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Badho Bahu 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Badho Bahu 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Badho Bahu 9th November 2017 Episode start With Lucky says there must be a reason behind the girls beating their husbands. Sangram Singh refuses to hear it. Badho Bahu’s decision of taking up wrestling is the reason behind it! Kamla ji asks Sarpanch ji (her husband) if anything is left to see. These women are all under Badho’s influence. Badho’s Bhabhi is also involved in this. Payal hides her t-shirt but in vain. Kamla ji adds that this way all the women of the village will send their husbands to hospital. Komal tries to explain but Sangram Singh speaks ill of Komal. Lucky warns him not to cross his limits. Raghubir ji stops him from speaking badly to Sangram Singh. Komal asks for a chance to give explanation. Kamla ji does not let her. Sarpanch ji believed that no one will be in any problem because of Badho’s wrestling.

You have so many proofs before you today! I request you to stop Komal from wrestling so everyone can live peacefully in the village. Raghubir ji refuses to accept it. You cannot prove my daughter a culprit because of what someone else did! Kailash ji says there is nothing left to say or hear. As a Sarpanch, I must make a tough decision considering all the facts that are present before me. Komal will neither be able to enter Ahlawat Akhada or wrestle there. Malti ji says I understand Badho might have been wrong but I apologize to everyone on her and our family’s behalf.

I am ready to pay the damage that they have borne but please don’t say so. Komal insists she dint do anything wrong but Malti ji tells her to be quiet. She again requests Kailash ji not to stop Komal from wrestling. Kailash ji tells her she does not have to say anything further. Komal Singh Ahlawat wont be able to wrestle in Ahlawat Akhada anymore. This is my last decision! He walks away. Kamla ji, Pinki and Sangram Singh are pleased. Komal leaves from there. Lucky stares at Sangram Singh pointedly. Payal also seems upset.

Raghubir ji is pacing worriedly in his room. Lucky requests him to talk to Tau ji not to stop Komal’s wrestling. His decision isn’t wrong. Whatever has happened had happened. You did whatever you could. Don’t take it to your heart but I am still not in agreement with this decision. I will take a stand against it. Kailash ji smiles at them as he enters in the room.

Komal is crying in her room. Malti ji comforts her. Komal says maybe I am not destined for it. I try every time but some or another hurdle comes up. I have to return this track suit to you. I am sorry that I couldn’t manage to keep it. Malti ji tells her to keep it. Will we stop going ahead because of the obstacles that will come in our way? You know how women are pulled behind in our society? You have to set an example for everyone. You shouldn’t give up so easily. We are all with you. There must be a way out. Komal asks her who will help them now.

Kailash ji tells his brother he knows and understands the reason begind his anger. Forgive me for taking this decision. Raghubir ji tells him never to apologize to him. Kailash ji explains that he took that decision not as a brother but as the Sarpanch of the village. Lucky asks him if he expects them to fake to be happy. We will do as you say. Kailash ji says explains that I only said that Komal cannot wrestle in Ahlawat Akhada. I dint say it even once that Komal cannot wrestle at all! Raghubir ji and Lucky are pleasantly surprised to hear it. Payal hears everything from outside. Raghubir ji says we are simple people. We have problem understanding diplomatic words. Lucky hugs him. Kailash ji advises him not to mention it before anyone else. Payal is glad to know Komal can continue wrestling. I will do anything but I will make her practise at any cost. I must find a new Akhada for her!

Pragya is making turmeric milk for Teji. Vardaan comes to talk to her about her and Jatta. Ma was upset that day to see you dancing with Jatta ji. I want you to be little careful while doing any video or shooting. We are just guests here. I am standing as a shield between you and everyone else here. I only want you to be a little more careful with whatever you do. She nods.

Lucky wakes up Komal. Get ready and come out asap. She tells him to let her sleep. I am not wrestling anymore. He tells her to stop talking rubbish. Get ready in 5 minutes and come outside. Babu ji is waiting for you. She sits up in surprise.

Kamla ji shouts for Komal. Payal comes there. Kamla ji calls Komal lazy. Komal escaped household chores earlier because of her practise but she has no such excuse today! Bharpayi comes to tell Kamla ji that Komal left with Raghubir ji and Lucky. Kamla ji vows to teach Badho a lesson once she is back. Bharpayi offers to do the work but Kamla ji chooses Payal for it. Payal says I am a guest. Kamla ji calls her a family member. What’s the harm in working in your own house? The house must be sparkling clean.

Raghubir ji requests a guy to allow him to train his DIL in his Akhada. The guy knows it well what happened in their village yesterday. Entire village protested against it but you still dint stop. Your brother spoke against it yesterday! Raghubir ji repeats his brother’s words. He said Komal can stop wrestling only in Ahlawat Akhada. It doesn’t mean she cannot wrestle anywhere else. Our Akhada’s have long history. Komal is my daughter. Just allow her to practise in here. The guy refuses to let a girl step in his Akhada. A woman looks best in veil and not Akhada. I cannot believe that you brought her here in a track suit! It is impossible for a woman to step foot in my Akhada!

Payal is stuck with all the work. I came to end Kamla ji and Pinki from conspiring against Badho but they have got me busy in household chores. She is cleaning a drawer when a photo drops. She gets an idea. I found the perfect Akhada for Badho!

A mother passing by from Komal warns her daughter not to even look at someone like Badho or she too will become like her. Komal and Lucky feel bad. They approach many Akhadas but they all refuse to let Komal wrestle there. One guy even scolds Komal for roaming with her FIL without veil. Raghubir ji points out that that is her uniform for wrestling. The guy tells him to do as he pleases. We wont allow it here though!


Badho Bahu 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghubir ji tells Malti ji that no Akhada agreed to this idea. Komal requests Raghubir ji not to try anymore. I cannot see you and Lucky ji getting more insulted.

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