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Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dabbu tells Bakula Bua that Madhuri must have called her Mami and asked her if she went there. Madhuri wonders where did Dabbu go? If she has stolen the jewellery and went to sell it. Bakula Bua asks her to tell the truth, and says she will not catch you if you say truth. Madhuri asks where did she go? Dabbu tells that she went to sell a ring and got 6 lakhs rs. Madhuri says I am not doubting you, don’t make me april fool. Megha gets happy seeing the vegetables. Madhuri goes behind her. Dabbu asks Bakula where to hide it. Bakula asks her to hide it in Rekha’s room so that she don’t steal the money. They hide money in the utensil. Bakula says we will go to farm today.

Madhuri tells Rupal if she shall add water in the soup. Rupal asks her to add more water in the pulao also so that everyone can swim. A man comes and asks where is Rekha and asks her to return the utensil which she has stolen from his shop and shows the CCTV footage. Rupal says confirmed it is sasumaa. Dabbu recalls hiding the money in the same pot and goes to take the money, but her hand gets stuck in the pot. Shop keeper asks her to leave his pot. Bakula asks Dabbu not to leave the money. Dabbu asks Bakula to do something. Bakula says she can’t do anything as Om is written on the pot and also on his locket. Bakula asks Dabbu to come with her. Madhuri stops her and asks her to pack Mohit’s tiffin. Dabbu falls down in the kitchen and the flour falls on her face. Madhuri says much flour is wasted. Rupal asks her to wash her face first. Bakula asks her to come back fast.

Dabbu comes to the shop with Bakula. She asks him to show the pot to her. He refuses and asks them to buy it for 25000 if they want it. Bakula says she is helpless because of Om locket else would have got inside him. Dabbu asks her to freeze him. A customer comes and asks the price for the idol. Dabbu asks him to take him for free. Shop keeper defreezes and slaps him. Bakula freezes him again. Customer gets afraid and runs. Dabbu tells Bakula that money is not in any pots. Bakula rewind the happening and sees money falling in the dustbin. They rush home.

Madhuri is about to give trash to the trash collector. Dabbu asks her to give dustbin to her as it has 6 lakhs rs. Madhuri thinks Dabbu is fooling her and gives dustbin to her. Bakula appreciates Dabbu for saving 6 lakhs rs and fooling Madhuri. Dabbu says it is 2:30 now and asks her why she wants to give this money to Nana Bhai. They come there. Dabbu asks why we are giving money to Nana Bhai when we are in more need. Nana Bhai tells that buffaloes are giving less milk and that’s why he will cut short the food of the workers. Mohit asks why he is doing this. Bakula gets inside Nana Bhai and asks them to slap him. Worker slaps him twice. Dabbu says it seems I came at wrong time. Nana Bhai praises Raja family and asks her to come. He takes the money from her and asks his employee to remind him that he asked him to keep the money in locker. He asks Dabbu to come to Raja Sadan and says everything is happening according to plan. Bakula in Nana Bhai tells that they have to reach Raja Sadan soon.

On reaching there, Bakula tells that she can stay in Nana Bhai’s body in an hour. Madhuri and Rekha ask Dabbu where did she go? Nana Bhai comes inside and asks Madhuri why she is grilling her. Madhuri says you are talking as Bakula Bua. Nana Bhai tells that Dabbu talked to the cow dung and it spoke to her too. Rekha asks what did cow dung say? Nana Bhai asks her to let him talk. Neighbor brings Munna and tells that he found him in the fridge. Munna tells that when he asked him to bring something from fridge, he thought any fridge and went to his house. Neighbor tells that he will buy cold drink for kids. Chandu asks if I can come as my family thinks me as a child. Neighbor says ok.

Nana bhai tells that he wishes to keep dance competition on his nani’s name and the winner will get 6 lakhs. Vinay says he will win. Rekha and others get surprised.

Bakula brings Nana bhai back. He asks about buffalo to Mohit. Mohit slaps him. Accountant shows the video. Nana Bhai is shocked and says I am taking back my orders. Accountant asks him about his nani’s name. Nana Bhai tells her name. Accountant tells that you held 6 lakhs prize for dance competition, and says you just gave me and asked me to remind you. He says you are great and tells that big people will come for the competition.

Madhuri tells Rupal that kids are eating food without any complaints. Rekha gives her money and asks her to use it only when it is necessary. Madhuri asks why did she steal from ATM. Rekha says she got it from her debit card and tells that Jaam Saab gave money for organizing the event. Madhuri asks Rekha to take part in the competition with Vinay and win the money. Madhuri asks her to talk to Papa. Rekha says she misses him very much. Vinay tells Rekha that he can dance with someone and calls Malti. He praises her and says there can’t be any better dancer than her and asks her to be his dance partner. Rekha gets upset.

Jaam Saab scolds Malti for agreeing to dance with Vinay. Malti says if he wants she can give him poison. Rekha calls Jaam Saab and asks him to participate with her. Jaam Saab agrees. Bindu tells that she will take part in the competition with mohit. Bakula asks Dabbu to convince Mohit to dance with her in the competition. Dabbu practices to convince Mohit. Bakula asks her to act sensual and convince Mohit. Dabbu makes a sad face. Bakula says no husband can refuse his wife. Mohit comes. Dabbu asks shall I keep drops in your eyes. Mohit says yes, he is very tired today. Dabbu holds his hand and asks shall I apply balm. Mohit says no and says thanks. He hears his family practicing dance and goes out to stop them. Bakula thinks she has to do something.


Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 24th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun says they are rehearsal judges and will decide who is strong contender and who is weak.Vinay and malti dance. Rekha and Jaam Saab practice dancing. Mohit and Bindu dances. Vinay makes Rekha have bhaang laddoo and thinks it will be fun. Rekha insults Jaam Saab. Bakula says Vinu, wait for my trick.

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