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Badho Bahu 9th February 2017 Written Update


Badho Bahu 9th February 2017 Written Update and Badho Bahu 9th February 2017 video watch online

Lucky pushes Komal away. You want to practise more? Go home now. He turns and tells his brother he is taking Komal home. Rana smiles. The boys resume running. Komal apologizes to Lucky. They head home together.

Payal helps Lattu get ready. He asks for school fees. She thinks that Ma ji spent money in her check-up in Delhi. I will have to extract money from her. She tells Lattu to tell her Master he wont come to school from tomorrow. He asks her why he wont go to school. She acts before him. We are not that financially fit to send you to school. Your father will teach you from now on. Jamuna ji asks her what she is teaching to Lattu. Payal acts before her. We don’t have enough money or resources now. So much money was spent in Delhi recently. We cannot afford it. Lattu too would want to be with you. Lattu hugs his Dadi. I don’t want you to go anywhere. Jamuna ji gives him fees and some extra money for chocolate.

Lucky reaches home with Komal. Raghubir ji notices her condition. What happened? Lucky blames him for it all. Raghubir ji asks him to say it clearly. What happened? Lucky relates everything. We will always be watching her if she will run like this. Raghubir ji asks Komal if she got hurt. She says a little. He sends her inside to rest. She apologizes to Lucky again before going in. Raghubir ji says this wont work. Something needs to be done. Lucky tells him to do whatever he has to but she will lift her veil only when Ma will say. Raghubir ji prays to Lord to show him some way. This veil is to be lifted or it will get dangerous for Komal. This is a serious matter.

Malti ji and Kamla ji come to meet Jamuna ji. They ask about her health. Jamuna ji says I am well thanks to everyone’s good wishes. They all sit down and chat. Malti ji and Kamla ji have brought lots of things for Jamuna ji. Payal gets happy seeing so many things. Jamuna ji says I am perfectly fine now. Kamla ji says you may be but these things will only make you healthier. Why don’t you happily accept it? Jamuna ji replies that she doesn’t like accepting so many things. You very sweetly send us something or other daily. I too have to think about society. She asks Payal to make tea and snacks but Kamla ji tells her to let it be. We had everything. Malti ji speaks about the hurried trip to Delhi for Jamuna ji’s treatment. She offers an envelope to Jamuna ji who politely refuses it. I can accept everything but money. It is enough that you thought about my treatment. I respect your feelings but I cannot accept money. Malti ji politely insists. It is our duty to help you too as we are one family now. I am sure you will be ahead us when some problem will come on us. Please accept it. Jamuna ji is in a fix.

Teji is doing massage of Rana. Lucky, Ajay and Jitesh are next in line. Lucky teases Teji. Rana asks Teji to massage like real men. You are acting like women. Ajay says Teji will massage 4 wrestlers for 4 hours because of sleeping for 15 extra minutes. pragya and Bharpayi see them. Jitesh advises Teji to open a massage thing here if his acting wont work in Mumbai. Rana asks the girls why they are standing here. Pragya says we had to go to coaching. Can Teji ji drop us if he is done? Rana asks them if all drivers are dead. We pay them. Take one and go. Why are you after Teji daily? Teji signals them to go. The girls leave. Rana tells Teji to stick to wrestling or he wont be left fit enough to do anything else. Teji nods and resumes his work.

Ajay receives a MMS. Jitesh and Ajay see the video and then show to everyone. Teji smiles seeing it. Ajay says seems like it spread everywhere. Jitesh says maybe someone recorded it when Bhabhi was running. They circulated it then. Lucky gets upset. How can someone make it just like that? Why laugh at someone when they are working hard and trying to learn something? Komal hears it and is touched. He tells Ajay to delete it. I wont spare you if you laugh again. He complies. Komal asks about Malti ji and Kamla ji from Lucky. Rana says she went to market for some urgent work. Call her if you have some urgent work. She agrees.

Payal says I am sure this is no less than 10k. She calms down. I know how much you care about us and are always by our side in time of problem. We are one family now. There is only space for love. She tells her MIL that they shouldn’t break the hearts of loved ones. Malti ji smiles. She seconds Payal. Keep it inside. Payal takes money and goes inside. Kamla ji says this is our love. She signals Malti ji to get up. Malti ji takes leave from Jamuna ji. Both ladies look at Jamuna ji before leaving. Jamuna ji looks very much tensed.

Komal gets call from her mother. Jamuna ji tells her everything. Komal is pleasantly surprised.

Malti ji and Kamla ji return home. Malti ji hopes something happens now. We did so much. Kamla ji tells her to wait. This will surely change things. Be alert. Speak to people after thinking well. Pinki offers to bring tea for them. Kamla ji nods. Get a nice one. Malti ji asks her Bhabhi what they will do. Kamla ji goes quiet seeing Komal. Komal is all emotional. Malti ji asks Komal why she is crying. Pinki hopes Malti ji dint weigh Komal down under something which she cannot escape. Komal agrees to do whatever she (Malti ji) will say now. Ma called me and told me you went to meet her. Malti ji says she is your mother. I just went to see her. I dint do anything special. Komal denies. thanks wont be enough for what you did. Lucky is surprised to see his mother wiping Komal’s tears. Malti ji sees him standing there.

Badho Bahu 10th February 2017 Written Update Precap : Malti ji gives jewellery to Komal. Wear it in puja. Lucky asks his mother how she will stop Komal from wrestling this way. Malti ji says this isn’t jewellery but my favours. They will weigh her down so much that she wont be able to go against my wish. If she wears all this in evening then it means she will do anything that we say. Lucky finds Komal wearing all the jewellery that his mother had given to Komal. This means that Komal will give u wrestling!

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