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Bepanah: Aditya’s half love confession for Zoya, Aditya’s love letter tragic in Zoya’s life


Bepanah Spoiler 8th August 2018: Pooja clears dilemma burden from Aditya’s confused mindset

In the upcoming story of Colors popular show Bepanah loyal viewers will get to witness interesting twist as Zoya (Jennifer Winget) in turmoil over Aditya’s (Harshad Chopda) half love confession.It was earlier seen that Aditya was in big dilemma to confess love to Zoya thinking about past Pooja (Namita Dubey).However, fortunately Pooja makes her entry in Aditya’s life explaining him that Zoya is his first love and Pooja will always remain his best friend.

Aditya gets relieved post hearing Pooja and decides to confess his love to Zoya.Aditya gets nervous and thus he drafts down his feelings for Zoya on the letter and starts practicing the same.Aditya loves Zoya and chooses Zoya’s love over his past and decides to chase Zoya’s love.Aditya has a plan and decides to write letter to Zoya, Aditya writes love letter for Zoya and is nervous.

While Aditya is rehearsing over how to propose Zoya and also how to give love letter to Zoya but Zoya comes from behind.Aditya and Zoya’s love letter syappa,Aditya gets shocked and tells Zoya that he was about to tell her but Zoya shows his upset behavior and soon laughs.Zoya thinks that Aditya loves someone but hadn’t realised that it’s she whom Aditya loves.Zoya decides to help Aditya to reach his love and win his lady love and Aditya is shocked as he couldn’t say anything to Zoya.Zoya unaware about Aditya’s reality.

Zoya gets confused hearing Aditya’s half love confession and will decide to solve this problem by uniting Aditya with his loved one being unaware about the reality.Aditya has realised his love for Zoya and Arjun motivates Aditya to express what is in his heart to Zoya.Aditya thus writes a love letter for Zoya and was about to tell his feelings to Zoya when she overhears him.

Zoya misunderstands that Aditya loves someone and decides to help him in impressing the girl and Aditya is shocked.Aditya and Zoya’s love connection,Aditya tries to express his feelings for Zoya but it seems to backfire and thus Aditya is left helpless.Zoya turns love guru for Aditya and makes her love real meaning of love

Will Zoya succeed in uniting Aditya with his first love? Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes

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