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Bepanah: Zoya to reject Arshad marriage proposal, Arshad flops Aditya’s love confession plan


Bepanah: Zoya to reject Arshad marriage proposal Aditya hopeful

Colors popular show Bepanah will showcase interesting track in the upcoming twist.It seems Aditya (Harshad Chopda) and Arshad will have a face off during Janmashtami festival.Further, Aditya will emerge as the winner this time in Janmashtami festival as he will crack the earthen pot courageously.Zoya (Jennifer Winget) gets happy and finally cracks her big decision and refuses to marry Arshad.

Waseem will get unhappy with the development but Zoya will stand by her decision.However, Aditya will be seen on cloud nine with Zoya’s this great decision and will get hopeful about his love story with Zoya.Aditya decides to confess love anyhow,Janmasthami celebration where there will be a faceoff between Aditya and Arshad.Both Aditya and Arshad will get together to impress Zoya and win her heart as both of them wants Zoya in their life desperately.

Aditya loves Zoya and wants to finally confess it to Zoya, the riot incident made Aditya realise that he must take it too long to confess love.Aditya takes the opportunity of Janmashtami to confess love to Zoya, Aditya thus makes preparations.Aditya calls Zoya in Janmashtami celebrations at Hooda house, while Wasim sends Arshad along with Zoya.

Wasim had never liked Aditya and Hooda’s and don’t trust them and thus sends Arshad with her.Arshad flops Aditya’s love confession plan,Arshad understand what feelings Aditya has for Zoya and had also seen how much Zoya is concerned for Aditya which is pure love.While Arshad don’t want to loose Zoya and thus spills water over Aditya’s plan and makes his confession of love before Aditya.

Will Zoya accept Aditya’s proposal post rejecting Arshad?

Let’s wait and watch.

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