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Badho Bahu 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Raghubir ji advsies Panchayat to give Kusum another chance to live once again. Would you have punished her the same way if it was your daughter in her place? Sangram Singh angrily tells him to be quiet. Panchayat is happening in your house but it doesn’t mean we will listen to whatever you will say. It is disrespect to Panchayat by speaking against it. Raghubir ji reasons that he never had such intentions. I would have presented the same views even if this Panchayat was taking place somewhere else. You all are here in my house as guests. I have nothing against you but against the decision which is surely wrong. Sangram Singh pays no heed to his words. He asks Kusum if she accepts this decision. Kusum is about to reply when Komal tells her to stop. Malti ji tells her to be quiet but Komal says I am not just supporting Babu ji but I am speaking because of the upbringing given to me by my father. It is wrong to let injustice happen and it is all the more wrong to see injustice happening before your own eyes. Raghubir ji raises an objection to the decision. Sangram Singh calls it a big insult to him. His guys try to hurt Raghubir ji when Lucky and Rana step forward. They push the guys away.

Lucky suggests Sangram Singh to keep his goons in check. It wont be right if we use hands. Rana too tells him to handle the matter peacefully or it wont be right for him and his goons. Kailash ji tells his brother not to intervene in someone else’s matters. The issue has escalated so much. Don’t say anything now. Let them do what they want to. Kamla ji seconds him. Pragya’s wedding is also due. Hope we aren’t thrown out of the society if we get into this mess. Which family will marry with her then? Komal tries to object but Malti ji scolds her to be quiet.

Kailash ji explains to his brother that they are helpless in this matter. Let’s not get in trouble for no reason. Raghubir ji justifies that they have to take the chance to calm the situation once and for all or it can affect them in future. Daughter is daughter be it anyone’s. Ahlawat ji nods. We have to follow the societal norms though or we wont be able to survive. We cannot go against the society. Raghubir ji asks him if he is talking about this society which is willing to marry a young girl to a 70 year old guy.

Raghubir ji turns to Kishan Singh. You are also responsible for this decision. This wouldn’t have happened if you had refused to marry a 20 year old. Is this any match? What happiness will you give to her? Think about it. Lucky stands in his support of his father followed by Komal. Malti ji gets irked hearing her voice again.

Pragya excuses herself to go meet Teji.

Kailash ji says all the previous decisions for our good. I am sure this too will have some hidden good. Give it up now. Malti ji and Kamla ji too tell Raghubir ji the same which upsets / hurts him. Sanragm Singh reminds him that Kailash ji is his elder brother. Give some respect to him. He taunts Kailash ji for giving too much importance to his younger brother. You explained so nicely to him but he clearly told you that he is the one who rules this house. Malti ji is taken aback whereas Kamla ji gets upset. Komal understands that Sangram is trying to divide the brothers.

Pragya tells Teji about the issue that Panchayat is dealing. Did you speak to Bhabhi? Teji blames Vardaan for filling her sister’s ears against me. She warned me to stay away from you or your brothers wont spare me. Did you speak to Lucky Bhai? Pragya tells him everything. Teji says your brother has left us hanging in the air. Now we only have one option – to elope with him and then marry!

Lucky tells his father not to take Sangram Singh’s words to his heart. He is speaking whatever is coming to his mind. Sangram Singh speaks well about Rana. He isn’t interfering between elders. He knows the rules and laws of society. This is what happens when younger brother succeeds the elder brother. Kailash ji’s family seems taken aback by Sangram Singh’s words. Sangram Singh adds fuel to the fire once again. Kailash ji, your brother takes the decisions of your house. Kamla ji is pleased that things will work out in her favour now. I will be number 1 soon. Sangram Singh asks Kailash ji if he will accept his daughter if she becomes a runaway bride tomorrow. Will you stand by her side? Don’t take me wrong. It is about the society. Kusum will have to set an example. She must be punished! Komal calls it injustice but Sangram Singh warns her to be quiet. We listened to everything you said because of Kailash ji. We saw how well-mannered your daughters and sons are. Keep this DIL in your control or she will malign your name once and for all.

Pragya looks at Teji’s extended hand. what are you saying? He says you always asked me if I love you or not; if I will marry you or not. You always complained that I never gave you an answer. I am telling you that I love you and want to marry you. No one here will support us. What should I do? Your alliance has been fixed. What will I do if you are married off? I will have no one then. I will kill myself in that situation. Is that what you want? She shakes her head. He asks her to hold her hand then. Will you hold my hand and run with me? She asks him what if he will leave her alone. He walks closer. If I had to run then I would have done that long ago. I wouldn’t have waited till now. He acts hurt to gain her sympathy. This is how much you trust me? I am ready to put my life at stake by asking you to run with me and you are still thinking? Pragya makes up her mind to marry him.

Kusum requests everyone to be quiet. She asks Komal not to fight for her anymore. It was entirely my fault. I accept it. Even my real parents’ dint do what you have done for me by going against the entire village. I don’t want your name to be maligned. It was my mistake. I trusted a stranger. I request you not to stretch this forward. I have no objection in marrying Kishan ji.


Badho Bahu 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamla ji shares that engagement will happen at 8 am tomorrow morning. Pragya and Teji decide to get married before that time in Shiv Mandir. Pragya gives a bag full of her jewellery and wedding attire to Teji. Take it with you safely. He nods. They are shocked to see Badho there.