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Badho Bahu 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 7th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Badho Bahu 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Recap :
Villagers talk that komal is defeating her husband. Pinki, her MIL and Komal MIL make faces. And rest praises. One of the villager make their video by hiding from them.
Raghuveer ji thinks that Lucky is known as Iron Fighter and can defeat Komal easily but he will not, as he want to save komal’s dignity and respect and prove villagers wrong.

Badho Bahu 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Start with Everyone waits for Komal to get up. Raghubir ji helps her stand. Raghubir ji announces Lucky the winner of the fight. My DIL have him a good competition. Everyone claps for them. Lucky and Komal take his blessings. They look at each other while doing so. Komal looks happily at him whereas he walks away from there upset. Raghubir ji nods at her.

Lucky angrily throws / breaks things in his room. Why did you come in my life! Someone (Pinki) peeks from outside. She looks scared seeing him this angry.

Kamla ji is upset that she lost once again. She turns and Pinki shouts in fear. Calm down. I got a new super duper idea. I just saw Lucky ji. He is so angry. He is not happy even when the whole thing turned out nice. Kamla ji doesn’t understand. Pinki says you only taught me to make use of

the opportunities. Kamla ji agrees with her. You tackle Badho while I will tackle Lucky. We will create a big blast! Pinki smiles.
Vardaan ends the class. It is Teji’s turn to tell which play he will make everyone act on. Teji chooses Romeo and Juliet. Pragya fails to even pronounce it. Teji explains that it is based on a love story. Vardaan says I too have read it but we can do a more social themed story for a place like Sirsa. Teji says this teaches love. There is no harm with that. BHarpayi says how many people will take part. Teji tells the characters. Bharpayi and Pragya wish to become Juliet. Vardaan says Teji will tell who will play which role. We have to focus on improving our English through this. Teji nods. Pragya vows to become Juliet. I can learn English later too.

Komal thanks Lord for saving her once again. I know you always help me in Lucky ji’s form. Thank you for making me marry a guy like hi. No one can get a better husband than him. I can do anything for him. I can even sacrifice my life for him. Pinki says why will you kill yourself.

Lucky’s room is in a mess. Kamla ji notices him lying on the sofa. She looks at the condition of the room and calls out to Rana (loud enough for Lucky to hear). Rana goes to his mother. She asks him how dare he say no to his Guru ji. Did I teach you this? he apologizes to her. She praises Lucky. He thinks of his family. he sacrificed his happiness for his father. Lucky comes out. Kamla ji continues to tell Rana to learn something from Lucky. He dint say anything against his father on any instance. His wife also wants to do something. He listens to her too. You dint learn anything from him? Rana offers to apologize to Raghubir ji right away. She says you always apologize. She goes to Lucky and praises him for what he did. I am proud of you. She leaves. Lucky and Rana look at each other.

Pinki says Lucky ji saved you and entire family today. Komal nods. I was telling the same to Lord. Pinki suggests her to thank the Lord who helped her. Komal gets confused. Pinki tells her to thank Lucky ji. Komal offers to talk to him later. He gets upset whenever I try to talk to him. Pinki insists to go right away. Komal agrees and heads to her room.

Rana walks up to his brother. Ma was saying. Lucky says I heard everything. Rana apologizes to him. It happened because of me. Lucky denies. you are not at fault. You were right at your place. Rana says Lucky he did what he should have done as an elder brother. Lucky says what the point of big or small is. I don’t even think what I am doing or what my place is! Ma was right. An eclipse has been cast on my happiness! I feel suffocated here. Let’s go out for some time. Rana agrees. They both go out. Komal keeps calling out to Lucky but he pays no heed to her.

Malti ji paces worriedly in her room. Raghubir ji comes. She notices him lost in his own thoughts. This is what I was worried about. This is what I was warning you about but you dint understand. You are broad minded but our society isn’t ready for that. I wasn’t creating a hindrance in your path but was trying to save my family from this only. Our family and Akhada got insulted so much today. It has never happened before. Our Akhada is a place of respect but everyone is mocking it today. People who couldn’t even look at us mocked us. Think again. The idea of Badho wrestling isn’t right. There is still time.

Lucky is drinking. Rana, Ajay and Jitesh are with him. Jitesh advises Lucky to eat something also. You will fall ill this way. He asks Rana to have a small peg today. Rana holds his ear. You are trying to make me drink? If you try this again then I will beat you such that your body will pain even at the thought of it! Jitesh says I was joking. You seem upset while Lucky Bhai is all quiet. Who should I say anything to? He gulps down a peg. A guy says Lucky Bhai is in pain. How will he say anything? He had to fight with his own wife. It was fun today. They are husband and wife but they gave equal fight to each other in Akhada. Imagine me to be Iron Man Lucky. Let’s have live telecast. Jitesh signals him to be quiet but in vain. The guy brings a sack calling her Badho. He enacts the fight. Lucky is simmering with anger. The guy says Lucky Bhai has to fight with women now. Lucky gets down, holds him by his collar and beats him. Rana pulls him away. Lucky vows not to spare Badho!


Badho Bahu Ladki 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal tells Lucky she felt a new power today because of him. Thanks a ton! Lucky says I am asking something for the first and last time from you today. Stop wrestling. Pack all your stuff and throw them in the well! Komal looks taken aback.

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