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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Dev telling Shaan that this is all temporary solution and says we have to find permanent solution. Shaan says we shall get ideas from Rajni’s logic board. Dev says he sent Rajni to wear saree as Rajjo. Rajjo comes wearing saree. Shaan and Dev thinks Rajni came. Rajjo asks if Rajni came and you didn’t tell me anything. Shaan says it was Dev’s idea not to inform you. Rajjo says she is Rajni and did best acting as Rajjo. Dev asks what is the proof? Rajni says you have badmouthed about my husband and slaps Dev. Dev says she is Rajni. Rajjo comes and tells that she wants to tell something to him which Surili told her. She sees Rajni and thinks about Shaguta’s words that a devil took her avatar in the house. She says this is a devil and is about to throw water on Rajni, but Dev stops her and says this is your mirror image. Shaan asks Rajni to act like Rajjo’s and stand behind the mirror frame. Rajni stands behind the mirror frame. Rajjo says she is feeling like fainting. Shaan asks her to see.

Rajjo checks doing strange things and says I accept that this is a mirror. Shaan asks what is the matter of Devil and water. Rajjo tells what Surili and Shaguta told her. Shaan asks her not to worry and says sometimes Surili does strange things. Rajjo goes. Shaan tells that Surili is using Rajjo against Rajni. Dev asks Rajni to come and says he will use Surili’s plan against her. Rajni says okay Dev. Dev gives script to Rajni and asks her to tell it in Shaan’s voice. Rajni says okay. They see Shaguta and start acting. Dev says how does Shaguta came to know about the ghost who looks like Rajni. Rajni in Shaan’s voice tells that they have kept it as a secret since long, but now Surili and Shaguta came to know about Rajni’s ghost who have extended her hand and Surili saw her. He asks Rajni to go and tell that Shaguta will come behind me now. Rajni goes.

Shaguta comes to Dev and asks him to tell what he was talking? Dev asks her not to tell anyone and says this is a top secret. He says it was 16 years long story, and tells that Rajni’s twin sister Ghajni used to wear same clothes and had taken pinky promise that they will never separate, one day Ghajni got ill and died even though Doctor tried to save her. Shaguta says oh No….Dev says Ghajni remembered her pinky promise and stayed with Rajni as her reflection. He says that’s why we brought Rajni here from Ghajni. He says whoever tries to trouble Rajni, Ghajni troubles them. Rajni comes there in ghost avatar and accuses Shaguta for trying to separate her from Rajni. She says we will play child game. Shaguta gets scared and runs. Rajjo sees Rajni and runs to Shaan and hugs him. Shaan thinks even Rajjo saw Rajni in devilish avatar. Rajjo says I am very scared. Shaan says I will sleep with you.

Shaguta comes to Surili and tells that the robot is actually Rajni’s sister Ghajni’s ghost. Surili is shocked. Shaan asks Rajjo not to worry and says I am with you. Rajjo says I felt good hearing this. Shaan says I am here, sleep now. Inna Sona Rab Ne Banaya…..plays……Shaan admires sleeping Rajjo. Dev smiles seeing Shaan making Rajjo sleep. Rajni comes and goes. Shaan goes to Dev and tells that their plan is a success and Shaguta’s condition is really bad. Dev asks what was happening inside. Shaan says Rajjo got scared seeing Rajni as ghost, and says shall we tell her that it was our plan. Dev says I can see that you are blushing….and says you have started liking her. Shaan says no, and says she is innocent girl who have bear enough torture of her brothers and needs happiness.

Dev says you needs a partner now, I have grown up and will not beat you for leaving my sister Rajni. Shaan says we need to know her answer and asks him to sleep. Dev thinks Rajjo shouldn’t be jealous of Rajni and think what is in Rajni’s destiny. Shaguta tells everything to Surili and says Ghajni returned to stay with Rajni, if you troubles Rajni that Ghajni will not leave you. Surili says Dev Bangru made you fool and says they will make a plan to expose the truth.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Mathew in lab gives electric shock to himself and says he will become half human and half robot, says nobody can save Shaan now.

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