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Badho Bahu 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Villagers Punish Kamla, Pinki And Sangram Singh!


Badho Bahu 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 8th January 2018 Episode Start With People insist that kamla ji should be punished. Why are you forgiving the culprits? It should happen so they wont repeat it in future. Kailash ji also tells his brother to think one more time. They do deserve punishment. They don’t deserve forgiveness. Raghubir ji stays put on his decision. Who can take guarantee of anyone in today’s age? I always had a doubt on Sangram Singh but I dint know he will stoop so low. There are some limits of politics but he broke all the limits. Your punishment is to stay in this very village and change your orthodox thinking! It is dangerous for the village and entire world! He walks up to Kamla ji with folded hands. You are like my mother.

I have followed all that you said till date. You broke my heart. You could have just said it to me once. I would have gotten you everything. I don’t know what you intentions were behind all that you did! Our family is very small and everyone is number 1. Everyone is equal and has a special role and place in our lives. I am ready to pardon you for everything only if you promise to do penitence with a pure heart. she nods. Raghubir ji says this is enough. Komal seconds him. They have accepted their mistake. If everyone will do it now then it will be fine! Rana looks teary eyed. Lucky shakes his head at Komal.

Panch’s accept Raghubir ji’s decision. We want to warn all three of them to get back on the track. They ask Kamla ji to give any explanation if she wishes to. She accepts her mistakes. I am ready to follow the punishment given by Raghubir ji. Panch’s and all the villagers take leave. Kailash ji goes to see off everyone.

Ladies taunt Kamla ji and Pinki. They did so much yet they dint get punished! Kamla ji says I apologized and folded hands before everyone. What else should I do? They advise them to do 100 sit-ups. Kamla ji starts right away thereby forcing Pinki to start too. Payal smiles seeing them thus. The ladies fall down by the time they complete 100 sit-ups. Ladies leave. Payal enjoys seeing them in pain.

Raghubir ji sits next to Malti ji. You are crying? She calls it tears of happiness. They are flowing on their own. I have understood it today that I am incomplete without you!

Malti ji does her husband’s aarti. He stops her. You wouldn’t have done God’s aarti in a day like this? She calls him her God. You are no less than a God as you have such nice outlook. Someone else welcomed you so it is my turn now. She ties a black thread on him which will keep all the evil eyes off them.

Kamla ji and Pinki are in pain. Sangram Singh calls Kamla ji. He is thrilled that Raghubir ji forgave all of them. We got saved. She tells him not to be too happy. Those who do evil don’t get anything good in return. We are in pain right now. Sangram Singh says no one could say anything before Raghubir! Who can harm me here? No one is strong enough. Someone covers him with a blanked and beats him with sticks. Kamla ji deduces that he got beaten by people.

Komal and Lucky come to their parents too. Lucky says there is still something left to do. Komal adds that they go everything except Akhada. We will have to get it back. Lucky nods. We have to get it back at any cost. Malti ji seconds him. I brought the second thread for our Akhada. We will get it back, do the puja and keep this there so no one can cast an evil eye on us. Raghubir ji is pleased to see their enthusiasm. We will get it back now. Komal happily nods. We will! They hear some commotion outside and go to check.

People are protesting against Kamla ji and Pinki. Raghubir ji requests everyone to calm down. What happened? Ex-Sarpanch ji shares that they are from the trader’s community. They have come to know what Kamla ji did. They believe that the culprits should be punished and not them. Some people even beat Sangram Singh! Kailash ji asks them what their fault is. We will lose our shops because of Kamla ji and Pinki! Lucky tries to calm them but in vain. They take it against them again.

Teji is about to step outside but stops noticing Vardaan. Vardaan tells him to look carefully what happens when 2 people make a mistake. What will happen when Sirsa will find out that a married girl has fallen for some visitor? Teji leaves citing an excuse.

Raghubir ji tells everyone he can understand their problem. I will ask my brother to give you double amount than what you paid for. We will also get you new plot. Will this be ok? They agree that money will make up for it. We set our business here with great difficulty. What if we will fail at a new place? A lady says you are not at fault. It is these women who don’t know what we go through. They will understand our problem if they will take our place for a day! Komal suggests letting Kamla ji and Pinki do their work for a day. They will then realise how hard you work. They will do their penitence this way and they will also understand how you earn. Ex-Sarpanch ji applauds her idea and so do other people. Pinki is asked to work at a Paan Shop while Kamla ji will work in Parlour. They will have to work and earn as much as we daily earn. Pinki makes fuss about it. They question her on it. Kailash ji also supports the idea. Kamla ji gives in. Raghubir ji does not find it is right that Pinki will sit in a Paan Shop. Payal agrees to become her bodyguard. I will see who will trouble her then. She thinks I wont spare her so no one else will get a chance. Kamla ji is told to open parlour in her home as her shop’s fan is not working. Payal agrees to organize it in Kamla ji’s room. Kailash ji decides that their earnings and refund will be given to the shop owners. Everyone disperses. Komal is excited.


Badho Bahu 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal says we will break these shops. They are no ordinary shops. Komal and Lucky break them. Komal brings that dirt back in Akhada which she had vowed to bring back one day.

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