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Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 10th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 10th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bakula Bua scolds Dabbu for couldn’t doing a work properly. Dabbu acts as innocent and says what she could do. Bakula Bua says Niyati Devi took revenge on her by making Dabbu as medium. Yamraj comes there and scolds Bakula for scolding Dabbu. Bakula blames Dabbu. Dabbu says what I could have done. Mohit comes and says Vinay is romancing with Mansha beggar. Bakula says your mum is romancing vegetable seller. Dabbu asks them to help her. Mohit asks with whom she is speaking to.. Bakula asks her to tell him that he is her pati and parmeshwar and asks for help. Mohit says Madhuri was saying you are behind this. Dabbu says she made them have juice just. Mohit says then why she is doubting you.

Dhanji ties lime and chillies to Rekha’s hairs. Rekha says she is feeling shy. Madhuri asks her to stop romancing and doubts on the sherbet. Rupal says she drank once and will drink again. She drinks sherbet again and looks at Dhanji, but nothing happens. Rekha says he is going to be your sasur. Dhanji’s brother in law asks him what happened to him and says someone did magic on Rekha, but what happened to you. Rekha says she is ready to die for him and acts as anarkali.

Mohit asks Dabbu to say what happened? Bakula asks her to say, but seeing her nervous, Bakula gets inside her body and tells Mohit that they are doing this as they are upset.

Vinay tells mansha that he will make her rani and give her kitchen. Mansha asks for money. Shyam comes. Vinay says I will give you money and gives 10000 Rs. shyam is shocked and says you didn’t give me money when I asked you. Vinay asks him to talk with respect and says she will be your mum. Shyam says she bends down infront of everyone. Vinay says I will give you money and asks her to come home. Shyam takes 10000 Rs. bundle and gives just 100. Mansha argues. Shyam asks her to go. Vinay holds Mansha’s hand. Mansha starts feeling for him. Vinay says nobody can stop my love and strike romantic pose on DDLJ music. Shyam says this is wrong and shouts. Vinay slaps him and says I love you Mansha. He tries to lift her, but couldn’t , asks her to come.

Mohit asks Vinay and Rekha, why they are crossing limits to make each other jealous. Shyam tells that you have slapped me and did….Vinay says I held her romantically. Everyone is surprised. Rekha tells that Dhanji lift her on his head and said that my place is on his head. She says she wants to go to her Swami. Vinay says I want to go to my Manchu, mujhe pyar se chu. Arjun says what is this?

Bakula comes to Niyati Devi and asks if she is behind making Vinay and Rekha fall in love with others. Yamraj says yes, she did wrong. Niyati says it is my work. Bakula asks her to unite them. Niyati says you have lighted the fire, now you shall set it off. Bakula tells Yamraj that they shall get another medicine from Kamdev. Narad says he went to Switzerland with his wife on a honeymoon. Bakula asks Yamraj to take her to Switzerland. Yamraj says he has lined of dead people. Bakula gets worried.

Rekha sings Are are are re kya hua. Rupal asks her to sleep. Madhuri says your act is not affecting Papa. Rekha sasys she is in love with Dhanji. She says she wants to sing and dance with Dhanji. She imagines dancing with Dhanji. Madhuri asks her to come out of imagination. Rupal asks Madhuri to see what Vinay has done. She shows invitation card of vinay and mansha’s wedding. Madhuri reads the card and tells that they have to stop Vinay. They go to him and see Vinay appreciating Chandu for getting the cards printed without doing any mistake. Madhuri gets angry on Chandu.

She asks Chandu if he distributed the cards. Chandu says he asked Munna to distribute the cards. Rupal comes to Munna. Munna tells that even Rekha got cards published for the wedding. Rupal imagines Vinay and Mansha’s wedding. They beg for the blessings. Shyam says food is ready. Mansha’s brother tells that they don’t want to get unwell having fresh food. Rupal thinks their family will be joke.

Yamraj’s man gives some solution to Bakula and asks her to make Rekha and Vinay have it, they will forget Mansha and Dhanji, but will still hold hatred for each other. Niyati Devi and Narad appears. She laughs and says she will teach a lesson to Bakula for doing wrong. Mansha comes home with her brother. Mohit asks them to go. Vinay comes there and tries to stop Mansha. Mansha and Vinay act as love birds. Rekha tells Dhanji’s brother in law that she wants to become his bahu. He asks her to stop acting. Bakula asks Dabbu to make Vinay and Rekha have the juice without letting them know. Vinay cries and blames his son for separating him from his Mansha. Mohit says you are married. Vinay says he remembers, but just in love with Mansha.

Dabbu comes with the juice and tells Mohit that she is sure someone has done magic on him. Mohit gives glass to Vinay. Rekha is selling vegetables. Dabbu comes there and asks her to drink sherbet. Rekha is about to drink, but stops seeing Jaam Saab coming there. Rekha asks him to buy vegetables. Jaam Saab asks her about Dhanji. Rekha says she is marrying Dhanji and invites him to come. Dabbu asks her to drink sherbet. Rekha comes out of magic. Dhanji’s brother in law and Jaam Saab tell what she was planning. Rekha says I just love Vinay. Bakula asks Niyati to erase mansha and Dhanji incident from everyone’s memory. Vinay comes out of trance. He scolds Chandu for getting the cards printed. Chandu says I obey your orders, you had appreciated me. Shyam says you had slapped me. Vinay says Rekha must have done this. Bakula threatens to write on Niyati Devi’s book.

Yamraj asks her to return the book. Niyati Devi says I have a condition. Bakula tells her that she will do whatever she says after fulfilling her wishes. Niyati Devi agrees to erase two days story from everyone’s love. Bakula comes and hears Madhuri and Rupal talking if Rekha has stolen the jewellery. Rekha says someone wants to trap me. Bakula says I want to teach lesson to Vinay, but not to trap you. She says my mourning meet will be organized now.


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