannot get through. Payal is tensed. Komal will walk out of the show this way. Jamuna ji does not mind it. Wrestling has already messed up Komal’s life. I hope it wont mess everything else for her too!

A girl calls the radio station next. She praises Komal for the step she took. I too am very keen to wrestle and spoke to my Babu ji about it. He gave permission to me and my sister to learn wrestling. This became possible because of her only. Komal thanks her. She also speaks to Sheetal’s sister. Komal is overwhelmed and wishes them both good luck. RJ praises her. Next call is from a guy called Kartar. He thanks all the 3 guests. You have encouraged games through the competition. This way out kids will also get a chance to learn wrestling. Lucky and Raghubir ji thank him. Teach your kids wrestling for sure. Kartar agrees before disconnecting. RJ (Alok) asks Komal to give a parting message. Komal thanks everyone for hearing them out and encouraging them. Keep encouraging women like this only. Thank you!

Sita and Gita ji leave on the pretext of some work (actually scared of Kamla ji). Sangram Singh also takes leave. Pinki also tries to go but Kamla ji does not let her leave. Let’s plan ahead.

Payal is happy that they won.

Pragya is getting ready for the evening. Jatta ji wont be able to take his eyes off me. Vardaan compliments her on her beauty. He closes the door from inside. I wanted to say something to you since long but I decided to surprise you today. She fumbles. He shares that he likes her very much. Now that we have begun to understand each other and have become friends, we should take this relation forward. I need a wife more than a friend now. Do you understand what I am saying? Pragya thinks of Teji’s words. Vardaan says you look pale suddenly. Just think tonight to be our wedding night. He throws flower petals on the bed. She wonders how to tell him about her and Teji. He asks her if she wants to say something. He thinks this is her last chance. she tries going out on the pretext of helping outside.

He holds her hand. There are many people outside who will do that. Spend some time with your husband also. Pragya thinks to tell him the truth. Vardaan caresses her face and cups it pulling her closer to kiss her. He cannot stop himself from recalling what he saw earlier in the day. He pushes her aside. What were you doing? Stop showing me this innocent face! I saw you in Jatta’s arms yesterday. My Ma told me about your proximity with Jatta but I told her it is for the videos. You dint say no to me today also when I spoke about our wedding night! You could have become Jatta’s Pragya respectfully but you want to travel in both the boats! She tries to explain that she wanted to tell him but couldn’t find a chance to say anything.

He refuses to be fooled by her innocent face anymore! You are characterless! You are a stain on the name of the Ahlawat family who everyone respects. She repeats she wanted to tell him everything long ago but he refuses to believe her. I accept that I stood for you in temple that day and will support you today too but I gave up all my rights to choose a wife. I snatched that right from my Ma too. Everyone insulted me but you only backstabbed me. I stood by your side always but you cheated me all along! She requests him not to say so. I never even thought to cheat you.

He points out that this is what she had been doing all along. He asks her to let go of her hand. It is paining. He tells her he is the one who is in pain. It is unbearable. You wont be able to bear it if you had to but I will bear it. I will show everyone your true face! He walks out of the room angrily before warning her to prepare well for tonight’s celebration. We wont forget it our entire life. Your village and our families need to see your true face!


Badho Bahu 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Komal announces that she will continue her wrestling. Vardaan walks up to Kamla ji. Later, Komal overhears Loveena and Balwinder talking. She happily tells him that Komal will never be able to realise that she lost because of poor training. Balwinder laughs. It is because of you only that the number 1 wrestler of this village and Raghubir ji had to part ways from the Akhada. Badho is stunned to hear all this.

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