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Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 24th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 24th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vinay teaches dance to Malti. Malti couldn’t dance properly. Mohit comes and asks him to keep the song volume low. Vinay asks him to ask Rekha to keep the music off. Rekha and Jaam Saab are practicing dance. Mohit asks them to keep the music off. Rekha refuses and continues dancing. Bakula tells Dabbu that only Mohit shall win, else money will not come in the house. She thinks to convince him and goes in his dream. Mohit couldn’t hear her. Bakula goes to Yamraj and tells that Mohit can’t hear her anything. Yamraj asks her to emotionally blackmail him else nobody can stop  the morning, Mohit asks Dabbu to serve food. He asks her if she had food. Dabbu says she will if feel need. He checks the plate and sees it empty. Dabbu says she made everyone have food. Mohit gives money

to her and asks her to buy the grocery. He says he is feeling helpless as he couldn’t make the arrangements. Dabbu asks him to take part in the dance. Mohit sees the pamphlet and is shocked. Dabbu persuades him to take part.

Chandu calls coconut seller and asks him to come to his house.he promotes Vinay’s DAD academy. Madhuri asks him why is he calling on Tamil Nadu’ no.s and finds that the diary which he is having is of Tamil Nadu. Chandu says he will call others. Mohit is seeing the pamphlet. Bindu asks him to take part in dance show with her. Dabbu says she thought about us. Bakula says she is trying to trap him. Mohit refuses to take part. Bindu says if you could earn the prize money then I will be happy. She says if he wins the money then he can do Munna’s birthday well. Bakula asks Dabbu to stop them. Dabbu lets them take part. Mohit says I am doing this for my family.

Chandu comes to the school and tells that he needs admission. Principal asks him to sit and asks the kid’s age. Chandu says 55 years, Principal thinks he is mad and asks him to go.

Aditya tells that they will be the judge of rehearsal and decide who is best among the 3 jodis. Vinay and Malti dance on the song. Next Rekha and Jaam Saab perform on a song. Chandu says Guru ji dances well than this. Mohit and Bindu dance on a humma song. The kids give 24 marks to Rekha, Aditya says Mohit and Bindu stood 2nd. Vinay dances and tells Malti that they stood first. Meghna says you came first. Vinay says I will do dhamaka. Chandu says he got admission of 3. Vinay gets happy and see 3 guys. They are from the mental asylum. Chandu says he couldn’t get admission in school and that’s why got admission in mental asylum. Vinay gets angry.

He runs inside, and hears Rupal, Madhuri and Aditya talking and liking Rekha’s performance. They tell that Mannu dhobi is dancing on the same song and says they shall let everyone leave on their own.

Vinay comes to Malti and says they shall change the song as Mannu dhobi is dancing on the same song. Malti asks him to call and enquire. Aditya comes to them and asks to give CD of his song, says he has Mannu’s CD and will play same Vinay says we shall change the song and have the risk.

Bakula tells Mani and Chanchal that Niyati writes anything in their destiny. She says she wants Mohit and Dabbu’s Jodi to be made so that they can win. Mani says Vinay went to temple to get victory. Vinay brings Prasad and tells Malti that they will win now. Rekha hears him and thinks why didn’t I think of it. Rekha comes to room and eats it. Vinay thinks she will get under bhang influence now. Rekha calls Taklu to Jaam Saab. She asks Madhurii to give her something to eat and keeps bread on Jaam saab’s head. She then asks Madhuri to eat the same bread. Madhuri asks what happened to you. Rekha says she is fine and will break ball on Taklu’s head. She runs after him. Madhuri says it is a show piece. Jaam Saab says she seems to be drunk. Madhuri asks Rekha what she had. Rekha says Prasad. Vinay says he brought it, and tells that when he can fool Bakula since years, then why can’t he do this with Rekha. He says he sent message to Munna Dhobi and got his reply that he is not taking part of competition. He tells that Rekha will be out of competition and asks her to continue laughing like this. Bakula Bua says now wait for my trick.


Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 30th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : AndTV family dance in the competition. Rekha tells Bhabhi ji that she is habitual to steal others’ stuff.

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