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Badho Bahu 7th February 2017 Written Update


Badho Bahu 7th February 2017 Written Update and Badho Bahu 7th February 2017 video watch online

Jamuna ji looks at the clock. It is so late. Vardaan still isn’t home. Payal says he will come. He isn’t a kid. Vardaan comes home with Teji, Pragya and Bharpayi. Vardaan shares that they all came to drop him off. They wanted to know about your health too. Jamuna ji asks Payal to bring tea and snacks for the kids. Payal complies. Teji talks sweetly to Jamuna ji. I have very good doctor friend in Mumbai. I will get your check-up done nicely. Jamuna ji asks Pragya if Vardaans colds her in class. She denies. Bharpayi praises Vardaan. Jamuna ji tells Pragya to tell her in case Vardaan troubles her. Payal brings tea and snacks for everyone. Teji takes everyone’s leave. Vardaan goes to drop them till door.

Rana paces worriedly in the drawing room. Pinki says Pragya and bharpayi. He says they dint come yet. See the time. Pragya and Bharpayi come just then. Rana asks them where they were. Do you know the time? Pragya is about to reply when Teji says they aren’t at fault. Vardaan had to reach home on time and he couldn’t find bus. We went to drop him off. She offered us tea and snacks. She said she will call as it is getting late. Dint she call? Rana scolds them for not calling instead. Pinki manages the situation. She takes Rana with him. Komal has heard everything. She asks about her mother. Take me with you next time when you will go there. I will also meet mother. Teji nods.

Komal goes to talk to Malti ji who keeps talking sweetly to her. Komal says since I came here, today has been the best day for me. You taught me how to cook, knit. I really loved it. Malti ji thinks it is right time. I should make use of this opportunity. Lucky stops by the door to listen to their conversation. Malti ji says honestly saying, today has been my best day too. You understood whatever I have told you today. I have another thing to say to you. I am sure you will understand that as well. Komal agrees to do anything if she will speak to her with love. Malti ji suggests Komal to stop wrestling. Komal thinks of Raghubir ji’s words (about her father’s dream; of this as a chance to make Lucky love her; and of Pinki’s encouraging words). Malti ji says don’t take me wrong. I mean to say that you get tired practising. You don’t have time to do the household chores. If you stay at home, we can do everything together. I will teach you whatever Lucky likes. Lucky hears their conversation. Malti ji asks Komal to do this for her and Lucky’s sake. What are you thinking? Raghubir ji comes there just then.

Kamla ji asks Pinki if she said something to komal. Pinki says I got Badho emotional today. She wont stop wrestling even if Babu ji asks her to. Kamla ji is impressed.

Raghubir ji gives new sports kit to Komal that will help her in practising. Malti ji shakes her head at Komal. Komal is in a fix. What have you gotten me into Lord? Should I wrestle or should I follow what Ma ji said? Kamla ji thinks to find out what’s happening inside. She walks inside. What’s going on? What’s in your hand? Raghubir ji says this is new sports kid for Komal. Kamla ji smiles at Komal. You are getting really lucky. Raghubir ji tells Komal this kit has everything she needs. Pinki and Kamla ji look anxiously. Komal keeps looking at her in-laws worriedly. Raghubir ji asks Lucky to take it. Malti ji thinks do what you want to. Ball is in your court. Either take the kit and go against me or make a smart decision by saying no. Komal takes the kit bag from Raghubir ji. Malti ji stares pointedly at her again. Raghubir ji advises Komal to sleep now. You have to get up early tomorrow. Get into a habit of waking up early. He leaves. Komal greets her MIL with folded hands but malti ji looks away. Lucky leaves too. Komal goes.

Kamla ji tells Malti ji to stay calm. Patience will yield good results. I am telling you. Do whatever you want to, to get it done but stay calm.

Komal prays in house temple. I got a sports kit. You know I followed my heart and took this decision. I know I have hurt Ma ji. You are the only one who understands me. Give me courage and strength to prove my decision right in future. My decision shouldn’t hurt anyone. I should leave now as I have to go for training too early morning. Pinki calls out to her. I have to say something to you but I don’t know how to say it. You are my best friend. I can be honest with you. Komal tells her to speak clearly. I am sleepy. I have training tomorrow morning. Pinki tells her about the party. Lucky’s special friend also came. He got a little drunk and got close to that girl! Pinki shows the recording to Komal. Komal tries leaving it in between but Pinki insists. They continue watching the video together. Pinki is shocked to see Lucky pushing Rasika away from him. Komal is touched by what all Lucky says while Pinki is stunned. Komal cries seeing the video. Sweet music plays in the background. Pinki says this is what I wanted to tell you. Your husband is a really nice guy. I recorded it for you but you dint want to see it. She takes her phone back. Komal smiles through her tears and thanks Lord. Pinki leaves from there. Lucky’s words echo in her head.

Badho Bahu 8th February 2017 Written Update Precap: 

Komal gets ready next morning. She is falls because of a pot which comes in her way. Her head gets caught in one of them as she falls over the cart. Lucky saves her in time. Komal hugs Lucky.

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