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Belan Wali Bahu 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Roopa Tries To Save Jitendra From Don


Belan Wali Bahu 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Belan Wali Bahu 15th March 2018 Episode Start With Jitendra says to Chota Sajan that I was not thrown out of police but suspended. Chota Sajan recognizes him and ties him, Suzzi says you can keep him, let me go. Jitendra says you will do this now. Sajan says you are not tied because you will dance for all of us otherwise we will kill him, she says let him die but I wont dance, he shows her gun and says dance. Jitendra says Suzzi dance otherwise they will kill us. They play old song, Jitendra says play fast song for her, they play mehbooba. Suzzi starts dancing like crazy, she jumps around and dances. Sajan says enough, what kind of dance is like that? they tie her again. She asks if she didnt dance well? Jitendra says I would have killed you for dancing like that.

Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that do something to save Jitendra. Roopa says I can call family, they are in mandir and can pray for him. Laddo’s ghost says what do they want? Roopa says usually they want ransom, I have their number and call them to task.

Goon asks Sajan what to do with this inspector? Sajan says he is suspended so just enjoy with him and then leave them, Goon slaps Jitendra, Jitendra says won Suzzi be slapped? Goon slaps him more and is about to release him but Roopa calls one goon who called her earlier by mistake. Roopa says what kind of gang are you? you kidnapped Jitendra and Suzzi and didnt even call to ask for ransom? Goon says someone is ready to give ransom for them. Goons tie Jitendra and Suzzi again. Sajan takes Roopa’s call. Roopa says I am Jitendra’s sister in law. Sajan puts phone on speaker. Roopa asks how much money you want? he asks her budget? Roopa says 5 crores. Jitendra says no..Roopa says okay we can give 10 crores. Laddo’s ghost says are you mad, do bargaining. Sajan asks when she is bringing 10 crores? Roopa says I said I can give 10,000, you should have something valuable for 10 crores, he was kidnapped before and I freed him for 1000, I am giving total 21,000 for them. He says one 1crore. She says 1.5lacs final, if you want to take it then take it otherwise keep them, he says okay done, Roopa says I am coming with money. She ends call. Laddo’s ghost says you did good bargaining. Roopa says from where we will bring 1.5lacs? Laddo’s ghost says I know from where.

Scene 2
Laddo’s ghost brings Roopa to Dada’s safe. Roopa says I am not feeling good by stealing Dada’s money, Laddo’s ghost says you are doing to save his grandson so do it, he asks her to open it. Roopa says its password protected, they try his anniversary date, then his birthdate, then Suzzi’s birthday but it doesnt open, they try different dates and tries to guess. Roopa says why he has to keep complicated password, I would have kept 1234.. she presses 1234 and it opens, she doesnt see any money inside but there is photo of Dada and Suzzi, she takes of Suzzi’s glued face there and actual photo is of Dada and Dadi. Roopa says how we will get money? Laddo’s ghost says I have an idea.

Roopa and Laddo’s ghost comes to godown. Roopa shows them bag and says it has money. Goon says you cant go inside like that, you cant see Sajan’s attire to tell to police, you have to be blindfolded, she says I wont, goon says then Jitendra will be killed. She says okay put blindfold. Roopa is blindfolded.

Roopa is about to take off blindfold but goon says notes are total but they all have same number. Chota Sajan says they are fake notes? dont let her go. Goon runs to Roopa. Roopa moves, Laddo’s ghost asks her to take stick, she does and shoos goons away.

She is still blindfolded so Laddo’s ghost tells her about goons directions and she beats them all, all are stunned to see her beating with blindfold on. Jitendra and Suzzi sees it too. Laddo’s ghost asks her to throw stick infront of her, she does and it hits Sajan. Roopa takes off her blindfold and sees all goons fighting to get diamonds pouch. Roopa grabs it and hides. Suzzi beats goons too. Jitendra beats some goons too. Roopa passes diamond pouch to Suzzi and Jitendra. Jitendra grabs Sajan and says you are under arrest, you cant fool me. Sajan says if you want to do then do something like your sister in law, if you have guts then fight with me blindfolded, I will be blindfolded too. Jitendra says I accept your challenge. Jitendra blindfolds himself but Sajan takes it off. He fools Jitendra and slaps him, he runs away. Jitendra says where did he go?

Roopa throws diamonds to a corner, all run to get them. Roopa stops Jitendra and asks where is Sajan? Jitendra says he must have hidden, he looks around. Roopa says he ranaway. All glare at him. Jitendra says what face will I show to Dada?

Scene 3
Roopa does Suzzi’s bandage, Jitendra have a black eye, Roopa’s back is hurting. Suzzi asys it was fun, it was like film shooting, I didnt think I would dance so nicely there. Laddo’s ghost says she is thinking about dance. Roopa asks Jitendra that I know Dada scolds and slaps you a lot but we love you a lot then why did you write letter like that? I didnt like what you wrote, you wrote that if you cant catch Chota Sajan then like Laddo, you.. Jitendra says I didnt mean that, if I couldnt catch Sajan then I will do business of scented sticks like Laddo. Roopa says oh okay.


Belan Wali Bahu 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Roopa decorates terrace for Laddo’s ghost and says its your birthday, happy birthday. Dil Se dil tak’s Parth, Teni and Shorvori comes home to party of Laddo. All family members are dressed as students,train passesby so all hold things down, dil se team hold things too.

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Belan Wali Bahu Details

Belan Wali Bahu (English: Daughter-in-law with the Rolling Pin) is an Indian Comedy Television Series that aired on Colors TV.


Shraddha Jaiswal
Mushtaq Khan
Manish Goplani
Krystle D’Souza
Dheeraj Sarna
Bhavana Balsavar
Sunayana Fozdar
Sudhir Pandey
Sikandar Kharbanda

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min