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Badho Bahu 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 7th December 2017 Episode start with Komal is thinking about what Kamla ji, Pinki and those negative people on the Radio said to her. She stands up determined. Lucky comes there. Where has your smile disappeared today Show me my smile. She smiles for his sake. He knows she is still upset thinking that he and Babu ji had to leave wrestling because of her. It is a lie. Get this out of your head. Dint you hear how people spoke nicely about you. She points out that some people also spoke negatively about it. I became a reason for their embarrassment. They don’t want me to continue wresting. He tells her it doesn’t matter what people want. What you want is what really matters to us! Babu ji and I have worked really hard for you. I accepted this challenge so you could go back in the Akhada and practise.

If you will give up like this then what will happen to our dreams? Our dreams are pinned on you now. We are with you under any circumstance. I know you will win District Level Match if you will practise well. Last decision would be yours though. I will leave that on you. He leaves the room telling her to get ready. Women take time. She smiles. Jamuna ji comes to Komal’s room. Komal speaks of her health. Bhabhi was telling you aren’t keeping well and don’t take medicines on time. Jamuna ji tells her she also knows everything like Komal does. I know what dilemma you are in. The most important thing for a woman is her family. Because of your wrestling, so much mess has happened. I am afraid that it can affect your home and family. What if you forget your responsibilities in between all this? Lucky is a guy. He wouldn’t know of all this but you surely understand it right? Komal nods. Jamuna ji advises her to think through and then come to any decision. It should not affect your family in any way. Just make sure of this.

The celebrations are on in Ahlawat House. Kamla ji blesses Komal and Lucky. She hugs Komal and whispers in her ears. I have full faith in you. You will take the decision keeping your family in mind. Komal meets everyone else now. Loveena looks on. Vardaan looks at Pragya pointedly. She looks scared. Bharpayi is all smiles.

Kamla ji tells Komal she has ordered a cake for them. Both the couples cut their respective cakes together. Teji stands next to Pragya. He compliments her on her beauty. She does not react and notices Vardaan staring at her. Vardaan decides to put an end to whatever is going on here for once and all!

Vardaan is about to say something when Komal calls for everyone’s attention. Kamla ji tells her today is a really special day. You don’t have to worry. Say whatever is in your heart openly. Komal says you know I am undergoing training since some days. There was a big match with Babita ji where I lost. I was thinking a lot about continuing wrestling and was in a dilemma but I have made up my mind now. Balwinder, Pinki, Kamla ji smile. Komal announces that she will continue her wrestling. Everyone claps for her except Pinki, Kamla ji, balwinder and Jamuna ji! Kamla ji and Komal stare at each other. Komal adds that she will continue being trained by Loveena ji. I will win District Level Match! Lucky tells her she told him a really good news today. they share a side hug. Payal walks up to Komal. You gave a very good gift to everyone whereas you should be the one getting all the gifts. Komal thanks her back. I am so eager to be trained by Loveena ji. she looks at Loveena. Flashback shows Komal going to speak to Loveena once about her decision. She overhears Loveena and Balwinder talking. She happily tells him that Komal will never be able to realise that she lost because of poor training. I was scared once that Lucky or Raghubir ji will find out what I was up to but Komal is such a fool that she supported me instead. I also twisted things very nicely. This is how Badho was taken care of. Badho recalls what Babita had told her after the match. She stops hearing Balwinder’s voice. No one found out that we are together in this. You deserve the credit though as it is because of you only that the number 1 wrestler of this village and Raghubir ji had to part ways from the Akhada. See how my Rana will bring medal now. Badho is stunned to hear all this. Loveena agrees with him. She mimics Badho and they cheers.

Payal pulls Komal aside before she can mess up everything. Komal insists upon teaching her a lesson but Payal tells her to give them a fitting reply. You will either beat her or she will just be thrown out of the house. It wont do much harm. Komal vows to break Loveena’s face one day. Payal agrees. Flashback ends. Komal thanks Payal for supporting her.

Vardaan and Pragya are not looking at each other in the eye.

Kamla ji calls Pinki aside.

Vardaan looks at Kamla ji and Pinki.

Pinki asks her MIL what happened. It is such a special day for me and Rana ji but you aren’t leaving us today too! Kamla ji repeats Komal’s decision to her. We cannot sit peacefully now. Think of something asap.

Vardaan thinks how Komal took such a big decision of her life. I too should free myself from this fake relation. He walks towards Kamla ji

Jamuna ji thinks of Komal’s decision. Her vision blurs.

Vardaan walks up to kamla ji wanting to speak something urgent. Before he can speak, Jamuna ji falls down.


Badho Bahu 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Payal tells Komal her training can happen in Bakriawal. Komal vows to teach Loveena a lesson. She intentionally hits her while running and makes her do household chores with her. Payal is supporting her in this.

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