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Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bakula tells Dabbu that she made Vinay and Rekha fight, she has broken Vinay’s ego on his love. Dabbu says it is not good. Bakula says I used to pray for his life and he used to pay for my death. Yamraj comes there. Dabbu gets scared. Yamraj says you will live longer and tells Bakula that Shri Hari is angry on her as she separated two lovers. He says Vinay did a mistake, but not Rekha. He asks her to unite them. Vinay stops Rekha from coming in their room. He tells her that he can’t stay in the same room as hers and this room was his only. Rekha says it was trash room before, and she made it look good. They call Chandu and asks him to do partition of the room, as they can’t sleep on same bed. Chandu asks them to go out and says he will do partition. Rekha laughs on Vinay.

Yamraj brings Bakula to Mahadev. Bakula asks where is Ganesh and tells that she always used to make laddoos for Ganesh when Yamraj took her life and then she got busy. Mahadev says to take revenge. Narad says it is ghost’s right to punish the guilty. Mahadev tells Bakula that she did wrong by separating the lovers Bakula asks him to help her. Yamraj asks him to give prema amrut so that Bakula can make Vinay and Rekha have it. Mahadev disappears. Yamraj says he is on meditation.
Rekha comes to room and sees the mattress cut into two. She shouts and calls Madhuri. Madhuri asks Chandu what you have done? Rekha says it was my mistake, I told him that I can’t sleep on same mattress as him. Madhuri says you would have told that you will sleep in another room. Rekha asks Madhuri to go and elope with her ex lover. Madhuri says why she is digging the past. Chandu says that man don’t stay here. Rekha then says that she will sleep in Madhuri’s room and Chandu shall stay with Vinay. Madhuri refuses, but Rekha takes her.

Kamdev appears infront of them. He asks Yamraj what to call Bakula. Yamraj says sister. Kamdev calls her sister and tells that he has a love story in mind. He tells Bakula and insists to meet Sanjay leela bansali. Mahadev asks Kamdev to give prema amrut to Bakula. Bakula asks if this is a medicine, how it will work. Kamdev tells that after drinking this medicine, Vinay and Rekha will fall in love with the person they will see. Bakula says they will see Dabbu first. Mahadev says Prema amrut don’t cross limits of relations and asks her to make sure that Rekha and Vinay see each other and not any outsider.
Dabbu brings three types of tea and snacks for Mohit. Mohit says you would have asked me. Bakula appears infront of Dabbu and asks her to say the dialogues. Dabbu says romantic dialogues. Mohit laughs hearing her and asks her to leave one tea and take two back. Bakula tells Dabbu that she got formula to make Rekha and Vinay fall in love with each other again and asks her to come.

Meanwhile Vinay and Rekha return clothes to each other which they have gifted each other. Rekha returns fruits which he made her eat all life. Vinay returns greeting cards and asks what about poetry which I had written for you. Munna writes the things which they returned. Vinay says everything is settled now. Rekha asks what about the dreams which she saw about him. Vinay says those dreams are with you only. Rekha regrets to marry him and tells that she got many good alliances. Vinay says it was all bad. Rekha says she got married to him as she is innocent like Munna. Vinay gets upset.

Dabbu makes the sherbet and adds prema amrut. Bakula asks her to make Rekha and Vinay drink so that their love story start again, Vinay will praise her, and Rekha will feel shy. Vinay and Rekha come to Chandu’s room. They argue and tell that they don’t want to see each other face. Rekha hides her face with veil.

Dabbu comes to kitchen and asks Rekha to drink sherbet. Rupal asks Rekha to get vegetables first. She asks Dabbu to give juice to her. Dabbu says it is for Rekha. Rekha goes. Bakula asks Dabbu to make Vinay have it first, as Rekha went to meet the vegetable vendor . Rupal thinks Dabbu is looking at fridge.

Vinay thinks to check the jewellery whenever Rekha comes in his room. Shyam comes there and does poetry. Vinay asks her to leave poetry and asks why did you come? Shyam says Guru ji has decided to open bear bar in his Mumbai branch and demonstrates infront of people about its side affects. Dabbu brings sherbet. Shyam is about to take it. Dabbu stops him. Vinay drinks the sherbet.

He sees rings and gets under the influence of prema amrut. Bakula asks Dabbu to make Rekha have sherbet now. Vinay thinks why he is feeling lovely and pinky. Bakula says once he unites with Rekha then she will make his face red.

Rekha meets the vegetable seller. He introduces his brother in law to Rekha and tells him that Rekha has taken much vegetables on credit. He tells that he didn’t come on rakhi day, as she would have asked him to forget all the calculations and would have taken money from him for rakhi. He says he came next day, but Chandu said you are not at home. Vegetable seller’s brother praises Rekha. She gets happy and gives 500 for the previous vegetables calculations. She likes bitter gourd as Vinay hates it. Dabbu comes to Rekha and gives her juice. She asks her to turn and see who is coming. Rekha says she can’t turn and wants to hug 20 rs note kept there. Bakula gets tensed as Vinay goes out of room. She asks Dabbu to stop him. Dabbu slips down. Rekha thinks what is happening with her and acts as teenage girl. Dabbu tries to stop Vinay. He walks on road and comes to the fruit cart.

Bakula sees old lady and modern girl coming from both sides and get worried. Just then lady beggar come there and asks Vinay to give her something so that she can eat. Vinay looks at her and tells that he has been waiting for her since last birth and calls her name. lady beggar is amazed. Rekha sings main solah baras ki. Rupal thinks what happened to her. Rekha explains how she is feeling. Rupal tells her that someone came to meet her. Bakula stops the old man from coming there. Old man falls down. Bakula asks Dabbu to cover Rekha’s face and take her inside. Dabbu is taking Rekha inside. Bakula asks Dabbu to take Rekha to Vinay. Dabbu says sasur ji loves mansha beggar. Rekha says it is good and says she don’t like him, and her heart is saying that she will find someone special too.

Dabbu says there will be love triangle. Bakula asks her to take Rekha to Vinay. Rupal tells Madhuri that Rekha is behaving strange. Vinay makes Mansha beggar have fruits and says his everything is hers now. Fruit seller thinks he has no choice. Vegetable seller tells his brother in law Ganji that whenever someone gives money, they shall check and asks if it is real. He looks at the 500 Rs. note and goes to Rekha’s house. Rekha is dancing outside in the lawn. Ganji comes there and calls Rekha. He says your note is fake. Rekha says but my heart is real which I am giving to you. Ganji smiles. They strike a romantic pose. Song plays in background. Dabbu is tensed.


Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 10th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Rupal and Madhuri are shocked to see Rekha’s romancing Ganji. Rupal drinks the sherbet. Mansha laughs at Vinay. Bakula gets tensed.

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