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Badho Bahu 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bua tells Komal and Lucky they will have to appoint a choreographer. She explains the concept of choreographer to Komal. I am the only choreographer in Ahlawat Family. I will teach you dance. Komal gets excited. Bua thinks I will also teach both of you the lesson of love. That is when a new chapter will start in your life.

Kamla ji is irked. Everything is going wrong. This way Raghubir will win the elections. Pinki shows her the axes with her FIL’s name and the diya. I got them for evening meeting. Kamla ji says you will have to do something. Raghubir’s diya should not be distributed in the evening. If I see a diya in anyone’s hand then I wont spare you. Pinki takes guarantee she wont let the diya’s reach anyone. Kamla ji angrily throws it on the floor thereby breaking it.

Chotto Bua plays music and tells Lucky and Komal to follows her steps. Pinki compliments her. You are training them on dance. Komal asks her if she is feeling bad that Bua is helping them. Pinki denies. I very well know that you and Lucky ji cannot dance well. You have to take someone’s help. Why should I feel bad if Bua will help you? Why do you call this competition? This is a family function. Komal agrees with her.

Kamla ji calls someone and tells that person she is looking forward to his support. Please join us.

The guys bring sack full of axes and diya’s to Ahlawat House. Komal requests Pinki to get it in the store room. Pinki readily agrees. You should focus on practising. Bua tells Pinki to get everything inside carefully. Diya’s will break if they are not kept correctly. Pinki nods. She instructs the guys to follow her.

Bharpayi brings milk for Som. He says I agree I like it but I don’t drink it in every 2 hours. What is it? Bharpayi apologizes to him for speaking rudely. I came to apologize. He tells her to go ahead. She says sorry but he tells her he wont forgive her like this. Say it in English. She keeps the tray aside and apologizes to him in English. He praises her English. Why don’t you continue studying? She leaves from there sadly without giving him any answer.

Bua resumes training Komal and Lucky. Lucky remarks that she cannot handle her saree. Komal assures him she will manage it. Bua tells them to come closer for the dance. They do so. Komal is all smiles and does her steps correctly. Bua thinks this wont work. I will have to find some other idea to bring them closer.

Pinki comes to store room stealthily. She checks the sacks and finds the one she was looking for. If I don’t break the diyas then Ma ji will cut me in pieces and put me in the same sack. Should I break it one by one? It will be too time consuming. I will throw the sack at once with force. They will all break in one go. She is unable to lift it though. I will throw this sack of axes and throw it atop this sack. My work will be done this way. That one is also heavy. Wish I knew wrestling / weight lifting. It would have helped me right now.

Bua teaches them the next step. She makes Lucky put his arm around Komal’s waist. He refuses but she doesn’t give up. She next tells them to look at each other and come closer. Komal is also hesitant. Lucky finally does as told. They hold each other’s hand and Komal keeps her other hand on Lucky’s shoulder (ball dance). They stare into each other’s eyes. She instructs them to practise slow dance.

Pinki tries lifting the sack of axes once again but in vain. She finally uses an old jug to break the diyas. Someone has recorded it. Pinki says I will now see how Badho will make her Babu ji win.

Lucky and Komal dance romantically on a romantic song (Sun Sathiya). Bua claps for them when they do it nicely. Continue the practise. Komal says I agree we must practise to win and we will. Lucky seconds her. Bua leaves. Komal and Lucky leave hands immediately.


Badho Bahu 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bua tells Lucky to tie the thread of Komal’s blouse. He panics. Sangram Singh vouches for Kailash ji. Komal comes to the store room and finds the diyas broken.