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Badho Bahu 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Villagers gather for Haryana Iron Man Championship. Ahlawat Family also reaches there. Spectators shout impatiently. Call the fighters. Host tells them they will join them soon. They are getting ready for the big fight. Malti ji wonders where Badho is.

Komal comes to changing room to talk to Lucky. He tells her to leave. Don’t disturb me. She shares that she saw Pinki reading his reports. She would have told Rana Bhaiya for sure. I hope he wont attack you there during the fight. He smiles. You mean Rana Bhai will cheat? She denies. I would never say that about him but we cannot trust anyone owing to the circumstances. He is sure Rana Bhai wont do any such thing. He is the true devotee of Bajrang Bali. He wont stoop this low. Don’t say this to anyone else.

Our Guru ji has taught us to play the game honestly. Wresting is our life. We cannot cheat in this game ever. Trust me that I trust Rana Bhai. He can do no such thing. She gets emotional. I cannot even wish you luck as I don’t even know if this is right or wrong. I don’t even feel like seeing it as I am scared. He assures her everything will be fine. Can I get ready now? She nods. Just take care of your wound He nods.

Everyone claps and cheers as Rana enters in the ring. Lucky enters next. Komal looks on worriedly. The hoots echo more loudly this time upsetting Kamla ji. Host requests the mothers of both the fighters to do vijay tilak of them. Malti ji does tilak of Lucky and Kamla ji does Rana’s tilak. Kamla ji blesses Rana. If you lose this the match and medal this time and you will see me dead. Rana looks at the medal. Malti blesses Lucky too. I don’t mind whoever wins the championship. You were and would always remain the winner for me. Fight honestly. He assures her that the outcome will be good. She asks him to seek blessings of his father and Tau ji. Kamla ji too tells Rana to seek blessings of his father and Chacha.

Kailash ji blesses both the boys. I know this fight began because of your argument. I suggest you both not to take it as a fight. Play it like a game. Take Raghu’s blessing now. Kamla ji asks Raghubir ji which son he will bless to win. Raghubir ji says I am neither anyone’s father nor anyone’s relative right now. I am here as their Guru. They both are equally strong. Tell me who I should bless to win then? I would just advise them to respect my training and ideals. Don’t do anything which will make us, this sports and village bow their head down. Fight in a way that the world will remember. Give your best. Lucky and Rana touch his feet and go down to start the fight.

Spectators begin hooting for them. Malti ji and Kamla ji turn their backs to each other. Malti ji notices Komal sad. What is she doing there amidst the spectators? Hope she wont start any new drama here. Komal requests Lucky not to fight this championship. He honestly tells her he cannot back off from this championship now. I will have to fight. He withdraws his hand from her hand and walks towards the ring.

Raghubir ji explains the rules of the game. There will be 3 rounds. Third round will be of 3 minutes. Whoever defeats the other one will be the winner. That person only will be the Iron Man of Haryana. Host invites both the wrestlers to begin the fight. Komal thinks to do something as she wont be able to witness this championship. She recalls Kamla ji speaking to pundit ji about the Pahadi Wala Temple. The fight begins.


Badho Bahu 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Som tells Komal that people say that one should climb the stairs bare foot in one go. The diya should not blow off. Komal starts her journey. On the other hand, Lucky and Rana are wrestling. Komal thinks Ma please help me. I can do anything for my family.

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