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Badho Bahu 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 7th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Malti ji tells Komal against it. I will talk to my son when I will be healthy. Komal suggests her to think about Lucky. He will be able to focus on the training once he sees you fit and healthy. Malti ji denies again but Komal requests for Lucky’s sake. Kareena clicks their photo. Komal requests her to send it to Lucky. Kareena thinks I am not mad to let my hard work go in waste by sending your photo. She lies to Komal that she has already sent it. Komal thanks her.

Payal sees Lattu practising wrestling and scolds him for the same. Who will do homework? He replies that he did everything already. Jitesh suggests getting Lattu admitted in the English Medium School in Sirsa. Ajay also speaks positively about the school. My niece speaks so well. Ajay offers to get Payal a form too. She decides to get Lattu admitted there. Ajay shares that kids of Sirsa get admitted in the school though. Payal tells him to give his sister’s number. I will handle the rest. He tells her.

Pinki paces angrily in the room. He keeps saying Pinki all the time. When it came to respecting me then he scolded me! She throws away the bed sheet angrily (which has Rana’s photo on it). Payal asks her why she is so upset. Pinki blames her for her anger. I can ask Rana ji to do anything. How does it concern you? You have a habit of interfering. Payal says I was kidding. I dint expect it from you. I understand your anger. Rana ji shouldn’t have scolded you like this before everyone? Pinki nods. Payal adds that people only see them as Ram and Sita. Kamla Ma ji speaks so well about you both but I think you both should learn a lot from Lucky and Komal instead. Lucky rules both in wrestling and mind too. He can say anything to Komal but she never lets his name or respect be hampered in front of people. Which wife does not make mistakes? I too make mistakes but it doesn’t mean your husband will scold and insult you before everyone! Am I wrong? Pinki agrees with her. What should I do? Payal advises her to tell Rana to act like a good husband before outsiders atleast. Pinki calls it a tough task. He sometimes is very calm whereas sometimes he just explodes. Payal says you are not the one to bear anyone scolding you. What has Rana ji done to you? I cannot come to teach you daily. You have to take care of your relationship and husband on your own. Get a hold on it! Payal smiles seeing the fallen bed sheet. She tells Pinki to get ready. I will take the bed sheet. Pinki goes inside. Payal picks up the bed sheet. See how Ram and Sita will fight now!

Kamla ji taunts Payal. Komal assures her that Payal Bhabhi makes the best papad’s. Kamla ji isn’t impressed. We will realise only after eating. Komal packs some pickle for Lucky ji separately. Ladies tease her. You have gone nuts in his love. So much pickle has been made here. Komal still says there is no guarantee it will not finish in a month’s time. Kareena brings police inside. Police has caught Ajay and Jitesh outside the village red handed. They were playing cards. I know they stay here so I dint take them to police station. Tell them I am forgiving them as it is their first mistake or I would put them behind bars. Kamla ji asks the boys to explain. Jitesh says we were sitting quietly there. Someone told us to try our luck. We had no intention of gambling. Inspector refuses to believe it. Komal justifies his stance. We know you but not everyone knows you both. How would they trust your words? The boys apologize to everyone. Kamla ji asks the Inspector to leave the boys this time. He agrees but leaves only after giving them a warning. The boys immediately rush to Kamla ji’s feet seeking apology. Komal tells them to get up. Such bad habits attract us towards them but we must keep our eyes open and stay away from them. They both agree. Rana joins them. He too has heard the story and scolds Ajay and Jitesh badly. Pinki too looks on. Payal ties the end of her dupatta to the bed sheet. Komal requests Rana Bhai to leave Ajay and Jitesh. They are apologizing. Forgive them. Pinki tells her not to waste her efforts in explaining things to Rana. It is of no use. He stays angry all the time!

Rana asks Pinki what she said. She replies that she only spoke the truth. He asks her if she means he always stays angry. Have you ever looked at yourself? She reprimands him for not taking care of the surroundings and speaking what was in his heart! I too have some respect. He asks her if she does not think of his respect when she asks him to bring her clothes. She does not call it wrong. Payal tells them to stop. You both are fighting like kids. Think of Massi’s relatives who are here. Pinki refuses. A decision will happen today. She moves forward but her dupatta is stuck in the bed sheet. She frees it because of which the bed sheet is revealed. Rana gets all the more angry and claps. Wow! This is how you respect the gift I gave? You don’t deserve any gift. Sometimes I feel like (raises his hand). Komal comes in between to salvage the situation. What are you doing? There must be a misunderstanding. Talk it out. He refuses. Komal tells Payal to stop adding fuel to the fire but Komal tells her off. Kamla ji blames Komal for creating a rift between Pinki and Rana. I complimented them in the morning and no one could take it. She also blames / scolds Jamuna ji for creating disturbance in her home. Jamuna ji pleads innocence. Kamla ji’s Bhabhi’s again speaks ill against Komal and her family.

Kamla ji asks Komal and her family if they are happy now. Jamuna ji breaks down. I said it wasn’t right to come here but no one heard me. We shouldn’t have come here. She scolds Payal for not thinking before speaking. We wont stay here for another minute. Komal requests them to sit and talk but her mother points out the change in Rana’s behaviour since they came here. We are indeed inauspicious which showed its effect the moment we came here. Komal requests her mother to stop but in vain. Pinki is crying in a corner.


Badho Bahu 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Jamuna ji’s feet gets stuck in a gutter. Jamuna ji warns Komal not to take another step towards her. You have my swear. They all see her thus and are shocked to see a truck coming in her direction. Lucky comes running just then. He holds the truck from the front side. Komal also joins her. Jamuna ji screams.

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