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Badho Bahu 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Badho Bahu 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Raghubir ji wakes Komal sweetly. She asks about the time. He tells her it is 4 am. She says I dint realise when I fell asleep. He says I know why you are here till now. You want to stop wrestling, right? She looks at him in shock. How do you know? Kamla ji sees them talking and stops. He says I read your eyes. You are thinking of quitting. Am I right? She nods. He explains that a time comes in everyone’s life when he either goes up or down. It keeps happening. Downhill road is very troublesome. Your mind gets distracted and disturbed. You feel everything that you are doing is wrong and the world is mocking you. If you listen to me then that is the time when we give our best. We will surely succeed then. Such time came in mine, your father’s Rana’s and Lucky’s life when they too thought of doing anything else but wrestle. She says it isn’t the case with me. he requests her to speak up. She politely denies. Kamla ji thinks that this matter wont be hidden for too long. This is the right time. She goes.

Raghubir ji asks Komal if someone said anything to her. did Malti say something? Komal shakes her head. he suggests her to tell him thinking him to be his friend. Kamla ji brings Lucky there. They both hear the convo from a distance. Raghubir ji makes Komal talk. She confesses that Lucky does not want her to continue wrestling. He asks her to say whatever he did. She shares what Lucky wants. He offers to talk to Lucky but she requests him against it. I am badly stuck. I want to respect his words and don’t even want to hurt you. Kamla ji fills Lucky’s ears against Komal. She is filling your father’s ears against you. She is complaining. He nods. I can see what she is doing. Raghubir ji says I understand your dilemma. Only you can take this decision. No one else can help you in this. You should be happy and at peace with whatever you decide. Think with a calm head and decide. There is no rush. She says she doesn’t have the strength to say no to him. Rahgubir ji reminds her that she took the decision of fighting before family and she will have to take the decision to quit before everyone too. My heart says nothing can stop you if you are destined to continue wrestling. We will see what God wants. Don’t worry. Take your time to decide. Lucky looks angry. Malti ji smiles. There will be a blast today.

Raghubir ji and Ahlawat ji are with Sarpanch ji. Raghubir ji wants to talk about Holi. Sarpanch ji hesitates. Holi wont be organized at your house this time. Some Panch people are very upset. They are not happy with you encouraging your DIL for the Dangal. They want the occasion to begin from School’s ground this time. I apologize to you but you know I am not involved in this. Raghubir ji says I know it. Society always opposes any new outlook. I knew already that Panch wont support us. Let them organize Holi there. Maybe their anger will be wiped away with Holi water. Sarpanch ji is relieved.

Pinki tells her MIL something in her ears. Kamla ji smiles. See what I do now. Bharpayi gives some clothes to Pinki. She leaves. Kamla ji asks Bharpayi to bring all ladies and sends Pragya to call her father. she next tells something to Malti ji in her ears. Malti ji lets go of the rope of the well. Badho spoke against Lucky to Raghubir ji? Kamla ji tells her to be careful. Your DIL couldn’t create a rift between you and your husband. Now she is trying to create a rift between father and son. My DIL can never do this. Malti ji refuses to let Badho do anything like this. I will cut her wings.

Lucky and Rana are practising. Lucky is still distracted. Raghubir ji asks him what happened. Where are you lost? Lucky and Rana resume the practise but Lucky fails to concentrate. Rana easily throws him down on the ground. Teji and Jitesh look on in surprise. Raghubir ji says this isn’t how you wrestle. You are fighting here but the mind is somewhere else. It cannot happen this way! Bharpayi tells them that Tai ji is calling them near the well. Raghubir ji goes. Rana tells Lucky it happens. Why are we being called near the well though?

Lattu is adding sugar to his milk. Jamuna ji holds his hand. He asks her if she also wont let him add sugar like mother. She smiles. You are doing it with such a small spoon. Use a bigger one. Lattu adds sugar in the milk. Payal asks Lattu if he is having milk again. Who adds sugar with such a big spoon? She complains to her MIL that she tries to take care of her kids while she is spoiling her son. Lattu complains that she dint let her Bua eat well and neither does she give enough food to Dadi. Payal is about to shout on him but Jamuna ji stops her. Kids have a pure heart. They say only what they observe and believe in. Payal gives up and leaves.

Rana asks about Komal. She dint come for practise today. Is everything fine? Lucky tells him to let it be. She is mad and has made everyone mad too. Rana asks him why he was so distracted today. He blames Komal for the same. rana suggests him to tell Komal that he doesn’t like it. Lucky replies that he has told her many times but she will only do what she wants. Rana drops the topic.

Raghubir ji asks Kamla ji why she called everyone here. She is about to reply when they all see Komal coming there with a bag in her hand. Raghubir ji asks her what she is doing with her kit. She shares that she decided to wrestle with Babu ji’s wish a few days ago. I dint want to hurt anyone with my decision. I have taken a decision considering what happened recently


Badho Bahu 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Someone hugs Lucky. Kamla ji tells Malti ji she could have called this girl in Lucky’s wedding then this wouldn’t have happened. Malti ji agrees. The girl (maybe Lucky’s sister) gives some chores to Komal. She is shocked to see her sitting her Malti ji. I will show her her place. Lucky stops her. She isn’t the maid of the house. She is the younger DIL of the house. The girl decides to set things right.


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