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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Surili talking to her baba, the crow and tells that she came to know that Rajni is a robot and also recalled knowing her truth 5 years back. She says Shaan added some features in her to make her look normal. She says nobody is believing her and asks Baba to help her expose Rajni. Rajni comes back home and sees garbage on floor. She picks it up and thinks it needs to be in trash, to clean the home and country. Rajjo sees her brothers and hides. Dev and Shaan blame each other for failing to agree Rajjo. Rajjo comes back and tells that she will help them. Shaan and Dev thanks her. Dev says it is not easy to become Rajni, as she is different and precious. He says I will tell you everything about her. He asks her to keep hands straight and walks with straight head.Rajjo tries to walk like Rajni. Dev asks her to say command accepted. Rajjo says command accepted ji. Rajjo tries to learn Rajni.

Shaan thinks Rajni is really different, even her GPS is off, don’t know where she is lost. Surili is still talking to baba and says give me proof that she is not a human, but a machine. Rajni comes and says hello mummy ji and baba. Surili says I thought Shaan will not let you meet me as I came to know you are a robot. Rajni says it is a top secret and I can’t speak about it. She is about to go. Surili thinks she must be having a button to switch off her, and touches her. Rajni asks what you are doing? Surili says I am expressing my love. Rajni says even I will express my love and touches her. Surili tries to stop her and holds her hand. Rajni freezes. Surili goes to call Amrish. Rajjo’s brother comes back and kidnap Rajni. They take her away. Surili brings Amrish and tells Rajni was here.

Rajjo comes with Shaan and Dev. Amrish says she is here. Surili holds Rajjo’s hand and tries to freeze her. Rajjo tells that her nerve is alright. Shaguta thinks Surili is getting mad. Amrish takes her inside. Surili tries to prove her act. Rajjo asks Shaan and Dev if they like her acting. Dev says Rajjo’s entry is helping them and says where is Rajni but. Shaan says Surili will believe now that Rajni is a human and says she will come after 24 hours. Rajjo thinks their Rajni shall not be found by her brothers. Rajjo’s brothers bring Rajni home. Her bhabhi says now they will get her marry old man and get money. Rajjo’s mum tells that God will never forgive her. She touches her hand. Rajni is switched on and tells her number. Her bhabhi is surprised. Rajni asks from where did I come here? Bhabhi says this house is your destiny. She asks her to make food. Rajjo’s mum cry and asks for forgiveness. Rajni asks her not to cry and asks her to have strength and face troubles. Rajjo’s mum says they have tortured you a lot. Rajni says one shall not bear torture.

Bhabhi comes and tries to slap Rajni thinking her to be Rajjo. Rajni holds her hand. Rajjo’s brothers come and try to beat Rajni. Rajni beats them. Brothers and bhabhi ask for forgiveness. Rajni asks them to apologize to their mum. They apologize to her and faint. Rajjo’s mum asks her to go and says I will get them arrested. Rajni says I have to go as my get lost command will be done in sometime. She asks her to remember that if she bears trouble than it she is equally wrong.

Everyone call Rajni while sitting on breakfast table. Shaan thinks God please handle. Rajjo brings tea and says good morning. She gives tea to Amrish. Gyan says breakfast. Rajjo says I will bring, but will tell a joke first. She tells once an elephant fall in love with an ant and ant’s family refused and said that groom’s teeth is very long. Everyone laughs. Shaan thinks Rajjo is over acting. Rajjo asks him to laugh and says it is good for health. Shaan looks at Rajjo and thinks Rajni never laughed like this, her laugh is so beautiful. Bolna Song plays…………Rajjo goes to bring breakfast. Shaan says I will come and help you. Amrish and Gyan smile.

Surili asks Shaguta to believe her and says you are my daughter. She says Rajni is a robot. Sharmila says I am confused. Surili says I am not expecting you to believe. Shaguta believes her and says we need a concrete proof. Surili thanks her and says I think I have to find some other way to prove that Rajni is a robot.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Surili comes to Rajjo and asks her to make 500 laddoos. Rajjo tries to make laddos. Surili is confused and thinks she is not making it fast. She sees Rajni there and looks back at Rajjo. She is shocked to see both Rajni and Rajjo.

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