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Bamni Anusuya’s union Porus turns revengeful (Upcoming Twist)


Porus: Bamni and Anusuya’s union with love, Porus (Laksh Lalwani) to turn revengeful against Bamni (Aditya Redij)

The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Porus is up for some interesting twist and drama.

Porus is shattered with Ripu Daman’s death and had bitter fight with Hasti where whole Dasyu rashtra gets destroyed by Darius’s conspiracy.

Porus is broken as his family dies infront of him and Hasti turns Porus’s enemy and joins Darius’s team.

While Porus misunderstands Bamni for all this and is all set to take revenge of his evilness and how he killed Ripu Daman.

Anusuya and Bamni’s union turns trouble

Anusuya and Bamni has hopes that Porus will soon return back home and take up their new relationship and bonding of family.

While Porus wlll return but not for love but for revenge against Bamni, Porus will keep his intentions hidden from Anusuya and Bamni.

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