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Bepanah: Anjana’s killer conspiracy against Zoya


Bepanah: Anjana’s (Parineeta Borthakur) conspiracy against Zoya (Jennifer Winget), uses Arshad as puppet

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Bepanah is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.Zoya comes to Hooda’s Janmashtami celebration and everything was perfect, Arshad and Aditya’s dahi handi competition happens.While Zoya is not aware of upcoming storm which is coming her way, Anjana had killed Pooja and Sakshi and now her next target is Zoya.

Anjana is too possessive about her son Aditya and can’t let Zoya come in his life and thus plays deadly game.Anjana against Zoya,Anjana uses Arshad as puppet as he himself is unaware of the fact that he is been used by Anjana.Arshad thus ends up having a bitter fight with Aditya but this all was Anjana’s plan and now things seems to turn worse but Zoya handles situation.

Aditya loves Zoya and things aren’t working too well and Aditya now decides to show his feelings of love to Zoya.Aditya choose to say out his feelings on Janmashtami and thus takes this as an opportunity.Anjana learns about Aditya’s feelings for Zoya but is not ready to let Aditya and Zoya unite in any case.Anjana’s plan against Zoya,Anjana had never liked Zoya and hates her, but now Anjana has a plan to stop Aditya and is ready to create mishap.

Anjana will turn dahi handi into a tragedy and will create new havoc for Zoya and Arshad and uses Arshad as puppet.

Zoya flops Anjana’s plan and takes Aditya’s side against Arshad who is wrong in particular situation.

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