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Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 17th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 17th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rekha tells Vinay that they shall sell some of Bakula’s ornaments and give money to Jaam Saab. Vinay says he kept those jewellery for troubled times. Rupal says this is the troubled time only. Vinay says ok, I will give 10 lakhs rs and asks Rekha to arrange other 10 lakhs. Rekha says what I will do now. Rupal asks them to give money. Vinay comes to room and sees his cupboard missing. He shouts Inspector sir, and thinks Rekha has stolen these jewellery. Bakula takes the cupboard to mani dadi and says Vinay will worry now. Mani asks why did you bring the cupboard. Bakula says she couldn’t get much time to hide the jewellery. Mani says Rekha will be accused. Bakula says but Vinay will be arrested.

Vinay asks Inspector to arrest Rekha and says she has stolen cupboard. Rekha says how she could steal such a big cupboard. He calls her magician. Rekha says she has started feeling for him again hearing magician. Vinay calls her chor rekha and asks everyone to come to room. Inspector, Jaam Saheb and everyone go to Vinay’s room and see the cupboard. Rekha asks why did you blame me. Vinay says I can’t doubt you. Rupal asks if patch up is done. Vinay says no and checks the cupboard, jewellery is missing. Jaam Saab tells Inspector that they are faking the drama. Inspector says I am not fool and says he will arrest Vinay. Mohit tells Jaam Saab that Bakula Bua’s mourning meet is going on.

Jaam Saab’s wife asks him to let them burdened by our favors. Jaam saab asks Vinay if he has some idea to repay his money. Vinay asks him to give loan and gets the settlement later. Jaam Saab says he is not mad. Nana Bhai tells that he gives 2 lakhs royalty every month. Jaam Saab asks them to give 2 lakhs to him. Rekha says then how the house will run and the expenses be covered. Mohit says this is the only way out and tells that they shall give 2 lakhs royalty to Jaam Saab for 10 months. Rekha agrees. Inspector frees his hand cuff and goes.

Madhuri tells Rupal that aata is less. Rupal says they will make kadi and something, and nobody will know that ration is less. Munna comes and tells that they shall make garlands for Bakula Divas. Madhuri says we don’t have money. Mohit says he brought clothes on rent. Rupal says we will wear Bakula Bua’s sarees. Madhuri asks if it will be right. Mohit says we may find some idea. Rupal says Munna’s birthday is coming up. Madhuri gets emotional.

The men of the house wear fancy clothes, while women wear bakula’s sarees. Rupal comes and gives bangles set to Madhuri and says she found it in Rekha’s room with other stuff. She says even Jug is missing. Mohit says everything will be fine. Dabbu says she knows where it is. Shyam comes wearing mohini’s dress and says jug is with him. Mohit says he will talk to Nana Bhai and do overtime work.

Rupal says nothing will happen with some money. Munna comes wearing Bakula’s saree and tells that he has some money. He breaks the piggy bank and asks them to use it for home expenses. Rekha asks him to keep the money and gives 500 Rs. She tells that they will celebrate his birthday well.

Later Madhuri and Rupal suspect rekha. Rekha accepts that she had planned to steal it tomorrow beneath the Kanhaji’s idol. She pulls the curtain and sees the idol missing. She tells this to everyone. Vinay comes and says that idol have reached the person who bought it. Rekha asks did you sell it.

Rekha says I am your Rekha Rani, your Rekha and makes facial expressions. Vinay says he has sold the idol to Nand Bhai for 1.5 crores. Rekha says you have sold it for half rate. Vinay says he knows that they need money and that’s why sold. Rupal says sasur ji thought for everyone. Vinay says he sold idol to fulfill his dance, drama academy. Mohit asks where is that money. Vinay says he has hidden it in secret place.

Vinay comes to meet Dabbu’s mama and tells about his academy idea. Dabbu. Mama says you are a big actor and don’t need to act. He says Bakula Bua thought all life that her brother loves her a lot. Vinay praises him and gives him money.

Jaam Saab and his wife meet Rekha. Rekha says she wants to do work and asks for money. Jaam Saab asks her to organize an event with Bindu and says she still thinks of you as mum in law. Rekha says she also thinks of her as daughter will law and will try. Jaam Saab gets happy.

Dabbu tells Bakula that everyone is searching job and says she will eat less, and says nobody have money. Bakula gives her ring and says her to sell it in porbandar. Dabbu says she will give to Rekha. Bakula says no and asks her to give money to Nani Bhi. Dabbu’s puppet tells that she saw sirpiri bhoot. Yamraj tells Niyati Devi that Bakula is upto something. Niyati Devi says she shall learn learning tips from her. She says Madhuri is doubtful about Dabbu as she told her that she is going to meet Mama and Mami. Madhuri calls Mami. Mami says she didn’t reach here and I hope she forgets the way and you forget my phone call.

Dabbu comes to the jewellery shop and tries to sell the jewellery. Dabbu says it is a diamond ring and talks to diamond.. Jeweller talks to his wife and shows the ring. She says she will buy the ring for 2 lakhs rs and goes to negotiate with Dabbu. Bakula hears her.

Vinay opens the dance academy and tells Chandu to bring the customers. A customer comes and asks to meet the instructor. Chandu says he can meet tomorrow only. Ladies get upset and goes. Vinay scolds Chandu and asks him to go, as he will give him commission for not working here.

Dabbu asks jeweller to bring water for her. Jeweller goes. Bakula asks Dabbu to pretend talking on phone. Dabbu pretends and talks on phone, says if the jeweller gives them good price for the ring then they will sell other 50 diamonds to him. Jeweller and his wife buys the ring for 6 lakhs rs. Dabbu and Bakula come home. Dabbu asks her why she wants her to give money to Nana Bhai when they are in need. Bakula asks her not to use her mind and come to Mohit’s place.. Dabbu sees Madhuri standing and is shocked. Madhuri says your theft is caught.


Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : All the couples dance for the dance contest kept by nana bhai. Meanwhile Dabbu’s hand get stuck in the utensil containing cash.

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