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Badho Bahu 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

All the ladies are seated for dinner. Ahlawat brothers are out for some work. Malti ji asks Pinki where the food is. Pinki replies that Badho is bringing it. Badho is having trouble working / walking or doing any chore while wearing saree. She struggles with it. She was about to fall but Pinki holds the tray and her hands in time. How will we take care of you if you fall down? Badho thanks her for saving her. Malti ji asks her why she is wearing saree. Komal shares that she is wearing it for Sangeet ceremony. Malti ji is sure she will cause some serious damage this time. Komal shares that she is helpless as it is Bua’s wish. Kamla ji is happy that Malti will be irked this time for sure. It is great. She should suffer. She refused to help my husband. She deserves it.

Bua gives some CD’s to Komal for practise. The songs will suit you. Komal agrees to tell her tomorrow but Bua insists that she hears them now. Bua plays the CD. They don’t know what songs I have put in the CD. See the magic that will happen once the songs play. She plays the CD and leaves the room making an excuse. She has taken the remote with her. Komal and Lucky are shocked / uncomfortable to hear the songs (Bharo Maang Meri Bharo). They go about their chores but cannot do much about it. Lucky even puts his shirt on. She tells him he has put it wrongly. He panics. I will fix it. Stop the music first. She cannot find the remote. He helps her in looking for it and they finally pull the plug out. Komal again points at his shirt.

Payal calls her mother. She gives her an update about what Pragya and Rinki spoke about. Wait and watch how I throw Pragya out of this house now. Her mother is impressed. How will you do it though? Payal asks her to come over tomorrow. we will talk then. her mother agrees and even offers to help her.

Next morning, Komal comes outside her house wearing saree. Vardaan compliments her. She lights diya and does his aarti, tilak and finally ties rakhi on his hand. She blesses him with all the happiness. He says I hope you are always happy. He gives her gift followed by the Rakhi’s given by Pragya for her brothers. Komal agrees to give it to them. He leaves. Komal thinks how to give Rakhi to Rana.

Bua tells her brothers she is really happy to finally tie Rakhi’s on their hands after so long. I have got the Rakhi’s you like. The brothers are happy to know she remembers the colours of Rakhi they both like. Bua nods. She ties Rakhi to them. Raghubir ji gives her sweet box and cash. Kailash ji tells her to ask whatever she wants to. I forgot to bring your gift. Raghubir ji jokes that this is his childhood habit. Bua asks him if he will give her what she wants. He nods. She requests him to again accept Pragya as his daughter and allow her to come here again. Kailash ji tightens his grasp around the cot angrily. He is about to get up when she asks him again. he replies that he wont be able to fulfil her this wish. He leaves angrily. Raghubir ji explains to his sister that time cast a rift between the daughter and father. time only will bring them together once again.

Komal shows Rana the Rakhi sent by Pragya for him and Lucky. Rana thinks of his mother’s anger and goes quiet. She reminds him of his duty as an elder brother. You should forgive her. till when will you be like this? Drop it now. Pragya would love it if you tie it. Rana asks her to go ahead and tie it. Kamla ji shouts her name and claps for her. What is this drama? You trapped my innocent son in your words. She does not let Rana speak up. I know her well. That day she trapped Pragya and now she is after you. Rana is your BIL. She died for us the day she chose to marry her lover! She scolds Rana next. Komal tries to explain but fails. Kamla ji forcibly takes Rana from there.

Som offers to take buckets full of milk from Bharpayi. She politely denies but the bucket falls from their hands. She scolds him and talks to him in English. She gets surprised when he replies in English. You are a wrestler. How do you speak English so nicely? He says it isn’t written anywhere that wrestlers cannot speak English. Our Chotto Bhabhi took care of our studies like a mother. We know everything. I am extremely sorry for the milk and for the words that you couldn’t understand. She looks lost / confused.

Two guys have come to Ahlawat House. They are confused to see Badho coming towards them lifting their saree a little (so she is able to walk). She asks them if they have never seen a girl wearing a saree. They nod. We have seen it but we haven’t seen this before. She tells Pinki she has called these guys to make axes and diya to distribute in the entire village. Pinki likes the idea. Komal has made examples for them. She tells the guys not to make the axe too sharp. The guys ask her how they will know whose symbol is whose. Shall we write names too? Komal doesn’t think it is necessary but Pinki insists. Komal gives in. She tells the guys to write Kailash Singh Ahlawat on the axe. The guys agree. she leaves as Lucky calls out to her. Pinki instructs the guys to keep the edge of axe sharp. They nod. Pinki thinks now just wait and watch. No idea will make you win in front of the sharp edge of axe now.


Badho Bahu 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : People tell Raghubir ji they aren’t too happy with the idea of his DIL wearing a saree and roaming in their village. Lucky questions him. If I do something then it will be called fashion but if a girl is trying to do something she is questioned. Why so?

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