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Badho Bahu 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kamla ji and Kailash ji are with Raghubir ji (still unconscious). Kailash ji has sent police to find the goons who have hurt his brother. I wont spare those who have done this to him! He goes out. Kamla ji smiles seeing Raghubir ji’s condition but acts to be pained when she notices Lucky coming in. Lucky sits by his father’s side. Komal comes there as well. Lucky warns her not to step inside the room. Seeing her still standing there, he folds his hands begging her to go. She leaves from there sadly.

Payal notices her MIL and Vardaan packing their stuff. Jamuna ji tells her to pack her bags too. we have to go back to Bakriawal. Payal says how we can go there. Vardaan says goons wont be still there after what they did. We too shouldn’t stay here after what happened to Raghubir Babu ji. Payal does not understand why they should leave. Jamuna ji points out that they wont be able to forget it ever. We must leave before anything else goes wrong. Payal says Lattu’s school is here. My husband’s job is also here. Jamuna ji asks her if they aren’t ashamed to stay here by destroying her daughter’s life. Shankar seconds Payal for which he is scolded by his mother. She asks them if they will come with her or not. Payal leaves it on her to do what she feels is right. I feel bad for what happened with Raghubir Babu ji but it dint happen completely because of me. It wont do any good to anyone if we leave. Vardaan stops his mother from reacting. Jamuna ji leaves home with Vardaan leaving Payal and Shankar behind.

Lucky and Rana are sure Pradhan and Zalim Singh are behind it. Police will do their job but I wont leave that Pradhan alive after what he did to Babu ji. Rana agrees to help him search Pradhan. Lucky tells him to stay at home. I will take Jitesh, Deepak and some other men. Rana nods. Don’t let him go. Lucky vows to kill Pradhan.

Komal prays to Lord to make her Babu ji fine. She cries thinking of the trust he always showed in her. Give me all the pain that he is going through. Just keep him healthy and happy. Kamla ji says there is no point asking God. You have to do what’s to be done now. Komal turns to go. Kamla ji thinks to make use of this opportunity. She calls out to Komal. You must be pained as your mother left. I and Raghubir ji respect each other a lot. I couldn’t see him all bleeding and spoke rudely. I apologize to you. You must have felt bad. Komal denies. It was your right to scold me. It was my mistake. Kamla ji says your mother did the right thing. We wanted your family to stay with us but we have to abide by the societal norms too. We cannot stop people from gossiping if your mother will come here frequently. Your mother wouldn’t have understood this if this had not happened. Do you want her to be insulted daily or live happily in her home in Bakriawal? Think about it.

Rana is talking to commissioner. Commissioner isn’t helpful. Rana decides to talk to CM to find out what can be done. Lucky comes home empty handed. Jitesh shares that Pradhan ran away before they reached there. Lucky is upset. I will find him from any corner of the world. He hurt the one who taught me everything. I will finish him! Rana tells him to calm down. Pradhan is like a snake. Wait for him to come out of his hiding place. Babu ji needs you right now. Don’t be angry for his sake. Lucky nods and goes inside.

Komal is looking at the showpiece given to her by her father. Everything changes all of a sudden. Lucky ji is also worried. It wouldn’t have happened if I had not said anything to Babu ji. She notices Lucky at the door and goes to bring milk for him. Lucky keeps recalling the moment Deepak had brought his wounded father inside; of Komal telling him what happened exactly. He breaks the showpiece angrily. Komal sees it too. Lucky heads out of the room without saying anything to her. Teary eyed Komal collects the broken pieces of the showpiece. She recalls the time when her father had gifted it to her. She tries to piece it back together but fails. She breaks down.

Next morning, Lattu is excited to meet his Bua. He has also made a card. Shankar asks Payal where she is sending Lattu to. Payal calls him her peace messenger. Lattu ends up sharing he is going to Ahlawat House. Shankar scolds Payal for using kids like this. Payal tells him not to speak to her like this before kids. She sends Lattu outside and then turns to her husband. This is the way to make things work between both the families. Shankar gives up on her ideas. She sends him to office without lunch so he would know how hard it is to cook something (like amend relations).

Raghubir ji asks Kamla ji if she spoke to Malti ji. Kamla ji nods. She said she will stay for a little more time. I dint tell her anything though as she would have gotten tense. Raghubir ji nods. Komal sets breakfast. She asks Raghubir ji how he is feeling. Raghubir ji replies he is fine. She offers him tea but Lucky takes the cup from her and gives to his father. Raghubir ji notices what just happened.


Badho Bahu 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A guy comes to invite Ahlawat Boys in the fair. Kamla ji says it would be difficult for Rana to come. The guy says I was talking about Iron Man of Haryana. Kamla ji’s face turns red with anger. Lattu comes and wishes Komal Happy Birthday. Komal seeks blessings of Raghubir ji. Lucky is about to wish her when Kamla ji cuts him off mid sentence.

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