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Badho Bahu 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Komal And Payal Pair Up Against Loveena!


Badho Bahu 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 8th December 2017 Episode start with Doc tells everyone not to worry. She is just stressed and tired. She will have to stop working and must take rest. She needs to rest very much. Komal assures him she will take care of her mother very well. Doc gives them a prescription. Lucky goes to see off Doctor. Komal tells her mother to take good care of herself. Malti ji also advises Jamuna ji to stay with them only. We will take care of you. Jamuna ji insists upon going to her home. I will become fine then. Komal offers to go with her. Pinki asks her who will work if she will go to Bakriawal. You will only rest there after all. Kamla ji calls her mad. Jamuna ji is in such a bad condition. Badho can manage both the houses. She will keep coming here to help us as well. Payal wonders what Kamla ji is up to. She next asks Komal to come with them.

Ma ji never listens to me. She will atleast listen to you. Pragya also offers to go with them. You are my MIL. I can do my duty as your DIL. Vardaan tells her against it. He offers to go with them but Payal tells him against it. Kamla ji asks her why she is telling Vardaan to stay back in Sirsa. Payal reasons that she and Komal will take care of Ma ji. Why should we let the work suffer here? Pragya should also stay back. Malti ji says it is final that Komal and Payal will go with Jamuna Bhabhi.

Payal notices Badho lost in thoughts. Komal shares that she is very much worried for mother. Payal calls them a weird set of people. You both keep worrying about each other. Think of someone else too sometimes. Komal knows she is upset because of her decision. I dint even tell her that I am doing it for Lucky ji and Babu ji’s sake. I don’t know if I will be able to wrestle. Even my training wasn’t right. Payal tells her not to think negative. I thought well before saying yes to you coming to Bakriawal. Your training cannot happen here nicely but it can happen in Bakriawal. I will also go with you. I will look after Ma ji while you can practise. Komal hugs her. Payal smiles. Will you practise on me now? Komal decides to get the right training stealthily and will later teach a lesson to Loveena ji. Payal is impressed to see her training working on her.

Pinki asks her MIL why she allowed Komal to go to Bakriawal. I sometimes wonder if you are on my side or her. Kamla ji points out to her that she is on her side. I am not on your side. You don’t understand anything till I put it down in clear words. Badho will wake up in the morning, do her training, finish all the chores and then go to Bakriawal to look after her mother. She will be tired by then and wont give up on her own then! She can neither refuse her mother nor me. She will end up giving up on wrestling. Pinki nods.

Next morning, Komal and Loveena are jogging. Komal cannot stop thinking about the conversation that she overheard between Loveena and Balwinder. Loveena sees her distracted and asks her to come fast. Komal agrees. She starts running really fast. She intentionally hits Loveena while running because of which Loveena falls down. She also gets a sprain in her leg. Komal acts all innocent and twists her leg on the pretext of helping her.

Pinki notices all the utensils that Kamla ji has kept out. Kamla ji wants Komal not to go Bakriawal on time. Komal and Loveena enter just then. Kamla ji asks her to clean all the utensils. Komal points out that it is her training time. I cannot say no to you though. You can give me any task and I will do it. Dint you see how Loveena ji made me do that grain sack task so quickly? She will surely help me. Payal seconds her. Kamla ji gives them a list of work to do. Payal and Komal don’t let Loveena say anything. They drag her along and make her do every small or big task with them. Golmaal song plays in the background. Komal signals Payal when Loveena sits down tired. Payal asks her to make butter. Loveena says she does not know it but they offer to teach her how to do it. Loveena looks exhausted. Payal says seems like the training time is over. She advises Komal to get ready to leave for Bakriawal. She makes Loveena assist her in keeping the things at place. Kamla ji and Pinki look on from a distance. Kamla ji is irked that Komal and Payal are too clever. They got Loveena on their side. I wont let it happen next time.

Lucky offers to go to Bakriawal with Komal. Aren’t you happy? She denies. I was thinking about Babu ji. You know he is hiding it but he must be still thinking about Akhada. If you will stay away from him in this situation then it can be a problem for him. he agrees. You take care of Ma while I will be with Babu ji. He goes to keep her bag in the car.

Komal tells her mother to lie down and rest. Bhabhi and I will manage everything. Jamuna ji makes her sit down next to her. Do you really want to continue wrestling for yourself or did you take this decision for Raghubir ji and Lucky ji? Komal smiles. I know what you think about me wrestling. You think it will break my family but trust me, it will only return happiness in my family. don’t worry. Payal shouts after Badho. Will you only rest or help me? Komal goes to help her. Jamuna ji is still worried.

Raghubir ji is staring at his Akhada. Malti ji looks at him. Kamla ji asks her what she is doing here. Malti ji tells her she cannot see her husband like this. Akhada is his life. He is heartbroken since he had to leave it. I don’t know how to explain to him. I somehow feel like pushing Akhada out of his eyes. He will neither see Akhada nor get upset. Till the time he will continue to see it he wont be at peace. We will have to start afresh. Kamla ji acts to comfort her. She also gets another idea from Malti ji’s words. It will be fun!


Badho Bahu 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kailash ji asks Rana why he wants to train in Stadium when they have an Akhada right in their home. Balwinder gives some random reason. Kamla ji strikes a deal with someone and sells the Akhada to them stealthily. Kailash ji enters just then.

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