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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 13th February 2017 Watch Online Episode on

The Episode starts with Mathew seeing Rajjo and Shaan talking. Rajjo tells Shaan that Surili asked her to make gulab jamuns as Mathew liked it very much. Shaan says it is Gulab Jamun. Mathew thinks I thought Rajni is planning against me, but she is making gulab jamuns here. He feels pain seeing red color and thinks he has to do something of his weakness else Rajni will win. He goes. Shaan asks Rajjo and go and get ready. Rajni comes wearing Burqa and tells Shaan that he is rolling gulaab jamun wrong. He asks her to cover her face and come to lab, else Surili will fry them. Rajni says I am trying to save family from a humanoid…self created robot whose power capacity is unlimited. Your family is in danger, I have to save them. . Shaan says he is a human and I saw him behaving like human.

He asks can you prove that Mathew is a robot. Rajni says yes, and tells that Mathew avoids red color as he loses his physical and mental balance. Shaan is surprised. Rajni says I have to save your family. Shaan thinks to switch her off else she will ruin Shaguta’s engagement. He switches her off.

Shaguta wears the dress blue and holds the red dress in her hand. She says it is loud. Surili asks her not to worry as Maggie and Sharmila wear loud. Shaguta laughs. Mathew comes there and closes his eyes seeing red. He informs Surili and Shaguta that it is a custom in his family not to wear or have any red color near them during engagement or marriage. He says red color is danger and inauspicious for us. Surili says okay, I will dispose all red things and will follow the ritual. She tells Shaguta that they have to dispose all these things and go out of house. Surili tells Shaguta that she heard for the first time about such rituals. Shaguta says he is different. Mathew looks at them as they throw the clothes in the trash bin and lights them on fire once they leave. Rajjo thinks Shaguta is strange to ask her to dispose all red clothes. Mathew comes there and gives her electric shock. Rajjo faints and falls down. Mathew thinks now bahu rani’s circuits must be corrupted and her power sources might have ended, now she can’t save Kant family from me being a super woman. He takes Rajjo to lab and asks Kant family to get ready to welcome their Jamai well.

During engagement, Shaan thinks to check if Rajni was saying right and thinks to use kumkum. He tells Surili that he will do tilak and goes near Mathew. Mathew says it is enough of drama and gives electric shocks to Surili and pushes Shaan.. Surili faints. Everyone is shocked. Mathew tells Shaguta that she told truth that he is different from others, as he is a humanoid. Shaguta says humanoid. Mathew asks her to ask Shaan about it, and says now I will kill everyone…and laughs. Everyone is shocked.

All Kant family are tied and seated on floor, including Dev. Mathew says I shall start killing with whom??He says he will start with Amrish and Surili. They are all shocked. Shaan prays Rajni shall come. Rajjo gains consciousness and thinks Mathew is dangerous and thinks to inform Shaguta. She finds the door locked and opens cupboard thinking it to be door. She finds Rajni there and gets surprised. She tries to switched her on, and asks her to wake up. Rajni switches on and asks Rajjo to come, and says she will go and save her family being Adarsh bahu. Mathew tells Kant family that he will show them his biggest power and shows current coming from him. Rajni comes there. Mathew is shocked and asks what you are doing here? He says Adarsh bahu is showing her values and showed how much she loves her family, says I will cry. He attacks her with current. Rajni moves. Rajjo gets current and she faints. Shaan asks Rajni to throw kumkum on Mathew. Rajni throws kumkum on Mathew. Mathew feels pain and runs out of home. He vanishes.

Shaan thanks Rajni for saving them. Rajni asks him to thank Rajjo and says she brought me here. Shaan asks where is she? Rajni says she is unconscious because of shock. They reach lab. Shaan tells Rajni that Rajjo’s pulse is dropped. Rajni says she will help now. Shaan asks her to give her high voltage shock and revive her. Rajni gives her shock and revives her. Rajjo gets back to live and thanks Rajni. Rajni asks Rajjo to thank Shaan as he is her creator. She says you keeps him happy, the truth is that Shaan likes you. A robot is seen coming to Kant house and finds Rajni. He says hello to Rajni and says he came to take her from Planet Robo. Rajni says I am not permitted to go from here as my family is here. Robot tells her that they need her, and says if you stay here then you will be a burden on the family. Rajni says okay, and says she will seek her creator Shaan’s permission. She finds Shaan there and asks him if she can go with the robot.

Shaan permits her. Then it shows that he is actually robot who changed his face as Shaan. Rajni goes to Rajjo and asks her to listen to her carefully..She says I am going to give you an important responsibility. Rajjo asks what? RAM says responsibility. Rajni says I am giving you RAM and Shaan’s responsibility. RAM asks why you are giving my responsibility to her. Rajni says you need human’s love and care which I can’t give. Rajjo says why you are giving this responsibility to me and where you are going? Rajni says she is going to Robo Planet as super robot came to take her. RAM stops her and cries. Rajni says bye and goes out. Rajni comes out and tells Shaan that she is ready to go. Shaan asks where? Rajni says you gave me permission. Shaan asks when? Super robot tells that he came to take Rajni to his planet and tells that she is misfit in this world and family. Shaan says Rajni will hear my command now as I am her creator. Super Robot says she can’t accept your command as she has promised me, and will do as I say. She have revived Rajjo and disturbed the natural system. Amrish comes out and is shocked, asks Shaan if she is a robot? He says Surili said right.

Rajni says I am going to Robot planet for forever and there will be a peace in the house. Shaan says no. Amrish cries and tells that she is my bahu, and says she might be your invention, but she means a lot to me. RAM comes and says MOBO…you can’t go. Super Robot asks Rajni to come to her new house. Rajni says bye…..Super Robot takes Rajni with him….Shaan gets sad. RAM cries. Amrish says she was far better than a human and taught us humanity. Shaan finds the device of super robot and thinks they can call Rajni back with that device. Amrish says we have to call her. Rajni and super robot vanish in air. Shaan, Amrish and RAM looks on hopeful and sad.

It seems show ended.

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