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Badho Bahu 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Pragya explains the concept of runaway bride to Bharpayi.

Teji comes to meet Vijay Singh and Pradhan Singh. He is shocked to see the guys from Mumbai (Bhatti). Bhatti confronts Teji. You must have enjoyed with my money, right?

Komal asks Lucky if he spoke to the lawyer. Lucky nods. Everything is in process. She asks about the guy’s name but Sangram Singh address the meeting. A girl, dressed as bride (Kusum Kasana), enters. Kamla ji and Malti ji discuss about Kusum. They think that this girl should jump in a well and die.

Sarpanch ji points out that Kusum eloped from her home to marry a guy she loved but the guy dint turn up. Her parents have disowned her and even said that she is dead for them. We have to decide as to what we should do for her or where she should live. Komal is unable to control her emotions. No parents can renounce their kids. I am sure they will come soon to take her back. Lucky advises her to be quiet. Kamla ji is irked that Badho cannot keep quiet. She will get us in trouble if she wont keep quiet. She warns Komal to keep quiet. Sangram Singh tells Badho that Kusum’s parents cannot take Kusum now even if they have a change of heart now. A runaway bride does not belong to anyone. Her fate is in the hands on Panchayat now. She will be punished for her misdeed.

Pradhan ji asks Bhatti as to what they should do to Teji. Teji lies to Bhatti that he came to Sirsa to arrange money for him. Bhatti tells him to go and bring it but Teji asks for more time. Bhatti gives him time to only bring the money. Go now or agree to what we want. Zalim Singh asks Teji if he has some love connection with Pragya. We have heard that her alliance has been fixed somewhere else? Pradhan ji advises Teji to help him marry Pragya. Bring her to Shiv Mandir early morning. We will arrange everything. Teji fumbles. Vijay Singh leaves him with only two choices – either marry Pragya (or die by their hands)!

People speak against Kusum. She does not deserve to live. She will be a bad influence for everyone. She should be given such a punishment which will give a lesson to everyone. Everyone agrees on that. Pinki asks Kamla ji if these people will kill Kusum in reality. Kamla ji replies that she is not sure but it seems so. Komal reasons that the girl isn’t at fault. She only fell in love and is getting punished like that! I fear she will be killed. Raghubir ji refuses to let such a decision happen in his house. Sangram Singh asks him to speak up. Speak your heart before everyone. Kailash ji lies to him that he is ok with whatever decision Panchayat will take. Komal feels Babu ji is thinking otherwise.

Sarpanch ji disagrees with the idea of killing Kusum. They all agree to throw her out of the village. Sangram ji asks him if he pitied the girl’s tears. Don’t forget that this will repeat if we let her go. Youngsters will repeat it. She should be punished severely! Throwing her out of the village wont be enough. Panch (5 leaders of the Panchayat) discuss the matter in lower tones. Pragya wonders about Teji’s whereabouts. He is temple when my life is already in such a mess!

Teji decides to save his life. I wont be able to escape these people but I will live if I marry Pragya. Survival is more important right now. He sits on the sofa and confidently tells Bhatti he wont get his money. Your (Pradhan’s) work will be done for sure. I am ready to marry Pragya. I will elope with her tomorrow and bring her to Shiv Mandir. I will marry her but you will give my money to Bhatti. Zalim Singh accepts the condition. They shake hands. Zalim Singh warns Teji not to even think of cheating him or he wont spare him. Teji laughs.

Panchayat announces that Kusum has broken; hurt the rules / norms of the society. We have to set an example for the society. Panchayat wants good for everyone. We are not that stone hearted. We want to give her a chance to make her life better. He asks Raghubir ji if he thought they will do something wrong with the girl. Raghubir ji thanks him for allowing Kusum a girl to change things for better. Sangram Singh tells him to wait to hear the decision. One, she will commit suicide before everyone on her own. Two, she will be married to the guy whom we will choose. An old man (Kishan Singh) enters. Everyone is shocked to see an old man walking inside. Kamla ji mumbles that such an oldie will marry now. Sangram Singh adds that Kishan’s wife died 15 years ago. He will marry Kusum but this wedding will happen only if she agrees. Raghubir ji calls it injustice. Komal seconds him. She raises her voice against this injustice. The girl is of his granddaughter’s age. How can you make her marry him? Everyone looks at her. Raghubir ji supports her. Think calmly Sangram Singh ji. She loved someone unconditionally but only got cheated in return. She was loyal towards her love, her promise. It isn’t her but that guy’s fault that he dint turn up! Who should be punished then?


Badho Bahu 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teji suggests Pragya to elope with him and then marry. In Panchayat, Raghubir ji raises an objection to the decision. Sangram Singh calls it a big insult to him. One of his guys hits Raghubir ji on his head.