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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Pappu asking Rajni if she will feel bad if he calls her bitiya. Rajni says I don’t have that feature to feel bad. Pappu says you have done so much for me, and I will not forget your favors, any human can’t do this in this kalyug. Rajni says I am not human, but a robot. Pappu says you are still in your character even now and gives her 20 Lakhs rupees cheque for her and Kant family. He thanks her and leaves. Rajni says him bye.

After 3 months, Shaguta is talking to Gyan on phone and tells Surili that Maggie and Gyan reached Chandigarh and will return after 1-2 weeks. Sharmila says I hope they come back after 2-3 years. They watch news on TV. Reporters says that Bhojpuri film Bahu Hamari Rajnikant baa is a super hit in Chandigarh and UP and have broken all records, and the film heroine is superhit. Surili says now she will tell about me. Reporter says other characters are not good, the actor who is playing Rajni’s mum in law is nominated for worst actor award. She says Rajni’s mind blowing actor might fetch her national award. Surili says national award and gets upset. Dhyan says you are also nominated as worst actor naa. Sharmila says it is a bad news. Door bell rings. Surili opens the door and asks media to take her interview.

Surili, Sharmila and Shaguta ask reporter to take their interview. Reporter asks them to move to side and says they came to take Rajni’s interview. Reporter asks Rajni who has inspired her to write script and act in the film. Rajni says from my family. Amrish and others are happy. Reporter asks if they are same like they are in the film. He says viewers haven’t liked this villainous act. Surili is irked. Shaguta says Rajni is making us insulted. Surili asks them to leave now. Reporter asks why you are getting upset, and says if you had done good acting then we would have taken your interview. Surili asks them to get out and tells Rajni if it was her plan to insult them. Rajni says no.

Reporter asks Rajni how she managed to act like a robot so well? Rajni says I am a ro…..Shaan stops her and says she wants to say that she is a good actress and got in to the skin of the character. He says madam needs to sleep now. Rajni says command accepted. Reporter says she is even now in the character. They leave. In the lab, Rajni is cleaning the things. RAM comes and asks why she is always busy in work. Rajni says I have no work to do. RAM asks what to do now, my home work is done. Rajni says I am free, I can play with you. RAM thinks and says I didn’t sit on a cradle since many days and asks her to make clothes cradle here. Rajni says okay.

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