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Badho Bahu 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The fight begins. Flashback of a fight between young Rana and Lucky is shown. Raghubir ji praises both of them for fighting well. Always respect our Akhada and the teachings you get here. They were passed onto us by our ancestors. Always value it. Never undertake any wrong means to win the fight. They both promise him. Flashback ends as Raghubir ji is brought back to the reality with the sound of the whistle.

Everyone is excited to witness the match. Both participants are giving a tough time to each other.

Komal reaches the temple. She tells Som she will undertake the rest of the journey herself. He insists upon accompanying her as it is really difficult. People say that one should climb the stairs bare foot in one go. The diya should not blow off. Komal tells him she never falls weak. She lights the diya. He asks her to drink water but she denies. I would drink it only when I am back. She starts her journey.

Payal and Pragya look at each other. Payal thinks Teji’s lover is back in my home. I cannot sit peacefully. I wont spare Rinki! Rinki comes just then. She is surprised to see Pragya. She leans closer to whisper in her ears. How did you return? Pragya agrees to tell her later. Badho Bhabhi ruined everything. Did you give that letter? Rinki lies to her. It got spoiled as water fell on her. Pragya is relieved. Jamuna ji asks them what they are talking about. Pragya lies that she was telling her about pagphere ritual. Jamuna ji asks Pragya and Vardaan to come inside with her. She leaves Rinki with Payal.

Rana and Lucky continue their fight. On the other hand, Komal also continues heading towards the temple. Lucky manages to gain a point over Rana by throwing him on the ground. Mali ji smiles proudly at Kamla ji. Lucky wins 2 points.

Rinki advises Payal to either burn or throw away the letter somewhere. No one should find it. Payal refuses to do it. My work is still incomplete. Rinki reasons that she did what all she could do. It was Badho who ruined the plan. You dint delete the video and now you are refusing to even burn the letter now! Payal insists she dint do whatever she was asked to. Rinki knows she is upset as Pragya is back in the house. I am leaving for now but destroy both the proofs or it wont be good for you. Payal tells her to leave.

Malti ji and Bharpayi give water to Lucky. Kamla ji and Pinki rush to Rana’s side. Kamla ji repeats to him that he must win the remaining two rounds. Malti ji tells Lucky to play well. Lucky looks around but does not see Badho. Don’t know where she went to! Pinki tells Rana to focus to find out which shoulder of Lucky is sprained. I don’t know it but you can surely find out. He stares at her. She goes mum. He wont listen to me and Ma ji wont spare me if he loses this time. Do something Lord!

Kamla ji asks Raghubir ji to also guide his disciples how to fight. My son is also your disciple. Guide him please. Malti ji says what you are saying. You are seeing guidance for your son? She asks her husband if he wont guide their son. Raghubir ji knows they both fight in different ways. I wont say anything to them for the very same reason. I will let them win at their own!

Komal keeps climbing the stairs, all the while making sure that the diya does not blow off. A lady advises her to have some rest, drink water and then resume the journey but Komal politely refuses her. This isn’t fake or any rumour. I have to ask for a mannat. I will drink water only when I do that. Jai Mata Di! She walks ahead ignoring the pain in her legs.

Second round of wrestling starts. Rana thinks of Pinki’s words.

Komal is not in any mood to stop.

Rana targets Lucky’s wound by applying pressure on it. Komal gets hurt in her feet at the very moment. She takes out the glass shred from her feet. Lord please protect Lucky ji. Hope nothing goes wrong.


Badho Bahu 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal continues her journey upstairs despite all the problems that come in her way. Rana recalls his mother’s warning words and notices her holding Pinki threateningly. Rana worries for her and throws Lucky on the ground in one swift motion. Lucky shouts in pain as he gets hurt badly. Ahlawat Family is taken aback.

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