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Belan Wali Bahu 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update

Laddo And Roopa’s Romantic Date Spoiled


Belan Wali Bahu 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Belan Wali Bahu 1st March 2018 Episode Start With Roopa is wearing knee lenghtLaddo says I didnt bring this dress. Roopa covers herself with quilt and says I knew you wouldnt bring this dress for me, you would never let me wear anything modern. Laddo says give me quilt, she gives it. Laddo says you are looking nice, wear it, I know I wouldnt let you wear it before but now I am asking you to wear it.

Roopa says okay I will wear it daily. Laddo says no no not infront of parents, like when we are on date and environment is like this. Roopa looks around and is mesmerized to see decorations, she says its all romantic like I thought. Laddo says I did all this. Roopa says just music is missing. Laddo says I have put CD for that. He plays it but some tacky music starts playing. They try to slow dance but Roopa says this is your romantic music?

Laddo says no I brought music that was romantic, dont know how this came on. Roopa says we will dance on this. They start dancing on havan karengy, they dance around funnily and laugh. Door bell rings, Roopa says it must be food, I will bring it, she leaves.

oopa goes to door. Shalini comes there for food too. Shalini sees Roopa and is stunned, she says Roopa? Roopa is shocked to see her too. Shalini sees Roopa wearing small dress and says what are you wearing? Roopa says he gave me this.. Shalini looks on. Roopa says what are you wearing? Shalini says leave that, when did you come home? you went with Guddo. Roopa says yes but when did you return? Shalini says I had stomach upset. Door bell rings again, Ramnath calls out. Shalini and Roopa are shocked and tries to hide. They hide under blanket. Ramnath comes inside house.

Shalini tries to take selfie under blanket. Ramnath sees her and asks what are you doing? Shalini says I slept here when I came back, he sees Roopa under blanket too, Ramnath says when did you return? Shalini says I had fever so Roopa got fever too, we have been sitting here since then. Roopa asks Ramnath why did he comeback home? Ramnath says Lata never let me in peace, I got headache with her nagging so I cameback home, you both leave, I will stay in lounge, go to your rooms. Roopa and Shalini takes blanket with them and tries to leave with blanket covering them.

Ramnath says why you both are going together? your rooms are on opposite ends. Roopa says I thought to drop Shalini to her room then go back. Ramnath says give me blanket. Roopa and Shalini shouts no. Roopa says we are having fever. Jitendra comes there. Laddo comes there but sees Ramnath from far and hides. Ramnath says where is Guddo? Guddo recalls how Yamraj said that Laddo cant be seen after 10PM to anyone otherwise he will become ghost again, he sees its going to be 10PM soon so he hides from them.

Ramnath looks around. Laddo comes there and says I am here, Laddo says I went to bring medicine for Roopa, I didnt see they were here sleeping. Ramnath says how you knew they were sleeping? Jitendra says I called him and told him they are sleeping? Ramnath says then why he was not here? Laddo says he didnt tell me they were sleeping, they keep fooling him..

Ramnath says enough, you people have made my brain go crazy, he leaves. Shalini and Roopa leaves quilt. Jitendra sees Roopa’s dress and says I brought for Shalini. Laddo sees Shalini’s dress and says I brought it for Roopa. Laddo asks what they were doing? Jitendra says on date. Laddo says we were on date too. They hear Lata’s voice from outside and starts running, Laddo runs with Shalini and Jitendra runs with Roopa. They stop and says mistake, they exchange girls and leave.

Scene 2
In morning, train passesby home. Lata shouts at family to hold things down. Laddo and Roopa holds a pillar and smiles at each other. Suzzi says Dada is sleeping in room, Jitendra says he can fall down with shaking. Suzzi says I have tied him. They talk about sangeet. Laddo says to Roopa that seems like train is gone, we should go too. Roopa says to family that train is gone, they leave things. Jitendra says Ramnath why didnt you tell us? Ramnath slaps him and says I am worried about sangeet. Laddo says its for enjoyment. One sardar comes there, He says Guddo Singh?

Jitendra says he must be his friend. Sardar says I am here to take money, Guddo took money from me, he took 5 lacs on loan. Laddo says which 5lacs? Sardar says give my 5lacs with interest. Lata says are you sure this Guddo took money from you? He says yes. Laddo says I didnt take any money. Ramnath says you took money from me for ring too, Laddo says I didnt take any money from this man. Sardar says I have proof, he shows a paper which has Laddo as Guddo’s photo and Guddo’s sign on them. Jitendra says Guddo is fraud. Laddo says I didnt take any money. Sardar says I will go to police.

Ramnath says its wedding house and I dont want any drama, I will bring money. Shalini says lets take selfie with renter. Sardar says okay I am not that bad, you can take selfie, all take selfie with him. Ramnath brings cheque. He gives it to Sardar. Lata says why you are giving this much money? Ramnath says Guddo is our son in law. Laddo says I didnt take any money. He writes on paper and signs on it, he says this is my writing and signature. He shows it to family, all are shocked to see his signature, he has done signature of Laddo. All are shocked to see Laddo’s real signature.

Lata says to Roopa that what is all this? Laddo’s sign and hand writing but Guddo? Roopa says because he is not Guddo Singh, he is Laddo. All are stunned. Laddo is shocked. Roopa says to Sardar that you showed this one proof that is Guddo? I will show you more proofs that he is not Guddo but Laddo. First proof is that his right leg have burnt marks, she makes Laddo pull his pants and there is burnt mark. She says left arm have mole, she shows it on his arm, she says there is birth mark on his left thumb, she shows his birth mark, Roopa says his right hand have two lines, she shows his palm. Alll look on.


Belan Wali Bahu 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Dada is ill. He comes out of his room and is thirsty. All are sleeping. Dada says I need water, He tries to go to kitchen but faints. Laddo wakes up in his room and is jittery, he starts leaving room, Roopa comes there and says where are you going? he says I have to see Dada, I am worried for him. Roopa says its 11:30PM, you cant be seen by anyone otherwise you will become ghost again. Laddo looks on.

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Belan Wali Bahu Details

Belan Wali Bahu (English: Daughter-in-law with the Rolling Pin) is an Indian Comedy Television Series that aired on Colors TV.


Shraddha Jaiswal
Mushtaq Khan
Manish Goplani
Krystle D’Souza
Dheeraj Sarna
Bhavana Balsavar
Sunayana Fozdar
Sudhir Pandey
Sikandar Kharbanda

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min