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Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vilas and Kalash enter Raja Nivas at midnight. Bakula gets up hearing voice and thinks if it is chaddi/banyan gang. She thinks she will wake up Mohit, he will punish chaddi banyan gang. Vilas opens fridge and says he is hungry. Bakula enters Mohit’s room and sees him chatting with his girlfriend Kiara on laptop. He closes laptop seeing her. She asks if he was chatting with Kinara. He says Kiara. She says his mother is so greedy and wants to fix his marriage somewhere else. He says he loves Kiara. She says either his or his mother’s heart will break. He asks why did she come. She says thieves have entered. They both rush out to attack thief. Vilas gets call from his wife and she asks when will he come for dinner, she prepared bharwa baigan for him. He says he is in office.

Drama continues. Whole family gathers. Bakula says a thief has entered. They start searching. Vinay and Rekha’s romance continues. Bakula taunts them. Mohit sees oil on utensil and says it is definitely chaddi banyan gang. Rupal comes and says Shyam is missing from his room. Family says he must be sleep walking. Vilas and Kailash clash with him and he turns. Kailash realizes Shyam is sleep walking. Bakula scolds Krishnaji to wake up, why is he sleeping. In heaven, Krishnaji says he is awake. She asks to find out Shyam. Family says Shyam must have gone to terrace sleep walking. She then asks Rekha to call ambulance to take Shyam if he falls from terrace. Shyam is seen walking on terrace. Whole family reaches there. Vilas and Kailash hide behind clothes. Nobody notices them. Family saves Shyam on time.

Family drama continues. Munna finds Vilas and Kailash and asks who are they. They say guests. Munna says his grandfather will get him tea. Vilas says he has acidity. Munna says he will milk and inform dadaji. Drama continues. Rekha calls ambulance and asks if they have AC, how much they charge per km. Bakula taunts Rekha. They all then catch Vilas and Vikas. Bakula scolds them why they walk in chaddi banyan and apply oil. Madhuri says they have to take permission to apply oil. Vilas says they steal it. Mohit punches them. Drama continues.

Next morning, Bakula’s wedding anniversary ceremony starts. Vinay does her aarti and whole family wishes her and give their gifts. Rekha asks whose gift is best and whom she will reward, her and only her. Bakula reminisces her marriage day when she asks her mother when she can have laddoo, she is very hungry. Mom says she should mature as today is her wedding. Her would be husband dies in car accident. His mother vents anger on Bakula and stuffs laddoo in her mouth, calls her unmarried widow. People call yell at her that she is inauspicious and widow Mother says she is not widow as she did not marry yet. Bakula says when will she marry. She further says she is married to Krishnaji and he will come for her. She applies sindhoor. Out of flashback, she says today is her 50th anniversary and her husband has to come down, she is waiting for him since 50 years. In heaven, Shivji asks Krishnaji now he realized why he is fond of Bakula behen. Yamraj also joins them. They all chat and decide to call Bakula up. Yamraj writes a letter. He hires yamdooth to get Bakula up.

Rekha says today Bindu is coming with her parents for Mohit’s alliance. Bindu comes in car and starts yelling at her step mother. Their drama continues. She gets adamant that she will marry only Mohit. Rekha greets them. Bakula taunts father. Father says he thins she is insulting him. She says he is wearing insult on his head. He revolts and confronts Bakula that she is considering god as her husband forcefully, whole village is quiet, but he will not. He continues that she considers herself as Meera, but she is not. If she has any evidence that she is married to god. In heaven, narad asks Krishnaji how will Bakula get marriage certificate, if he will really go down to prove. Krishnaji says if need be, he will. Bindu’s father continues yelling and says whole village has gathered to stop her self confession and considering god as her husband, if she has any proof, she can show them. Narad sees Krishnaji smiling and thinks if he will really go to earth.


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