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Badho Bahu 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Pinki joins Rana. Lucky and Komal are already there. Pinki tells Rana to copy her. We have to match our steps. He is having difficulty doing it. Komal and Lucky watch them intently. Komal suggests some steps to Lucky but ends up tripping. He scolds her that she knows nothing. He teaches her steps. She is unable to catch up. He refuses to teach her but she requests him. Komal watches carefully. He tells her to stop swaying to the sides. You have to go in front. She falls in his arms as she stumbles. She ends up laughing as she was feeling ticklish. Rana smiles seeing them thus. He asks Pinki to teach her close dance. He pulls her in his arms. Komal says this is the same that we did just now. We will surely win this way. Pinki frees herself. She tells him not to use his brains. Let me teach. He nods smiling.

They practise again. Komal asks Lucky to teach her again. They fight sweetly again. Rana hides his laugh. We will win if they will keep practising this way. She tells him to focus. Kamla ji and Malti ji watch the couples from far. Kamla ji praises her son-DIL before Malti. They dance so well while your son-DIL cannot even match their steps. We will see what will happen to them in the competition.

Payal meets her mother in Sirsa. I am feeling so free today. Plus, that Pragya is right there in my house! Her mother tells her to let bygones be bygones. Payal denies. I will unite Pragya with Teji and send her away with Rinki’s help. Her mother asks her about it. Payal relates how Rinki refused to help Pragya. I will have to think of something. She hears a random guy talking to a girl named Rinki. I have kept gifts for you near the tree. Take it from there. I cannot give them to you in person. Payal and her mother watch Rinki coming there to pick them. Payal realises from where Rinki got all the gifts.

Bharpayi gives Rakhi to Lucky. Pragya Didi sent it for you. He is thrilled to hold it. Komal adds that Vardaan brought it here. She asks Bharpayi to tie it to Lucky. Bharpayi happily complies. Lucky is touched to see another side of Badho. No one knows when you will do what. You have given me peace by bringing this Rakhi today. Bharpayi leaves. Komal tells Lucky that Pragya needs his love and support. He nods. My love and support is with her always.

Raghubir ji asks everyone to get ready. We have to invite everyone for elections. Malti ji nods. Lucky tells his mother that Komal will go with him this time. She is taken aback. Lucky says she has modern outlook. She took wrestling upon his askance and she is the perfect example of his modern ideals. They will listen to her certainly. Plus, she has also made preps for Babu ji’s elections. Kamla ji is pleased. Malti is hurt too much by her son’s words. Raghubir ji asks his wife to stay back at home. Someone has to stay here also. Kamla ji agrees. Malti ji agrees to stay back. She tells Komal to change her attire atleast. You might fall this way and we will be in trouble. Komal says I have to wear it as per Bua’s request. What can I do? Malti ji says I see you have been listening to her more than me. She will leave the house after marriage. You will be left with me only. Raghubir ji tells her to stop scolding komal now. Let her do her karma. You do your karma. They all leave.

Rinki is waiting for someone in a secluded spot. Payal taps at her shoulder. Rinki’s smile disappears. Payal asks her who she is waiting for – your husband or your lover who you have come to meet in Sirsa? Rinki declines but Payal threatens her. I clicked a photo too. Shall I send it to your MIL? Rinki requests her not to do so. I will do anything you say. Payal tells her to instigate Pragya to run away from her home to Teji. Rinki says this is too big. Why are you asking me this? Payal says it is only her who can make Pragya do this. Don’t do if you don’t wish to. I will simply call your MIL. Rinki gives in.

Ahlawat Family is out in the village meeting everyone. Komal is having trouble with her saree. Kamla ji reprimands her to be careful. We will lose our dignity this way. Kailash ji notices a DIL giving tea to her in-laws with her face covered with her dupatta. Kamla ji advises him to target them. They seem traditional. They go in that direction while Raghubir ji and Komal go in another direction.

The old guy is shocked to see Komal involved in this work. Plus, what is she wearing? Kamla ji nods. They are of modern outlook. That DIL (Komal) will be back in her regular clothes in a few days though. Don’t worry about that.

A lady asks Komal about her saree. Komal looks at her nervously. Kamla ji and everyone else walks up to where Raghubir ji and Komal are. Lucky also joins them. Kamla ji scolds Komal before everyone.

That lady’s husband tells Raghubir ji that they respect his modern thinking but isn’t it too much to get your DIL out in open like this. I request you to take care of the society a bit. Lucky goes aside to attend Bua’s call. He fumbles. She tells him he made a mistake by taking Badho there. People must be gossiping or mocking her. Someone would even question her character. It would have been better if someone would have spoken in her favour too. She would be only made fun of. He disconnects the phone. She is glad that she taught him the second lesson of love too (of supporting each other). I hope he understood.

The old guy also tells Raghubir the same. But we are happy as Raghubir ji is involved in this. He always does everything correct. Lucky seconds him. Why such questions don’t arise in regards to my dressing sense? If I do something then it will be called fashion but if a girl is trying to do adjust herself to the changing situation then she is questioned. Why is it so? I don’t want to hurt anyone. I only want you to see the other perspective.


Badho Bahu 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pinki ji and Kamla ji plan to not let the diya’s be distributed in evening. Pinki stealthily breaks all the diyas.

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