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Badho Bahu 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 7th November 2017 Episode start With Lucky is praying in house temple. It is the first test of mine and my Babu’s dreams today. I can take a step towards the Nationals when you will bless me. It will further take me to International Matches. Please manage my shoulder today. If I lose today then my Babu’s dream will fall apart. Please be with me for his sake.

The new wrestler (Balwinder) steps inside the Akhada.

Komal and Lucky meet outside. She wishes him good luck through gestures. He smiles sadly and then heads towards the Akhada while she heads inside.

Lucky rubs the dirt of the Akhada on his head as he steps inside. Sanjay says this is a qualifying round where we give scores to players on the basis of their techniques and movements. We check if they are up to National standards or not. Let’s start.

Kailash ji notices Randeep looking worried. Don’t worry. Your friend will win. I have full faith in him.

Komal is mumbling to herself. Lucky ji’s such a big match is going on and I am stuck here. Bharpayi tells her she has already taken out the quilts from everyone’s room except Jatta. Komal says why you worked so hard. I could have done everything. Give me few more tasks if this seems less! Bharpayi is taken aback. Why are you getting angry? Komal says I cannot even get upset now. She walks away.

Lucky and Balwinder start the fight. Everyone looks on anxiously. Randeep is impressed seeing Lucky playing with his other hand. His shoulder wound is safe. Hope he continues playing this way and wins! The match intensifies. Lucky manages to throw Manender on the ground. Everyone claps for him. Sanjay is observing everything and scoring their every move.

Payal calls someone by the name Chandu. Pinki Ahlawat would have given you ruder to make t -shirts. There was a mistake. It should be made for women and not men. You should also write – tod ke rakh dungi (I will break your bones)! Chandu agrees. Payal ends the call. Kamla ji and Pinki are thrilled to see their plan working.

Raghubir ji ask kailash ji with whom Lucky is fighting. Kailash ji expaains that ti is Balwinder. He is a National Champion. If Lucky wins today then he will be qualified for the finals. Raghubir ji gets tensed. Kailash ji suggests him to enjoy the game. Lucky is playing well.

Komal is irked that she has to stay inside and do work when Lucky’s match is going on. Teji hides his face noticing her in his room. Jitesh comes to call Komal outside. She asks him to take the quilts outside. Jitesh seeks help from a passerby to lift it but fails. Komal tells them to step aside but they manage to lift it (along with Teji).

Lucky is attacked on his same shoulder during the fight. Randeep and Raghubir ji panic. Lucky winces in pain. Balwinder says I told you I will defeat you in your very own Akhada! Lucky hopes Babu ji wont find the truth about his wound because of this match.

Komal makes Jitesh and Kamal keep the quilt outside and tells them to leave. Bharpayi gives a stick to Komal to beat the quilt. I have to keep an eye on you. Tai ji has specially instructed me to do so. Komal warns her. If you will speak so much then I will break your bones. She begins to hit the quilt frustrated. She is unable to see anything that’s happening in the Akhada. Wish I could see Lucky ji fighting too!

Lucky manages to throw Balwinder yet again.

Komal has no way to escape and is in pain. Pragya comes to his room but does not find see him anywhere. A few guys on bicycle tease a girl. They don’t react much. Kamla ji instigates them to do something. You were ready to support Badho till morning but you have nothing to say to those guys today! Look at Badho. Have you ever seen her accepting defeat? They agree. We should learn from Badho Didi. She says we shouldn’t be scared of anyone. Kamla ji adds that Komal also says she will break the bones. The girls say we have understood what we have to do. They leave. Pinki praises her MIL for her game plan. Kamla ji sends her to Badho. Pinki asks Badho to come with her. Komal is reluctant to leave but Pinki insists it is much more important than Lucky’s fight. She takes Komal with her. Teji immediately runs inside.

Pinki brings Komal to the house of Sita and Gita. They are not at home but their DIL’s are. Pinki suggests Komal to do something about their pain. Their husbands drink daily and then mess up everything at home. Tell them what they should do in this case? Komal says they should leave everything. The ladies are shocked. We should leave our husbands?

Lucky manages to have a upper hand in the fight. Randeep is seen praying for his friend. Lucky holds Balwinder from behind but Balwinder manages to grab him tightly. Raghubir ji hopes God help Lucky in winning Qualifier match.


Badho Bahu 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Celebrations are on in Ahlawat House. Ladies of village protest against Badho’s wrestling. Sangram Singh adds fuel to the fire. I believe Komal’s wrestling is the reason behind the girls of village protesting nowadays!

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