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Badho Bahu 8th February 2017 Written Update


Badho Bahu 8th February 2017 Written Update and Badho Bahu 8th February 2017 video watch online

Komal comes to her room. She keeps thinking about the video. Sweet background music plays. Lucky enters. She looks at him emotionally. He asks her why she is looking at him like this. She shakes her head and gives him his clothes. He is puzzled seeing her like this and goes to change. Komal is sitting on the bed. Lucky lies down on his side. Komal eyes him lovingly and fails in holding back her tears (of happiness).

Next morning, everyone is practising. Komal joins them. Raghubir ji tells her to wear whatever is in her kit. Can I wear these shoes? Raghubir ji nods. Keep Lucky’s old shoes aside. Komal blows the dirt away before keeping Lucky’s shoes aside safely. Lucky watches her all along. Komal wears headband after covering her face with a veil. Malti ji and Kamla ji peek down from the window. Komal gets ready. Kamla ji remarks that your DIL has gone after you only. You don’t understand when I tell you something. Same is with Komal. Malti ji says sometimes even the teacher can be wrong. Kamla ji asks her if you mean I am wrong. Malti ji says I mean maybe I dint do it right. Nothing is working on this fattie. She is very stubborn. Kamla ji advises her to move ahead slowly. You cannot win just like that. Think about a plan for today.

Teji joins everyone for practise. Raghubir ji tells him to value everyone else’s time atleast. Everyone has been waiting for you since long. What punishment should we give to him? Teji agrees to come on time tomorrow. Raghubir ji tells him to massage fighters for an hour. You wont move from your place till it is done. This is how you will realise the value of time. They start exercise.

Malti ji asks Kamla ji to suggest. Kamla ji says make Komal realise her real worth. Give her such a thing in exchange because of which she will give up wrestling. She will then bend down before you. Remind her of all the favours you have done on her till date. She will never be able to look up or go against you. What will you give to her that will make her agree to whatever you say? Malti ji gets thinking.

Sun rises in the sky. Everyone starts running around the village. People stare at Badho in confusion.

Milk spills as Pinki gets busy with her phone. Kamla ji comes there. She scolds Pinki for doing the work carefully. Malti will play a new game today. Be prepared. Badho is not so easy to tame. Keep your mind open. Become Badho’s shadow. Keep a tab on her every second. Turn her back in towards wrestling if she thinks to quit it ever. If she leaves that then I wont spare you. Pinki assures her she wont let it happen. Kamla ji warns her again. Do what I have told you to otherwise you will meet the same fate like spilled milk. I am going out. Pinki prays to Lord to help her. I will be dead if Badho quits wrestling.

A guy pulls his friend. His friend complains that he was watching a nice dream. why did you wake me up this early? His friend says I told you I will show you a heavy, jumping road roller. His friend refuses to buy it. They see a cart full of pots. One of the guys point at the bunch of people running (Lucky and friends). They watch it. The other friend’s eyes open wide seeing Koma. They decide to record it. Komal stumbles in her step as one of the pot falls down. She falls over the cart. Her head gets caught in one of them as she falls over the cart. Those guys continue recording everything happily.

Rana stops running. I don’t see Komal anywhere. Hope she is fine. Lucky says she might have gotten tired and returned home. Rana worries for Komal and so does Ajay, Jitesh and Teji. They decide to look for her. Lucky is irked as this way they will lose more time.

Komal struggles with the pot. She collides with people because of the same. She even scares the guys unintentionally who are busy making her video. Lucky and gang reaches just then. Teji smiles seeing Komal thus whereas Rana is super tensed. Lucky breaks the pot saving her in time. Komal hugs Lucky. Music plays in background.

Badho Bahu 9th February 2017 Written Update Precap: Malti ji gives something to Jamuna ji. Jamuna ji calls Komal. Your MIL and Kamla ji came here a while ago. She tells something to Komal in mute. Lucky gets upset. How did someone make it just like that? Why laugh at someone when they are working hard and trying to learn something? Komal hears it and feels happy.

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